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brian37, a  Vegan in Raleigh brian37
is a 53 year old, Buddhist male.
Living in Raleigh, North-Carolina
Vegan diet.

I am a writer philosopher artist lover and none of those things I like all kinds of cuisine but I am Vegan. I can cook really good but I have been out of practice for awhile I love music especially the roots like jazz and the blues and various ethnic rooted music and of course classic rock I also like Mozart and Tchaikovsky I love the humor of Far Side Mr Show George Carlin Steven Wright and so on I have studied all the western philosophers and I am working on the eastern ones I like going out to dinner movies etc I like playing pool I like the ocean and of course going to the beach I am a very free spirited compassionate and deep passionate person My passions describe a important part of me but who I am is beyond description just as who you are is beyond description Profiles are just to wet your interest after that you have to actually get to know a person directly

Stephen, a  Vegan in Wilmington Stephen
is a 50 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Wilmington, North-Carolina
Vegan diet.

I just joined recently and am new to this. Looking for good friends and possibly something more. I love to engage in deep conversation, as much as enjoy fun and travel on the run. I'm spiritual, but not necessarily religious, though I was raised Christian. I’m looking for someone who is bright, fun, educated, physically active and has a great sense of humor. I work out seven days a week and eat whole vegan healthy food, which is important to me. I tend to be with friends who love to read a deep book, watch a great movie or enter the unfamiliar. I love learners and those with an interested spirit. I also love to cook and create art. I worked professionally in the media business in California, but am in NC to spend important time with family and work for the tme being before returning to CA. Good people go a long way and I want to be in their presence. Hopefully that is you. While I could write a lengthy tome on my interests and the friends or woman I seek, I find it better to "be here now," connect directly and carry on in real time. Hopefully, you feel the same way, too.

Arul, a  Vegetarian in Raleigh Arul
is a 58 year old, Hindu male.
Living in Raleigh, North-Carolina
Vegetarian diet.

I am an enthusiastic, rational, passionate, optimist person with a positive attitude who likes living life to the fullest and enjoy every moment with a smile on the face. I believe that change is fundamental in life and am open to new ideas and perspectives only if it appeals to reason and are logical. Straightforwardness without hurting others sentiments, adapting to new situations without loosing one's core values and essence, working hard as well as exploring the law of inertia when required, and maintaining an equilibrium between my professional and family life, are the important aspects I adhere to in my life.

I am very spiritual, but not religious.

I believe everything happens for a reason, and we will eventually meet.

I am simple, honest, hardworking and enlightened.

I have deep understanding Tamil Saivam and Tamil Saiva Siddantham. I am practicing Vallalar Sanmarkkam . If you are a non-veg or occasionally non-veg, please excuse me.

I am an active USCF rated chess player having rated around 1600.

I do not drink, do not smoke, do not drink eat caffeinated and egg products. Avoid eating outside with exception of Whole Foods Market. I love to drink a lot of coconut water, fresh fruit juice, juices with lemon

I do yoga, pranayama yoga and meditation regularly.

I believe in communication, trust, mutual respect and friendship are most important in any type of relationship. I am looking for my Best friend, Partner in life, Soul mate and Love of My Life! We will discuss more later.

If interested, please contact me with your ambition in life, unique characteristics, important things in your life you are looking for etc.

I request all of you who visit my profile to read the book Mens are from Mars and Womens are from Venus by John Gray

Thanks for stopping by! Good luck in your search!

Alisa, a  Vegan in Charlotte Alisa
is a 56 year old, Atheist female.
Living in Charlotte, North-Carolina
Vegan diet.

I’m lighthearted and enjoy laughter. I’m drama and game free. Honesty is important to me. I think a great deal about health, nutrition, justice for humans, animals and the planet. Being true to myself, good to others and a reliable friend are important to how I live my life. I strive to express compassion, good character and enthusiasm with a dash of humor every day. I practice yoga and meditation. I love to ride my bike and row (sweep and scull).


