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Karen, a  Almost veg in Sunfield Karen
is a 64 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Sunfield, michigan
Almost veg diet.

I am a country girl from a big farming area. I like the back to basics simple life style. I love to garden and tend chickens (although I don't have any presently) I enjoy studing quantum phsics and the metaphysical realms. I try to practice Raike daily. I am retired due to six level back surgery a few years ago. I love learning about herbs and the practice of holistic medicine as a first line of defence. I am pretty active . I walk daily and bike with grandkids in the summer.I watch very little TV. I am on the move doing something or socalizing most of the time. When I have free time I make acrylic jewlery and paint.I perfer to think of myself as an independent voter as I vote for the person or the prinicipal and not the party. That being said those votes tend to be towards the liberal side of the scale. I value good conversation and deep discussions about many things from those in this life to the next. I hope to do some traveling in the next few years. I hate to be gone more than a couple of week at a time though.  It's tought to find animal sitters and I just don't like to leave my animals for extended peroids of time. Possibly later this summer I hope to build a pyrimd in the back yard. I want to test plant growth with it and many other things. In the late evenings I like to check out the various constellations and the phase of the moon. Ideally this is done while setting by a bonfire drinking wine.


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