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Librarising, a  Vegan in Aurora Librarising
is a 72 year old, Jewish female.
Living in Aurora, Colorado
Vegan diet.

My friends would describe me as pretty, smart, charming, hard working, and spiritual. I am in my 31st year of my career. My hobby is vedic astrology and I do readings. I love walking and hiking with my dogs. I also love reading. I have been practicing spiritual meditation for over 20 years.

Chris, a  Raw food in Nucla Chris
is a 70 year old, Christian male.
Living in Nucla, Colorado
Raw food diet.

Well lets start here, I've been 85% raw vegan and 95% organic for the last 12 years and wish it was a lot longer. I was a trampolinist and gymnast and would have been sooo much better off with that type of diet. I love keeping active and meeting other people with the same ideas. I would love to meet more friends tha like to eat healthy and keep active.I like working with web pages installing computers, working in the garden and being in nature. and bouncing Trampoline. I also love most everything out doors. I am installing Electrinics  now but want to do something productive to the environment in the solar or healthy food organic area. I would also like to find someone else that wants to do similar adventures & have lots of hobies from jewelry to photography and orchids to computers house rehab,I'm also handy around the house. I working on a new Solar project. I have also been a mortgage broker for 10 years. I'm looking to be more ecologically productive Just finisfed working 6 years on an Organic Permaculture Farm In Colorado, Learnd a lot aboout eating Chemical Free!!! look me up on FB and I love to  help the environment and get this country toward zeropollution. and yell yahoo!!!

Ivan, a  Vegetarian in Fort Collins Ivan
is a 31 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Fort Collins, Colorado
Vegetarian diet.

Enjoy reading, walks and hikes with my dog, cozy nights in with my dog and cat, skateboarding, rock climbing, camping and learning new stuff :)

Martin, a  Veggie/vegan in Loveland Martin
is a 70 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Loveland, Colorado
Veggie/vegan diet.

Alitlle about myself::

I'm unique, genuine, & funny.  My pics are recent. I try to stay in shape the best I can everyday. 

I love the outdoors & doing a very wide array of activities.  Hiking, biking, walks, boating,  classic car shows, motorcycle riding.  Working in my garden ( hopefully have my own organic farm someday). Love crafts,  repairing & fixing things. I'm a handyman. Semi-grew up on a farm.  Definitely a country guy then a city guy. 

Love sports,  watching & participating in sport activities. I grew up a jock..but I'm not a fanatic..

I love concerts,  music, theater, plays, arts, antiques and more.

Into acupressure, astrology, self- healing, herbololgy  & metaphysical awareness. 

I'm adventures, traveling  and up for anything that I have not done..Also like Sometimes just hanging out watching a good movie or just relaxing & cuddling at times. 

I am very honest, loyal, caring  respectful, spiritual, courteous, kind, sincere, easygoing and very humble!!

I have been a vegetarian/ vegan for about 50 years, which I love being in the kitchen & makes me a very good cook.

Thank you..Peace and Happiness to all..


bcomepeace, a  Vegan in Boulder bcomepeace
is a 59 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Boulder, Colorado
Vegan diet.

It would be nice to find a female partner that shares similar political views (progressive leftist), dietary leanings (vegetarian/vegan/raw), spiritual orientations (eclectic with some agnosticism and atheism thrown in), and of course dynamic physical/sexual/soulful attraction. But there is more to what I am and what I want than can be gleaned from the words on this digital page, but this is a good place to start.

Some of the things that always inspire me are people and organizations and collectives working towards social and environmental justice, sunsets and the amazing wonder and beauty of nature including that of the human body and all it can do. But most of all I am inspired by finding love again and again, despite the difficulties of being true to love, even when it aches.

SeedPlanter, a  Almost veg in Paradox SeedPlanter
is a 70 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Paradox, Colorado
Almost veg diet.

Naturopath,Botanist, Organic Gardener, herbalist, massage therapist, nutritionist.  I love to garden,dance and listen to music. I also take pictures and do video of nature, which facinates me. I love giving and receiving massage, and I love to dance, hike, and swim.  I would love to do more kayaking, went once and loved it! I love exploring beautiful places in nature, and like to pick and eat wild fruits, mushrooms, and herbs.  I eat just organic vegetarian food, and take no pharmaceutical drugs.  I like my lifestyle to create health by having healthy habits.....I like to be peaceful and quiet, and to laugh a lot over silly jokes and the irony of life.  i like romance and to be romanced.  I like having someone special in my life to give and recieve love from.  I like sharing beautiful sunsets and rainbows, and discovering new edible plants and mushroooms together.

Nick, a  Vegan in Boulder Nick
is a 53 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Boulder, Colorado
Vegan diet.

I am recently separated as.of July 2020

Bryce, a  Vegan in Denver Bryce
is a 38 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Denver, Colorado
Vegan diet.

