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Christopher, a  Vegan in Fort Lauderdale Christopher
is a 34 year old, Atheist male.
Living in Fort Lauderdale, florida
Vegan diet.

Honestly, I’m just sick of being alone, and finding other vegans is difficult (and to that effect, completely crushing when they overlook you for someone who isn’t).

I’m struggling to make my dreams happen. I gave myself so many big tasks, and never once before now respected the gravity of going it alone on such a winding journey.

I kill time playing video games and planning out my gameshow concept. Everyone loves the idea. Not one stranger wants to put a single red cent into an idea they supposedly love, though. If I ever finish my checklist, maybe I can be the first big Twitch streamer to genuinely resent his audience.

I want to be in Portland. But, in South Florida... for now. 

 I just need this gameshow concept to work out...

Then, I can go to Portland and not just show up, but arrive.

joseph, a  Vegan in Fort Lauderdale joseph
is a 67 year old, Hindu male.
Living in Fort Lauderdale, florida
Vegan diet.

Hi, Hola, I am a retired American originally from Erie Pennsylvania, spent most of my life in Miami Florida, the past 9 years I have been living between Colombia and Dominican Republic. I have been vegetarian 40 years. I study Eastern religion, I visit India often. I have visted 40 countries and have lived in 6

I am a good son, brother and friend. I go to the gym, work out, I am in good physical condition. I enjoy my life, it is peaceful yet what I miss and would complete my life is a partner!

I enjoy travel, cooking, reading, the beach, scuba diving oh so many things. If you really want to meet your partner, friend, lover and all you have thought about in a relationship then lets begin our journey.

Life is too short to be miserable

I hope to meet you soon. I would move anywhere on the planet to be with my partner, so please do not allow time and distance to seperate us!

Y yo hablo espanol!


Eric, a  Veggie/vegan in Fort Lauderdale Eric
is a 40 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Fort Lauderdale, florida
Veggie/vegan diet.

Work smart,, and play hard, and for me “play“ would have to come in the form of kitesurfing, as a result I’m Lucky to be enjoying the better part my of life near the ocean, with my dog. So much more yet to explore, but I’m happy where I am in south Florida, and sometimes upstate NY. I enjoy video games, creative food preparatio, exercise and sleep! Lol! i.g. Eric_sol_ <—-don’t be shy dm me here anytime!

Mandi, a  Vegan in Fort Lauderdale Mandi
is a 42 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Fort Lauderdale, florida
Vegan diet.

PHL ? SoFla, work remotely, like dogs more than I do most people, and have an incurable case of wanderlust 


Healthy lifestyle, but love good wine and coffee 


Looking for a partner to laugh with, adventure with, explore with, learn with, grow with, innerstand with, help with and love with 



Nefelibata ?? 

Discerning ??

? ??

Jacques, a  Vegan in Fort Lauderdale Jacques
is a 73 year old, Jewish male.
Living in Fort Lauderdale, florida
Vegan diet.

I am friendly, sensitive, understanding, caring, supportive, generous, helpful, and compassionate.  I retired from government service, having lived abroad on assignment for 25 years on three continents, and I do enjoy being retired. I also speak French fluently, and some German.  I am seeking a long-term loving relationship, but do not want to get married.

I could tell you all kinds of wonderful things about myself but, generally speaking, I am an average guy who leads a simple life and enjoys the pursuit of happiness. I like to be in the company of friendly people and good friends. I contribute to the environment by reducing my carbon footprint and by driving a zero emission automobile -- an all electric vehicle (EV).

I've been on a strict plant-based diet for the past 50 years -- mostly raw VEGAN -- and one of my great pleasures in life is to maintain a high level of fitness, combined with a healthy diet. I believe this slows down the aging process and is conducive to a long, healthy, illness-free life.

I walk 3 miles every day at my local mall, and climb the stairs of my 30-story building 4 times every other day. I would like to meet someone who enjoys a similar diet and active lifestyle.

I have traveled extensively my entire life, and now prefer to stay put and lead a slow-paced, comfortable life. I do enjoy watching movies, playing cards or other games, and strolling at the beach at sunset.  My favorite Vegan restaurant is Christopher's Kitchen in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

If what I've written above sparks your interest and you have similar interests, I would love to communicate with you via this medium at first, and possibly meet for lunch at some point in the future.

Lovely_Bohemian, a  Vegan in Fort Lauderdale Lovely_Bohemian
is a 38 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Fort Lauderdale, florida
Vegan diet.


I prefer to hear from individuals who:

~ do not eat animals

~ do not smoke anything ever

~ do not use drugs of any kind

~ do not go hunting or fishing

~ do not drink alcohol heavily or frequently (preferably not at all) 

* * * Furthermore, please note that I shall not be participating in marriage, co-habitation, or pro-creation.  An elaboration is below:


(1) Marriage

. . . . . A structured and legally binding institution of obligatory and expectation-oriented togetherness . . . does not align with my desires.  On the contrary, to wake up and freely choose one another again & again, is what most ignites my heart.  I enjoy the idea of commitment by way of one's free will and pure desire - not a contractual agreement.


