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Animality, a  Vegan in Clinton Animality
is a 44 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Clinton, iowa
Vegan diet.

Compassionate, colorful lover of animals

(and perhaps the animal in you?)

Would you like a new man

to grow with you while you bloom and

save you from the human...



If I should point my bony finger of contention,

it would be to lift the latch on other's cold cages of convention.

Will you point yours at me too?


Time is measured by stars and seasons,...

life is measured in dreams and love!

May time carry our days

from the eagle-like ways,

more to the ways of the dove!


Will you merry me?

It might bring a smile

if you were to take some time,

groove with the rhyme,

and enjoy my profile!

Yes, there's no photo - (but some pictures(!))

but I can go the extra measure.

A man who may look like a frog -

can be "ribbeted" for your pleasure!

If you've been wondering who to choose

between all of us guys, -

see with your heart,

and you may real eyes!


Besides, a person who desires mainly/only "beauty" in others

has often discovered in themselves little more than a pretty face.

There can be more to explore

when we open the door

to each other's inner space!



Too much focus on outer space

can often unnecessarily strain us.

But if that's what you want,

I won't bunt,...

I'll knock it to Uranus!


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