Hey everyone! I have been vegan for 7 years and vegetarian for 8 before that. Colorado native and still live in Denver. I'm an airline pilot and used to be a scuba instructor. I love to travel and see live music and try out vegan restaurants and breweries.  I also love to be a home body and watch good TV shows, play board games and video games, and make delicious vegan creations. I also like snowboarding, hiking, biking, swimming, golf, playing guitar, and games like corn hole.

I like people that can be sarcastic and silly but are also mature and grounded. I really appreciate when people look you in the eyes and ask questions and have good back and forth communication. I love to laugh and watch comedies like Step Brothers, Good Boys (have you seen that yet?) And shows like Always Sunny in Philadelphia. 

I'm not Religious but more spiritual minded in a universal consciousness kind of way. Im Liberal I guess although I don't like to label myself as something specific, and dont really care to talk about politics anyway. I dont like rap or country music. Some of my favorite artists are Gryffin, STS9, Betty Who, Kygo, & The 1975. 

Open to anything relationship wise if we end up just being friends, or if there is amazing chemistry and want to start a relationship, or if we just date casually. I live in Denver but I fly for free and can live anywhere with my job so I'm game for meeting people anywhere in the US.

Say hello, I'd love to chat with you :)

Aspacia, a  Vegan in denver Aspacia
is a 73 year old, spiritual female.
Living in denver, Colorado
Vegan diet.

Adventurous, eclectic, playful, very active, youthful. Love, respect, and have compassion for animals with a strong emphasis on the ethical, moral, environmental, health reasons relating to the vegetarian/vegan choice. It is a lifestyle not just a belief. Very holistic and a believer/follower of alternative and natural health. 

Have a passion for hiking the spectacular Colorado mountain backcountry where I find spirituality and solace in the remote and wild places. Relaxing by a cool glacial lake or on a peak after a strenous trail work-out is one of my greatest pleasures. Also run and work out. Jeans preferred, but clean up pretty well for the occasional night out such as dinner, dancing, theater,etc. Enjoy a wide range of other activities and interests to include concerts, festivals, tennis, horseback riding, galleries, travel, adventures -- the list goes many things to do, places to see, and so little time!

Andy , a Veg at home in Denver Andy
is a 52 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Denver, Colorado
Veg at home diet.

Hi, I'm relatively new to Denver and want to make new friends. I love to cook and enjoy eating out. I became interested in vegetarianism a long time ago for health and ethical reasons, but I'm not a strict vegetarian. I'm a bit of a musician...more of a music lover. Originally from Tennessee, the primary reason I moved to Denver was for outdoor activities like hiking. Let me know if you would like to meet up, grab a couple of drinks and a bite to eat. 

Bren, a  Vegan in Golden Bren
is a 65 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Golden, Colorado
Vegan diet.

Life is fun and interesting.  I'm curious and a life long learner.  I am a big library user.  I would not want to physically own all the books I read.
Eating plant-based is part of my core, but I put love of people above diet.  I've been plant-based longer than most.   I love to cook.
Being healthy is a gift I earn by being aware.  I believe that mental health, like physical health, is gained by reflective inner work.  
Being in nature feeds my soul.  The natural world is amazing and there is so much to learn.  
I am energetic and busy. 


Ever Evolving, a  Raw food in Chicago & Denver Ever Evolving
is a 65 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Chicago & Denver, Colorado
Raw food diet.

My diet's been mainly plant-based for 30 years and trends mostly raw-organic in summer.  I eat for optimal health and am a proponent of environment & wildlife conservation.  I'm a nature lover pursuing my passions for lifelong learning, personal growth, and an endless stream of new adventures.

Daily hikes keep me grounded between hours spent reading and writing.  I also enjoy photography, fine arts, creative cooking, socializing, and lively conversation balanced with downtime for solitude and reflection.  I'm an avid traveler who loves exploring other cultures, bustling cities, museums, and pristine wilderness.

I’ve lived in six states, visited most others, and been abroad dozens of times, but there's still lots to discover.  I don't mind traveling solo, but it'd be great to join forces with a similarly inclined individual to even more fully savor the wonders of our planet.

As much as I like my homes in Chicago & Denver, I’m not from either area, and expect I'll likely trade one or both for someplace offering better climate, clean air, fresh produce, beautiful terrain, and starry skies.  Or at least start spending chunks of winter somewhere balmy.

windows, a  Vegan in Boulder windows
is a 65 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Boulder, Colorado
Vegan diet.


Hmmm. Well, an ethical vegan. Compassionate about all of life. Saddened by the state of events yet know this world and everyone on it has to work out their own stuff.  I'm sure there's more,, but I'll save it for another day.