Tom, a  Veggie/vegan in Asheville Tom
is a 78 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Asheville, North-Carolina
Veggie/vegan diet.

I am a nonviolent vegan meditating soul who aspires to live with kindness and integrity. I love to laugh and am fun to be with. For work I have been an artist/craftsman all my working life but I am semi retired and close to stopping work altogether. I enjoy connecting with people and sharing activities like games, sports, and travel. I love being outside in the beauty of nature doing outdoor activities especially around water like swimming and boating. I also jog, do nautilus, play pickleball regularly and like walking, hiking, casual biking as well. I love animals so I don't eat them. I enjoy reading  books on eastern thought and the poetry of Rumi and Hafiz poetry. I am open and like to communicate heart to heart with others. 

Vrinda108, a  Vegetarian in Chapel Hill Vrinda108
is a 41 year old, Hindu bi-female.
Living in Chapel Hill, North-Carolina
Vegetarian diet.

I'm a friendly and positive person. I'm studying to become a marriage and family therapist. I'm a spiritual person. I do mantra meditation early in the morning and throughout the day (I'm a Hare Krishna). I enjoy long walks in nature and visiting the ocean. I support Black Lives Matter, and any other efforts to improve the human race.

Michael, a  Vegetarian in Raleigh Michael
is a 80 year old, Hindu male.
Living in Raleigh, North-Carolina
Vegetarian diet.

Any resemblance between me and my age is purely coincidental.  I am an independent, stimulating, sensitive, open minded and strong man, very confident, caring, and also intelligent with a great sense of humor. I lead a balanced approach to life because I know that one can truly have it all: love, career, family, joy, spirituality and peace. I am all about being real, authentic and congruent. I am also outgoing, respectful, courteous, free spirited, and spontaneous. I like to lift weights to keep myself in shape, and work on my basketball skills to maintain my athletic edge. I have owned and operated a successful software development and support business for the last 30 years. Lately I have branched into internet marketing, creating optimized mobile websites and successful SEO and paid internet advertising campaigns for a wide range of businesses My interests are like those of a Renaissance man. I enjoy culture, art, music and sports.

One of the reasons that I am a vegetarian is that it's important to me to live a healthy life, in terms of nutrition, exercise, and quality experiences.  I also realize that meat-eating is the main ecological problem undermining our planet because it results in the destruction of natural habitats to create pastures, the drying up of natural aquifers (i.e. underground water) to raise animal feed, and the maintenance of horrific slaughterhouses that pollute water supplies and the souls of those associated with them and their I/O.  Being a vegetarian is essential to the ultimate evolution of one's consciousness.

That being said, I love having fun, partying, social events, hiking and outdoor activities, traveling, dining out, and being involved in community activities.

VegMan, a  Vegan in Raleigh VegMan
is a 38 year old, Atheist male.
Living in Raleigh, North-Carolina
Vegan diet.

Hi! I am (a/an): active person, avid reader, cook/wannabe chef, four twenty friendly, jack of all trades and master of some, leftist, semi-pro photog, plant daddy, powerlifter, vaxxed, vegan.

I don't mind how tall you are (or aren't), with me you can wear all the heels and boots you want without hesitation!

natureveg, a  Vegan in Asheville natureveg
is a 55 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Asheville, North-Carolina
Vegan diet.

Greetings, I am creative, passionate, spontaneous, real, sincere, intelligent, sensual, funny and more. I'm a down-to-earth guy that is able to laugh at himself and I know how to be a good friend. I have many and varied interests some of which are, reading, music (esp. live music) gardening,learning,nature and outdoor activities, drumming (hand and kit drumming) playing soccer, table tennis, shooting pool and so much more. Nature and photography are 2 of my biggest passions. I am also always up for learning or discovering something new about myself the person I am with or the world at large.

Chase, a  Raw food in Winston Salem Chase
is a 29 year old, Taoist male.
Living in Winston Salem, North-Carolina
Raw food diet.

