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Justin, a  Vegan in Bloomfield Justin
is a 35 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Bloomfield, new_jersey
Vegan diet.

People who know me well would describe me as funny and creative. I love learning new things and can be extremely silly. I love to garden, grow plants, read and play music. I used to play in a band but now just play for fun. Each day I try and spend some time outside (even if it's just a short walk) and have great reverence for nature. I like playing computer and board games; anything strategy related. I'm creative with quite an amusing imagination and a very good intuition. 

Generally, I have a masculine energy: decisive and protective. I like making the people that are special to me feel safe and desired. I communicate well and trust my heart completely as I've made it a habit to look inward whenever I need help with a challenge. I don't fear change and can find a silver lining in nearly everything. I have a really good sense of humor and find myself always laughing at random things throughout the day. 

I am really connected to food and the life it gives us. I am one of those rare people who genuinely enjoy going to the grocery store and picking out food. I love being in the kitchen making something healthy. I eat plant-based and it's important to me to connect with someone who either has a similar diet or could see themselves adapting over time. 

I'm a very disciplined person and I always try and be impeccable with my word. If I say I'm going to do something I put a serious effort into doing it. I'm hoping to attract someone who is similar in that regard.

I'm straight and looking for a potential romantic partner who has similar interests and a drive to be healthy and happy. The most important things I'm looking for in someone are empathy and kindness. 

Thanks for reading. Love to all. 

INFJ personality.

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