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Harold, a  Veggie/vegan in Kalamazoo Harold
is a 70 year old, Muslim / Islam male.
Living in Kalamazoo, Michigan
Veggie/vegan diet.

Calm,empathetic,and good wit.Like seeing amazing things in nature,i.e Grand Canyon,,etc

Buck, a  Vegan in Manistee Buck
is a 63 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Manistee, Michigan
Vegan diet.

Update: I'm in south America for the next few months so am not pursuing romance with any north American women right now. I should return around April, 2023.


In short, I'm a knight searching for my Queen. The One that I am happy to serve, worship, and obey for the rest of my days. Flowers and poems are a nice touch but at the end of the day, the only things I really have to give the love of my life are my masculine presence, my undivided attention and loyalty, my protection, my emotional connection, my respect, and all of my love. With only these simple gifts, I will fill your cup to overflowing. No, I don't drive a muscle car, watch TV, or play video games. Yes, I am for real, and if these words scare you, prepare to be liberated from the old patriarchial paradigm. 

On the practical side, I have achieved financial independence and am now looking to enjoy the finer things in life. Personality outranks age and geography so I'm open to relocating to be with the love of my life. I haven't met her yet but if you're veggie or vegan, high-functioning, and have a clue about life, I will respond to your note of interest. Our future together will include lots of soul-baring intimacy, laughter, gardening, travel, art, and possibly rescue dogs or foster children. 

I'm certified as a yoga instructor, F.A.S.T. Defense instructor,  and NLP Master Practitioner. I stay fit with lots of activities from swimming and kayaking to kettlebell and chopping wood so don't let my age scare you off... and on a related note: Aint no problem babe. Thanks to good genes and clean living, my plumbing is in good order and my flag raises every morning. 

Now that I've piqued your interest, see if you meet my requirements below. 

Vegan For Sure, a  Vegan in Detroit Vegan For Sure
is a 36 year old, Atheist male.
Living in Detroit, Michigan
Vegan diet.

Greetings. I am a tall, mid-thirties, conscientious, progressive, green, atheistic, straight edge, ethical vegan. I adopted a vegan diet in 2009 and appreciate all the benefits afforded by this life influencing outcome. Both professional and hobbyist interests of mine include dietetics, IT systems, sustainable building architecture and trades, as well as seemingly anything apt to draw my attention in for more than a moment. I enjoy the comfort of the indoors during winter and the adventure of the great outdoors springtime onward, namely to bike, trek, or play ball. Periodically, I volunteer at a nearby farmed (emphasis on past tense usage) animal rescue sanctuary and a statewide, non-profit vegan advocacy organization.

Jenney, a  Vegan in Plymouth Jenney
is a 56 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Plymouth, Michigan
Vegan diet.

Hi, cherish all living things, especially birds, chipmunks, cats, dogs.  Have been partially self employed partially for 25 years, and have resume in 4 fields. I work full time in food service currently.

Enjoy fitness including dance and yoga.  Other hobbies and interests include gardening, birding, and singing to.  If had time, would draw birds and color them in.  Would really like to cook and bake for someone besides myself.  Have cats.  Previously had family in 4 states.  Welcome friendship whether going for a walk, having a tea, attending a potluck, etc.  What are your interests?  Would love to plant small vegetable garden this Summer.  Enjoy yard sales, how about you?

Jeremy, a  Vegan in Grand Rapids Jeremy
is a 45 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Grand Rapids, Michigan
Vegan diet.


 I love to travel. I've made a habit of going some place warm during the winter.

I enjoy volleyball, drawing, photography, reading, concerts, festivals, movies, and vegan potlucks.


Priti, a  Veggie/vegan in Troy Priti
is a 57 year old, Jain female.
Living in Troy, Michigan
Veggie/vegan diet.

Alrighty then...how do I describe myself.....I am caring, compassionate, friendly, genuine, positive and witty. I will always have your "back"

I love to smile and laugh, sometimes even at myself. Laughter truly IS the best pharmaceutical. My mission in Life is

to help others. Nothing is more rewarding than knowing you have made a small contribution to someone's Life.

I love Mexican food and Indian food, of course...sunshine...great conversations with lots of laughter and witty banter mixed in... documentaries...

and Soundgarden....the best cure for all your existential aches and pains. "Follow me into the desert as thirsty as you are....."


Scott, a  Vegan in Fraser Scott
is a 53 year old, Christian / Protestant male.
Living in Fraser, Michigan
Vegan diet.