I love being in the purest form of presence/essence & immersing myself in nature. I love to love, sunbathe, eat only raw food, listen to philosophy discussion/speech and some reading of that too, write notes/study nature, practice yoga, tai chi/qigong/yi Jin jing, calisthenics, dancing to house music. I love exploring earth always barefoot preferably naked haha and swimming in natural waters

johnny, a  Vegan in Greensboro johnny
is a 70 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Greensboro, North-Carolina
Vegan diet.




God's best to you! I am seeking you if you wish for a life of service and love.

 Join me if you want to create a beautiful, highly spiritual and health-oriented, vegan family, since the creation and positive guidance of new lives is a real spiritual service.  We need healthy bodies so advanced souls can incarnate and help us fashion a beautiful future for our world.

  Join me if you want to help grow and teach the world about eat beautiful organic vegan foods, if you want to exercise and live really well.

   In addition to your own fitness and service goals I invite you to help create a beautiful vegan food cart business serving thousands in several cities and live on our own organic farm, a sanctuary for animals.    

Join me if you want to travel the world and help me sow seeds of love, better living, people and animal health and harmony. Help me spread peace and brotherhood and join me.

Are you open-minded? I was raised a Christian and now believe the returning One is the same Great being awaited by ALL religions under different names. NO MORE ‘us and them’ thinking-we really are one tribe. Some religions await Christ, others Krishna, others Maitreya Buddha, others the Messiah...we are seeking the same great Being.

Hence as we welcome Him He will please us all since His major message  is that we need to live by principles of sharing, justice and love, peace, brotherhood and interdependence.

  I have a background in health. I had a health products and fitness equipment business and a vegetarian catering business long ago. I am now a longtime vegan which keeps me feeling very alive and young. I hope you’d also enjoy going to fun natural health conventions, organic farm conferences and tours. I have land for an educational organic farm which us in the making. Soon we will put it onto YouTube with an aim to share and inspire a healthful lifestyle. I plan running and hiking trails through its forest, yoga and meditation/magical practice platforms and gazebos and many fitness stops with beautiful views. Would you like to come help me build and then live in an earthen dome cluster and underground greenhouses with all the best home and farm features for our family- human offspring and very lucky animals? This is a vision we can create.  I have been preparing for this and for you.

I luckily have a background in deep spiritual thought and esoteric and magical studies. I have many friends to share wigh you. My friends would welcome you to our fold. I long to serve people, animals,and  the plant world just as do you. I know we are always guided, cotinuously connected to God.

    If you find resonance with these dreams please contact me and let’s explore together. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks.

John, a  Vegan in Hendersonville John
is a 61 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Hendersonville, North-Carolina
Vegan diet.

there is no one else like me-smart, funny, deep and thoughtful, with an offbeat sense of humor and appreciation for the little things in life.  health conscious, plant-based, unconventional thinker


looking for the veganista of my dreams I do not "love the lord" Pro vaccine pro science pro BLM anti Trump anti fascist rare alcohol love music and the outdoors INFJ

roseanne, a  Vegan in charlotte roseanne
is a 58 year old, spiritual female.
Living in charlotte, North-Carolina
Vegan diet.

Hello.  A year ago I underwent a journey that gradually led me to whole food plant based vegan. My driving force has been the miraculous changes in my health. I would love to find a friend, life partner and lover that shares this journey with me.  I like to travel. Enjoy the outdoors.  Looking for a camping and hiking partner. I enjoy cultural stuff like live theater and museums. I like to cook with and for others. Conversations with a friend is something I enjoy tremendously. I have 2 great kids that are grown and successfully launched in the world. I work for myself in a field that I enjoy.  If I sound like someone you might like to get to know better, please drop me a line.


Breol, a  Veggie/vegan in Charlotte Breol
is a 64 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Charlotte, North-Carolina
Veggie/vegan diet.

