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Kim, a  Raw food in Naperville Kim
is a 43 year old, Christian / other female.
Living in Naperville, illinois
Raw food diet.

I am dedicated to those I love, know what I want and am passionate about what I do. I do not do drama!

I enjoy the simple things in life, find laughter and silliness essential, and enjoy learning. I like trying new things and can find joy in most anything I choose to do. I am minimalistic and love anything outdoors. Gardening and nature are a large part of my life. I believe on relying and living off the land as much as possible, especially in the current state of the world. I love adventure but I can be just as happy at home with my kids.

I have been a vegetarian for over 20 years and now working towards being a raw vegan. These choices were originally made for moral reasons, further strengthened by learning the health benefits, and now unwavering firm for spiritual reasons as to why one must not only not hurt the least of creation, but certainly not cause something pain and death for my own lustful pleasure.

I am a believer and follower of The Way, which impacts nearly everything I do. Do you know the bible supports a vegetarian diet and Messiah (Jesus) taught compassion towards animals?

I also enjoy working out, psychology, intelligent conversation, reading, music, dancing, mountain biking, backpacking, camping, volunteering, exploring, planting seeds, and challenging my own mind. I enjoy helping people become better versions of themselves.

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