(2) Co-habitation

. . . . . I have always enjoyed the privacy and freedom of living in my own home.  My presence on this site is to connect with someone special who would potentially become my long-term boyfriend / beloved companion in life . . .  sharing frequent quality time together, all the while maintaining our separate residences.  The health of a relationship is not based on constant company dictated by a shared address or what can be merged from two units into one, but rather what blossoms when two independent, vibrant Beings interact in loving, creative ways during their moments with one another.


(3) Procreation

. . . . . Although children are a big part of my life, I do not want to be a parent, nor intend to bear offspring.











Wholesome woman who favors good ol' fashioned courtship.


~ I greatly value health & wellness, as well as natural and sustainable living (taking care of ourselves, each other, and Earth).

~ I am a lyrical artist (rapper, songwriter, poet, author) . . . as well as a freelance writer and editor.

~ I also work with youth as a professional childcare provider. 

~ I very much enjoy reading, meditation, photography, healing arts, dancing, live theater, romantic films, going on adventures, exploring libraries, and cuddling.

~ In no particular order whatsoever, the following names are people who inspire me and/ or whose works and teachings I resonate with:

Alan Watts ---> philosopher (author / speaker / teacher of philosophy)

Jacque Fresco ---> futurist / social engineer / industrial designer / created "The Venus Project"

Edgar Cayce ---> most documented psychic clairvoyant / known as the "Father of Holistic Medicine" and "The Sleeping Prophet"

Nassim Haramein ---> physicist / scientist / founder of Resonance Science Foundation

Abraham ---> as channeled through Esther Hicks

David Wilcock ---> lecturer / author / filmmaker

Bashar ---> as channeled through Darryl Anka

Osho ---> spiritual guru / philosopher

Dr. Maya Angelou ---> poet laureate

Mooji ---> spiritual teacher

Jason Silva ---> philosopher / public speaker / filmmaker

~ Some of my favorite poets are:

Rumi  /  DreamingBear  /  John Trudell

~ To me, the sweet nectar of life is quality time together and doing mitzvahs (good deeds).

~ It is my heart's desire to live happily ever present and bask in the splendor of this existence.

~ My calling is to assist in the self-actualization of our rising leaders, help elevate the collective consciousness, and kindle the inner flame of humanity's light bearers through heartcore service . . . as well as . . . music / art / lyricism / poetry.

~ I live a supremely aware existence, attuned to the sacredness of everyday life, expressing frequent appreciation for my loved ones, my blessings, my surroundings, my connection to earth & the cosmos, and the breath that moves through me.

~ To me, every day is a holy day / holiday . . . an opportunity for celebration and complete presence.



~ professionally producing and recording music for the hundreds of original songs I've written

~ advancing my energy healing abilities

~ residing in an off-grid tiny home where I can grow food organically and create a self-sufficient, sustainable environment



If you are super lighthearted, love to laugh, and prefer meaningful verbal dialog over digital forms of communication - feel free to connect with me! 


Kyle, a  Vegan in Fort Lauderdale Kyle
is a 24 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Fort Lauderdale, florida
Vegan diet.

Just a redhead looking for something out there

TMP4KD, a  Vegan in Fort Lauderdale TMP4KD
is a 53 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Fort Lauderdale, florida
Vegan diet.

Tessa, a  Vegan in Fort Lauderdale Tessa
is a 45 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Fort Lauderdale, florida
Vegan diet.

Hi! I am a songwriter, musician and I work in health & wellness + the healing arts. I enjoy preparing and sharing a fresh, healthy, delicious meal and using my own grown or farm-fresh, local organic food, creating music, traveling, grounding in nature.

I am working towards living more eco-friendly, modern, minimal, and off-grid.  Enjoy most mountain + ocean activities. Most recently, I've been checking out the mineral springs here in FL. 

Love + life is beautiful ... 

Veggie Girl, a  Veggie/vegan in Fort Lauderdale Veggie Girl
is a 58 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Fort Lauderdale, florida
Veggie/vegan diet.

My friends would describe me as compassionate, optimistic, patient, and dedicated to my work.

Holly, a  Vegan in Fort Lauderdale Holly
is a 44 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Fort Lauderdale, florida
Vegan diet.

I am a compassionate and emotional person. I used to work at a sanctuary for a family of chimpanzees who had been used in ape language research and thus knew American Sign Language. Through my friendships and conversations with these amazing individuals I was transformed into a passionate crusader for the rights of all animals. I love to learn and constantly thirst for knowledge. I am a deep person and often find it difficult to truly connect with people on that level.

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