I am a woman with a relaxed personality, peaceful & creative spirit. I am caring & always confidant in whatever I do. I am very connected to my creator and his awareness in my life. 

I have become fond of yoga but, enjoy most exercises. Staying physical and living a healthy lifestyle, (non smokers please) is very important to me. It would be very nice to have a partner to work out with and will also enjoy making & eating healthy vegetarian meals together. 

In my leisure, in moderation - I truly enjoy just about all live entertainment, karaoke fun, swimming, the jacuzzi, bicycling, gardening, reading, museums, a good movie, the creative arts, great conversations & relaxing! It's always a treat for me to travel, exploring Gods magnificent creations! 

Even though I am retired (state of NJ computer web-developer), I still love exploring God's gift to me, my art. I come from a family of artist. My sister & I own a private art gallery. Painting is my passion. I have a beautiful daughter who is a freshman in college.

FyahLove, a  Vegetarian in Raleigh FyahLove
is a 54 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Raleigh, North-Carolina
Vegetarian diet.

A little about me: A honest, spiritual, kind, loving, social and caring person with a silly side. Im well read, outgoing, adventurous, and spontaneous. Enjoy dining, cuddling, traveling and camping. Love nature, cultures, music and the arts. Unconditional lover whose romantic and attentive. I'd just like to add: In addition, I have no artificial additives; however, I am natural, very in-tune, well-rounded, earthy and conservative minded woman; that is very health conscious and I like to use my time and mind wisely. Serving my community is important to me. Good food, people, places and times make me smile. Eventhiugh, I am outgoing, I love to relax and cherish my personal time; therefore, every chance I can, I take time to enjoy a quite day at the spa.

Vanilla, a  Vegetarian in Raleigh Vanilla
is a 36 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Raleigh, North-Carolina
Vegetarian diet.

Hi Laughing

I'm a French citizen living in the USA since April 2015. I have Indian origine and my parents brought me with that culture too...

I enjoy living in the USA but miss all my friends and my family since I came here...  Looking for a friend and a good person to share life with...  

Friendship, is I believe, a good start in any relationship.

I'm open , friendly and a positive person who like to mingle with all people. I'm really focus on healthy lifestyle. I do like travel and sports. I'm an epicurian person who's trying to enjoy life in a simple way.

As an animal fighter activist & environmentalist, I'm concern about nature, and the way we trying to deal to limit damage on our planet.

Witty, little bit crazy and dynamic I like people, patisseries and veggie burgers :)



J, a  Raw food in Chapel Hill J
is a 55 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Chapel Hill, North-Carolina
Raw food diet.

NEW AMENDMENT!!  .... To those who have winked at me: Please know that I am not a full member at the moment, so I can not message you unless you FIRST message me. Please do, as I would love to chat with you!   .......  Hello, and thank you for viewing my profile. I fit a lot into my days and don't have much time to find that special someone, so I'm trying this. I would describe my personality as funny, loyal, forgiving, honest, intelligent, and supportive. I am very ambitious and I am currently in college pursuing my bachelors in biology so that I can get my MS as a Dietician or PA. I love to travel. I eat an 80% raw diet consisting mainly of green leafy vegetables, sprouts, berries, apples, nuts, seeds, avocados, tomatoes, quinoa, beans, sweet potatoes, and many other vegetables. I love eating healthy foods, and the process of making everything form scratch. I feel great, and have an abundance of energy and vigor. To me it is simple: Eat live food and receive the foods life force as your raw energy!

 I  love laughter, and when not in situations that require me to be serious, I am usually making someone laugh while laughing with them. I believe that laughter is a healer, a positive vibration that cleanses the soul and vibrates to others. Life is to brief and to beautiful to not involve lots or laughter.

I also have a strong connection with animals and the environment. I believe that humans have exploited both of these treasures for the sake of financial gain and self convenience. What a shame! I certainly want to make a good living, but not at the expense of the voiceless, and not for material possessions. 

