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Funnyogi, a  Vegetarian in Ada Funnyogi
is a 65 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Ada, michigan
Vegetarian diet.


I believe if one operates from a center of understanding that we are all One in Love, and that if one operates from that Heart Center, then one is Loving towards all. I really don't understand how one can love a dog but eat a deer... In parts of the world, (i.e. Cambodia, Viet Nam) people eat dogs - in the U.S.A. people treat them like part of the family. I treat all living beings as part of my family.

I have studied yoga since I was 16 yrs. old...meditate Kriya Yoga...and have studied Hinduism, Buddhism, and the Christian mystics...I now practice more than read.

I keep healthy by working out daily...I like to bicycle, go the gym, jog...keep active.

I have been a professor of human communications and social psychology for fifteen am working on a life coaching career.

I like to have go live music...very respectful, kind without being mushy, loving without being co-dependent, not possessive...and empathetic.

I am not expecting someone to fulfill my life but to share the magic of life with me.


I would like to have a nonjudgmental, compassionate, caring, always polite, yet stimulating relationship. This means with someone who does not seek me to fulfill her life but to share the mystery in it. Healthy, realistic expectations are keys to a happy relationship. Also, the ability to communicate respectively and loving always, regardless of the situation, is another key. Arguments are a realistic expectation in a relationship. What is key is not that people do not argue - it is how they argue. The language they use or more importantly do not use. One should always be respectful, kind, compassionate, and loving - never harsh.

Also, someone to share in the fun! (see activities).

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