High Mtns, a  Vegetarian in Westcliffe High Mtns
is a 72 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Westcliffe, Colorado
Vegetarian diet.

I enjoy living in a small Colorado mountain town, away from the hectic city life.  It is a joy, however it would be much nicer to share it with a like minded lady, who would thrive in the same situation, such as "less is more".  I live a pharma free lifestyle, and seek one who is like minded.  My diet is plant based, and I have lived it for over 15 years, with no regrets.  What is calling, skiing, motorcycle touring, hiking, live music and what life deals me.  Instead of why, I say, why not.

Trisha, a  Raw food in Bayfield Trisha
is a 49 year old, spiritual bi-female.
Living in Bayfield, Colorado
Raw food diet.

42 year old raw vegan heading on fruitarian path:) love my 3 grown children and a grandson i adore.goal to move to warm year round growing climate out of USA build earthship live off grid in abundance of exotic ripened fruit i;) love all art ,animals ,nature & spirituality.Much gratitude and love. Huge hugs

Chris, a  Raw food in Nucla/Paradox Chris
is a 70 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Nucla/Paradox, Colorado
Raw food diet.

I have been 50% raw mostly vegan (except raw goat cheese honey & infertile eggs) and 99% organic for the last 10 years and wish it was a lot longer. I was a trampolinist and gymnast and would have been sooo much better off with that type of diet. I love keeping active and meeting other people with the same ideas. I would love to meet more friends tha like to eat healthy and keep active.I like working with web pages installing computers, working in the garden and being in nature. and bouncing Trampoline. I also love most everything out doors. I am remodeling a house in Nucla Co. now but started to do something productive to the environment Ordered a Tesla Pickup, in the solar Live off the grid DIY Solar, and work on an organic permaculture farm that raises healthy organic food. they even have wwoofers,  I would also like to find someone else that wants to do similar adventures, and share my eden in the raw adventure on fb & healthy organic alternatives for athletes,  more photos as it develops. Come visit.

Tiffany, a  Vegan in Fort Collins Tiffany
is a 51 year old, Agnostic / not religious bi-female.
Living in Fort Collins, Colorado
Vegan diet.

I love a good pirate joke. What's a pirate's favorite letter? 

I'm new to Colorado and excited to explore and have some new experiences! I am newly out of grad school and anxious to make good use of the extra time I now have when I am not working. I'm a forensic clinical therapist and being a Social Worker is an important part of my identity. I stopped eating meat and dairy as a result of what I learned while watching videos for the purpose of learning about eating healthy. Being more active is another aspect of health I'm learning to love, and one of the reasons I chose to move to this beautiful state!

I have an old bicycle I named Old Emerald that I am working on, I love reading and watching movies- mostly laugh/cry/ think types like Augustan Burroughs (older stuff before he became more brazen about his wealth), Mary Oliver, Kurt Vonnegut, Tim Wise, Toni Morrison... When the current state of things gets to be too much I watch one of my favorite movies like the Big Lebowski, I Heart Huckabees, any Wes Andersen film (especially Fantastic Mr. Fox) or other films that don't have everything wrapped up in a bow at the end/saccharine storylines. I love talking about books, movies, themes and theories. 

Shopping is a necessity not a pastime and being at shopping malls, like meat and dairy sections of stores, is something I avoid because it makes me feel a lil sad.

Spontaneity is great and so are the simple things, in my book. Growing up I loved the song "If you like pina coladas" because what a twist! And who doesn't like getting caught in the rain?

I am more than happy to be here and looking forward to new songs, places and people to enjoy, care about and love. 


Truthseeker, a  Vegan in Fort Collins Truthseeker
is a 56 year old, Buddhist female.
Living in Fort Collins, Colorado
Vegan diet.

Hi there,

A bit about me:

Mindfulness practices including meditation, self compassion, yoga, running and biking are some of the ways I enjoy spending my time. I am a licensed professional counselor and own a private practice. I am pretty sure I came into this world to help others and show up as completely as I can.  Life is short, so I do my best to be as present as possible in whatever I may be doing. I love deep conversation and being witness to what is authentic, vulnerable and true. There is something magical and beautiful in moments of sincere communication, as it allows for soulful connection.


I enjoy quiet moments for reflection and am content to read books, which allow me insight into myself and encourages me to look honestly at who I am. I am VERY self aware and have a deep understanding of others...maybe too much at times!!