Lori, a  Veggie/vegan in Winston-Salem Lori
is a 51 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Winston-Salem, North-Carolina
Veggie/vegan diet.

I attempt to live life fully and mindfully in the present, to treat others as I wish to be treated, and to inspire hope, courage, and laughter. Though I work in financial services, I am an artist/academic at heart, who loves literature, art, photography, and music. I consider myself intelligent and creative, but am also pragmatic and well versed in political and economic matters. Material possessions matter little to me, though I do enjoy the convenience and comfort technology provides.  I have a thirst for knowledge and am most intrigued when learning something new or experiencing something for the first time.

I love being out in nature and find nothing more absorbing than observing animals and feeling the peace that can only be found outdoors.  I have a sarcastic sense of humor and enjoy making others laugh, usually by storytelling laced with impersonation. Though I place a premium on challenging myself intellectually and emotionally, I try not to take life too seriously.  I find it much easier to ‘go with the flow’ rather than attempt to thwart life’s curveballs.

Nealie, a  Veggie/vegan in Durham Nealie
is a 46 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Durham, North-Carolina
Veggie/vegan diet.

I have been vegetarian on-&-off for about 15 years and made an ethical move to a vegan diet just under a year ago, I’m a non-smoker and rarely drink. I’m athletic, I enjoy early mornings, being outside running, biking, hiking - from the beaches to the mountains.
My friends describe me as relaxed, open-minded, and a life-long learner. I like local music, art museums, coffee with friends, time with my pups, volunteering, weekend adventures, travel, and trying new recipes. I’m a dietitian and I aim for healthy living without taking it all too seriously.

Grace, a  Almost veg in New Bern Grace
is a 74 year old, spiritual female.
Living in New Bern, North-Carolina
Almost veg diet.

I am an active person who loves the outdoors.  I enjoy hiking, cycling, kayaking, swimming, sailing, yoga and adventures.  I practice insight meditation and am involved in spiritual practice on a daily basis. I love to learn.  I enjoy meaningful conversation.  I value honesty, integrity, compassion and wisdom.  I can be happy doing things by myself but I believe life is better when shared.

dad4yourfamily, a  Vegan in charlotte dad4yourfamily
is a 70 year old, spiritual male.
Living in charlotte, North-Carolina
Vegan diet.

Like most of us, I feel I will make someone a good partner in life. I'm sensitive in supporting my partner & I'm dependable. Kids love me because I listen to them. I know a lot about kids & nutrition & I'm resourceful. I feel life is good & you will find me positive. I've been a vegan for 25 years & I feel very healthy/fit. I still do hand springs & snowboard.

Jimmy, a  Vegan in Greenville Jimmy
is a 68 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Greenville, North-Carolina
Vegan diet.

I spend much of my free time hiking, playing music (I like everything from blues to indie), and checking out new veggie places to eat. Luckly, I am living in North Carolina where there are great mountains, beaches and plenty of veggie friendly places to eat.

One Heart, a  Vegan in Cary One Heart
is a 43 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Cary, North-Carolina
Vegan diet.

What is your essence? Me: Open minded, natural, creative, and spiritual. I recently shifted into a 60% raw, organic vegan diet after being on a 90% cooked vegan for 5yrs and vegetarian for 7yrs. I'm guided by the soft music of Life. I enjoy belly dancing, drawing, painting, gardening, sunbathing, palmistry, astrology, and always creatively finding ways to express the Divine! My favorite colors are pink, purple, gold, and blue. Love listening to classical, techno, and music with positive affirmations for the mind. I have 2 parakeets, 2 cockatiels and one green cheek conure. I like horseback riding. I love roses. On the rare occasion that I watch tv, my fave is cartoons and comedy. Love a good laugh, which means it's not at the expense of another. Enjoy traveling and exploring new places. I enjoy just being me and pursuing my interests. At the moment, I am most passionate about healing and energy work. I believe everything happens for a reason. Life is about living in the moment. Love, trust, and forgiveness spin the world around.

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