Looking for a raw vegan preferably. I've been vegan for 2 yrs. 

Silenceisviolence GoVegan, a  Vegan in Troy Silenceisviolence GoVegan
is a 44 year old, Atheist female.
Living in Troy, Michigan
Vegan diet.

Hello! ???? I'm a vegan for the animals for almost 9 years now, 

nonsmoker but 420 friendly,


animal and human activist, 

artist (mostly photography),

progressive left, 


vaccinated and pro-vax

I can be shy at first but am outspoken when speaking up for the unheard. I love heavy metal, punk rock, hard rock and every thing except country. 

I'm an avid concert goer but would love a partner and/or friend to go with!  

I love tattoos and piercings.

My sense of humor can be similar to Monty Python to joking about religious and conservative people....hence being atheist and progressive. :)

I do yoga everyday but love the outdoors like hiking. 

I love kids but do not want any of my own.

Right now I'm looking for a friend with similar values which could lead to a long term relationship. What about you?

Daniel, a  Vegan in Ann Arbor Daniel
is a 54 year old, Atheist male.
Living in Ann Arbor, Michigan
Vegan diet.

See, this is the part I don't like. It isn't that I think describing myself is unimportant or that I am somehow fabulously indescribable. It is more that short of this stream of consciousness slop that is flowing right now, I like things I do to be the best possible version of that which I am capable. You have no idea how much I am cringing writing this instead of spending hours getting it just right. But there are books to be read, games (mostly board/tabletop type) to be played, there are youtube video about math and science and media criticism (PBS Idea Channel, go there now!) to be watched, tv shows and movies about time travel or documentaries about how horrible our world can be sometimes, maybe I'll go for a run, or do some veg/animal education/activism, or walk to the thrift store, or learn to cook something new, so much to do that isn't writing this. Ok, this is too much already and I'm not even done with the whole profile. Why does this have to be like applying for loan?

terrene, a  Vegan in harbor springs [Camelot] terrene
is a 73 year old, Christian male.
Living in harbor springs [Camelot], Michigan
Vegan diet.

So this is pretty wierd. I usually don't go around blowing my own horn. I would say I am Spirtually,Mentally, and Physically faithful. This incredable journey of discovery is amazing. My connection with God is most important to me. I am pretty easy, as in gentle. Romantic, very funny and very serious. I like clean alot, without any particular psychosis ! I have been a carpenter, cabinet maker,custom home builder for fourty five years. Hence, very good with tools. I like the garden. The very tiny flowers seem to catch my eye the most. A poets heart, an old soul I think, but I was born very young and still am very young. If you understand that, we may be ideal for one another. I like animals but am alergic to the hair. I live in Harbor Springs Mi. We like to think of it as Camelot, so I don't think about moving, but anything is possible. I'm in very good physical condition,as I believe this vessel is not mine and I need to respect and maintain it. My doctor lells me I have the body of a twenty year old. I know he exaggerates ! I raised three children by myself for years, successfully. No convicts or addicts.  Thanks for stoping by . 


Jukka, a  Vegan in Kalamazoo Jukka
is a 68 year old, male.
Living in Kalamazoo, Michigan
Vegan diet.

You'll find me a generous and dedicated friend, easy to get along with, and inclusive. I know what i like, and i'll let you know. I love being active in the outdoor air, a partner always makes it better, bike when weather permits, skate summer and winter, swimming fast, hike, climb hills & even an easy to climb tree. A good cook, i prefer sharing meal creation using fresh organic ingredients - feeding both body & spirit. I volunteer and am active in the community, a greenway i helped start has become real. I tend towards introvert, but like people so much others don't know. I continue to explore freedoms given me in my technical & creative career. I enjoy the adventure & challenge of doing things i may not be particularly good at or lack experience with: dancing creatively, making music or art, or writing. I like nice things but i'm not materialistic, joy for me is appreciating what i have, a simple path where time means more than things. Favorite Quote: "Whatever you want to do, begin it." In a nutshell: Simple, focused, multifaceted.

Michele, a  Vegan in Grosse Pointe Michele
is a 44 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Grosse Pointe, Michigan
Vegan diet.

I have been living vegan lifestyle since 2004. I live very naturally. Healing with plants, herbs & vitamins. Love nature and yoga. 


Ljbsmooth, a  Vegetarian in Farmington hills Ljbsmooth
is a 43 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Farmington hills, Michigan
Vegetarian diet.

