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Melissa, a  Vegan in Burke Melissa
is a 50 year old, Buddhist bi-female.
Living in Burke, virginia
Vegan diet.


I am a deeply spiritual, and my path currently exploring Zen Buddhism particularly the teachings of Thich Nhat Hahn .

Things that I enjoy doing:

-yoga, mostly hatha but I do like learning about the philosophy of it to deepen my practice.

-reading, I enjoy poetry and spiritual books. Alice Walker is my favorite poet.

-taking walks/hiking in nature, I love being outside with among the trees and hearing the birds sing.

-kayaking is also a lot fun.

-listening to music (I have eclectic taste and a large collect of cds... everything from Mozart to Metalica to Depech Mode to Moby to Nightwish to Patty Larkin to Johnny Cash to Sade...I just love music),

-drinking herbal tea, I do not really do caffeine kind of sensitive to it

-cooking vegan gluten free foods, during the Pandemic I really learned how to combine flavors and have fun exploring recipes

-I find astrology intriguing and have found it useful in understanding myself,

-I also have a collection of crystals and tarot cards. 

-I enjoy karaoke and going dancing.

-I love Shakespeare .

-and intellectual conversations.

I have 2 fur children, I love and treat as family; Ali Freyr 6 year old Cow Cat and Elle Woods a 12 year old Tuxedo girl. 

I rarely drink alcohol and do not smoke, nor vape. Also I do not use pot, nor any recreational drugs. 

I have volunteered occasionally at an farm animal sanctuary and at food banks...also giving blood. I do go to nonviolent protests for animal rights, women rights, and human rights.... And boycott when I feel called to it.

I am a bit of an environmentalist..recycle and try my best to limit my enviromental impact on the Earth. I am not perfect at it but I do try.

I am pretty progressive politically speaking, but in romanic relationships a little traditional since I like getting flowers and having the door opened for me.


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