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Camillo, a  Vegan in Aberdeen Camillo
is a 65 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Aberdeen, new_jersey
Vegan diet.

Where to start?  Well I began my vegan journey in the late 1980s for ethical reasons.  Since then I have embraced all the other reasons.  They are all good.  I am an engineer and think like one, for better or worse.  Wink  I try to live by the idea of leaving the planet a little better place than I found it.  I enjoy nature: whether the woods, the mountains, or the beach.  I am always reading something (usually history, current affairs, science, science-fiction, or metaphysics).  I enjoy games and puzzles along with sports and working out.  Generally I am pretty easy going unless it involves principles.  Then I can get a little worked up.  But I do have a clowning around side; although it usually takes a little while to come out. Smile

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