I LOVE animals and do not believe it is right to kill, harm, abuse, neglect or use them in any way. I wish for all animals to be free and peaceful. This is why I do not eat animals or any animal products. I also do not believe in killing ANY living being, including insects, spiders, worms ( I save them if I see them in a puddle on a rainy day) etc. If I find them inside, I gently return them outside. :-)

-I have 2 cats: Bodhi and Precious Sparkle
-I teach yoga
-I love candles, incense and burning sage...often
-I am passionate about the ocean/beach
-I do not have cable and I guess I am a bit anti TV. I do, however, watch documentaries once in a while on Netflix.
-My tattoo say's Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu (my son and I have matching, his idea!)
-My two biggest indulgences (is that a word?) are coffee and popcorn!
- I do not like to participate in activities which cause me to numb, drown out, escape or avoid, therefore, do not enjoy drinking or using drugs..ok except caffeine.
-I love dogs and would like to get one soon. My dog Bear died a few years ago and I miss that boy!
-I LOVE dancing in my kitchen to Zedd!
-I LOVE my son more than anyone and being his mother is my greatest joy.
-Funky shoes make me happy (NO HIGH HEELS EVER!)


There is so much more for all of us to share, as we are so beautifully unique and interesting.


Krista, a  Vegetarian in Denver Krista
is a 42 year old, Hindu female.
Living in Denver, Colorado
Vegetarian diet.

I moved to Denver a year ago, so I'm rather new. Food is extremely important to me. Preparing or just sharing a meal means a lot  :) 


newvegan, a  Almost veg in Denver newvegan
is a 47 year old, female.
Living in Denver, Colorado
Almost veg diet.

I have long blonde hair,  (colored)   I work over 100 hours a week as a C.N.A. which I have been for 21 years now.   I plan on  getting my real estate license and hope to do that for the next 30 yeas.    I am independant financially. I am fun out going downn to earth, I like to wear dresses and heels as well as jeans and cowboy boots.  ball cap and tennis shoes..  I love watching sports.  I like to have fun and can be  goofy and silly..  I use to eat meat but when i was 12 I seen the animals skinned and hanging so at that point I couldn't eat meat..  I do like seafood sometimes..and a good red wine most of the time.. I am learning to play guitar and learning line dancing and ball room dancing.     I am always up to learning something new.  I am a girly girl, I live in dresssees all year round. I wear makeup my hair long..  I wear approiate clothing to the gym and hiking etc. I love going to the movies, karooke, dininng and dancing, live theater, concerts, playing pool, hiking, camping,   I do love kids but don't and will not have any..if you have them that is great!  

I walk between the worlds, a  Vegan in Littleton I walk between the worlds
is a 42 year old, Christian / Protestant male.
Living in Littleton, Colorado
Vegan diet.

I'm a clinical herbalist, beekeeper, and aspiring homesteader. I'm looking for a good woman and best friend to share my journey with. 
When you message me, please answer the following questions:
Best Star Wars movie? 
Best disaster movie? 
James Bond or Jason Bourne? 
City, country, or forest? 
Do you ever snort when you laugh? 
When you feel ill, what's the first course of action that enters your mind? 
Think of any body of water and give me the first 3 adjectives that come to your mind. 
Do you embrace drama (in life) or avoid it? 
Do you consider yourself a rebel? 
Lord of the Rings character you most identify with?

Kaija, a  Vegan in Denver Kaija
is a 31 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Denver, Colorado
Vegan diet.

I can be a little shy until I really feel comfortable with someone. I'm an actress and I absolutely love my job. I may be broke, but atleast I love what I do. I also love to write (mostly screenplays) and sing.

Lilly36, a  Vegan in Ft.Collins Lilly36
is a 44 year old, female.
Living in Ft.Collins, Colorado
Vegan diet.

Fun life and animal lover. Feel very adventerous and would like to live life to the fullest.

Aimee, a  Vegetarian in Aurora Aimee
is a 56 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Aurora, Colorado
Vegetarian diet.

Smart, funny, goofy, upbeat...just an average American girl. Smiles & jokes a lot, but I can be serious on occasion (well, at work anyway). I love Art, Music, Animals and Travel. I play piano very badly and am a terrible artist...but I have fun doing it none the less. ;) I'm a transplant from New Orleans, but Colorado is my home since 1989. I love the great outdoors...but not in the winter. I love to hike, bike, camp, raft, road trips and sightseeing, etc. But, you will never find me playing in the snow. Well, I'd hang out at the ski resort by the fire sipping cider or a latte if my friends want to ski. I like going to the symphony, art galleries, museums and all those stuffy boring places. I like movies...especially independent and foreign film.

Mark, a  Vegetarian in Denver Mark
is a 59 year old, Atheist male.
Living in Denver, Colorado
Vegetarian diet.

I am a English citizen staying on an extended holiday with friends in Denver. I love the people of the U.S. who are so much more friendly, confident, and open than those in Britain. I am a strict vegetarian and spend much of my free time working out with home gym equipment. I am a giving person and am always up for just about anything. I enjoy going dancing at clubs, live music, and being with friends, but I am not particularly fond of the bar scene. I tend to be a little shy, but that is something I am working on.

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