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Shuling, a  Vegetarian in Edwardsville Shuling
is a 63 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Edwardsville, illinois
Vegetarian diet.

What is an ideal partner whom you are looking for?  What is your ideal relationship like?  What is your definition of love?  What is the most important thing in your life?  What is your definition of joy?  I thought about these questions from time to time as we all only live once.  We might as well make the best out of it because when we leave this beautiful world, we don't get a second chance.  So, I would like to share my thoughts with you regarding these questions.

What is an ideal partner whom you are looking for?  I think that first, it must be pleasant when I look at him.  We share similar values and interests.  The chemistry of conversation feels right.  We have some laughs when there is something funny to laugh about.  After all, laughing makes us happy.

What is your ideal relationship like?  Oh, well, we probably will never achieve a perfect relationship, but we can always try to have a harmonious relationship as much as we can.  The reason is that we are not the same.  That means that I must respect the other person's point of view and his interests.  When we have disagreements, we must be willing to talk it over openly, effectively and sincerely with respect. 

What is your definition of love?  I think when people say "I love you!"  to another person.  The feeling is truly coming from their hearts.  They are happy to do things for the other person willingly without force.  They care very much about others' well being. 

What is the most important thing in your life?  For me, I would feel very sad if I didn't contribute anything valuable to the community where I live.  When we observe the natural world, we see every living thing contributes something to the whole ecosystem.  No living things take more than they need.  Over the years, I've learned that it is not necessary to influence all of the people in the world.  Yet, if I could inspire people around my community leading a healthy attitude and lifestyle, it would be all great.  I don't need to tell people what to believe, how to eat or live.  The best thing that I can do is that I am an example of what I want to see in the world.  If they wanted to be happy and healthy, they would ask me about what I have been doing.  It just never works when we try to tell people what to believe or do when they are not ready for change.

What is your definition of joy?  First, we must understand the difference between happiness and joy.  The obvious one is that happiness is short term and we can get it with some kinds of means.  On the other hand, joy is something coming from within.  It is not only satisfying from within and it lasts.  No one can take it away from us.  When I experience joy, I don't think about eating, drinking or sleeping.  I just engage with the things that I am having so much fun with.  Usually is something I enjoy doing, such as any physical activity.  When I can move my body freely without discomfort or pain, it is so enjoyable.  Or when I am doing something with my imagination and creativity, such as writing or crafts.  Or when I can help someone with something, it is always a great feeling because we all love to be appreciated.

So, these my thoughts ... Life is an adventure, it is unknown often; I can control certain things, but not everything.  Yet, I think that every person deserves to know his/her true self, gets to develop his/her full potential.  Everyone deserves doing what he/she enjoys the most.  It would be nice that everyone treats others like him/herself as only love can bring peace, and not the other way around.  Everyone is unique and everyone can contribute something to the world ... 

What are your thoughts on these questions?  Have you ever thought about them?


I love writing, biking, walking, hiking, doing Taichi, dancing (discovered recently), preparing a nutritious meal, gardening, sewing, and observing nature. I try to live with mindfulness. I like to live a simple, yet meaningful life.  I would like to develop my fullest potential in this lifetime and be able to contribute to the society where I live in.  

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