I am the type that likes to cuddle than going out to bars. Homebody. I like  good guy movies, romantic comdey action and listen to nice melodies. I am into working out keeping in shape is a hobby of mines. I like walks in the park and picnics are great to me. Im a writer, a poet, Im shy, and quiet but I will spark a conversation to see what I can learn from chatting with people.

Cori, a  Veggie/vegan in Traverse city Cori
is a 43 year old, Christian female.
Living in Traverse city, Michigan
Veggie/vegan diet.

I have been vegetarian for many years but am working on converting to vegan more than not, but it is a work in progress! 

So needless to say I am ready to find/ talk to some meatless friends:)  Not currently looking for anything serious but am open to the opportunities that life can sometimes throw your way when you aren't looking.  

A sense of humor, lust for life and love of animals would b great.

My canine friend is part of my family so he is always close by my side and goes most everywhere with me that will allow him!  I enjoy the outdoors in all forms, backpacking, camping , running and a good paddle down a river. I do enjoy parts of city life as well.

mami chula, a  Vegetarian in Lansing mami chula
is a 53 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Lansing, Michigan
Vegetarian diet.


I grew up in a small farm community in Michigan, moved to the West Coast after high achool, and recently relocated back to the Lansing area.

I'd say I'm an easy going woman who is young at heart, enjoys being outdoors in all seasons, the arts, my non-profit job, and learning new things. I have been a vegetarian for 20 years. 


David, a  Vegetarian in melvindale David
is a 64 year old, spiritual male.
Living in melvindale, Michigan
Vegetarian diet.

I love animals (particuary dogs) and music.  I also play music in a band with my friends and write songs.   We play benefits in the summer for Cancer treatment. I am friendly but intially shy.  My best atributes are that I am kind and very open minded.  I also like a wide variety of things in llfe from following Michigan football to going to the DIA.   I also love to read. I have worked in Human Services most of my life and I love to learn andkeep up on current events.  I hate the beach, but love hanging by all of our Great Lakes and cruising the Detroit River on The Diamond Jack!. Thats my idea of Water Sports!

KING, a  Vegan in Beverly Hills KING
is a 48 year old, male.
Living in Beverly Hills, Michigan
Vegan diet.

Relaxed, fun, sarcastic human being. It would be best to let you, describe my personality. I'm a bit biased.


Dave, a  Veggie/vegan in Traverse City Dave
is a 67 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Traverse City, Michigan
Veggie/vegan diet.

Have been a vegetarian for over 20 years and there is no turning back for sure. I am into ethical treatment of animals(and humans)and feel good physically, mentally and emotionally about being a vegetarian. Would never even consider mistreating any creature. I would say that I am very laid back, and don't like stress or conflict. I like going out to see films, live music and shows.  Would like to meet someone with similiar interests and personality traits.  I would like to be a family together with the right person.

Lou, a  Vegan in west Lou
is a 73 year old, 7th Day Adventist female.
Living in west, Michigan
Vegan diet.

I am a God-fearing Christian woman who is looking forward to the second coming of Jesus. I always try to be open to His leading, guiding and directing. I travel with young people, so I'm both young looking and young thinking. I'm quiet but when I have something to say, it's worth hearing.

Marianne, a  Vegetarian in Detroit area Marianne
is a 58 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Detroit area, Michigan
Vegetarian diet.

Compassionate, energetic woman with a quirky sense of humor wishes to share bad puns and good conversation. I'm easy-going, eclectic and think I'm fun to be around - - I rarely have a bad day. I enjoy reading, indie films, a wide variety of music (from bluegrass to Bach), and am constantly trying to learn new things. I don't have a large travel budget but do enjoy the occasional getaway (my last major trip was whitewater rafting in Alaska). I take good care of myself and am blessed with a high metabolism, so lavish dinners and seconds on dessert aren't a problem! I'm usually described as "cute" or "pretty", and have big blue eyes, blond hair and look about ten years younger than I actually am. I share custody of two children, yet am not looking for a surrogate parent for them; rather, I'm more interested in companionship for myself.

Ken, a  Veggie/vegan in REDFORD TWP Ken
is a 80 year old, spiritual male.
Living in REDFORD TWP, Michigan
Veggie/vegan diet.

I like poetry, springtime, music, fine art photography, spiritual stuff, wet kisses, dancing, art, live theater, movies, TV, biking, nature walks, walking in the woods on rainy days...more.

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