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Lori Stinson, a  Veggie/vegan in Orleans Lori Stinson
is a 64 year old, Atheist female.
Living in Orleans, ontario
Veggie/vegan diet.

I like to laugh, but am terrible at telling jokes. I am energetic, committed in most pursuits, reliable and loyal in all. I enjoy a challenge in most things, but need the chance to relax in peace and just slide too, intellectually and physically. I am quietly confident, intelligent, sometimes cautious, thoughtful, industrious, try to be optimistic, and committed to finding better ways forward.

I am very independent, and live happily alone. Although very close to my 3 adult children, they all live away from home now. I enjoy gardening, hiking, kayaking, skiing (down-hill, but learning cross country now), cycling, sailing, swimming (just about any water pursuit), staying fit, dancing (jazz for fitness as it boosts endorphins more too), art, spending time with my kids and a few good friends, dining out, reading, music (especially old jazz, R&B, punk, classical, blues, and a wide variety of rock), good films and thoughtful series, just spending time alone, with my kids, great friends or otherwise, and at home puttering, DIYing, working out, or relaxing.

I am an avid environmentalist and been either vegan, vegetarian or pescatarian for over 45 years, engage with other ecological and equality issues including those of non-human species, but still work in a little time to travel (albeit very little because of the footprint) and just chill. I still work full-time, although am able to do much of my work from home with relatively flexible hours. I am lucky and that my work allows me to keep up with most of the social and ecological justice issues I care about, and current ecological science information.

My pictures are very recent, although the profile picture is well lit so seems to de-emphasize fine lines. I do look young for my age. Fortunately, I have never bothered to perfect taking selfies so just don't have many current photos, just loads of my kids, cats, or things I want to paint. In the photo with the attractive woman in white, I am not her. I am the smaller woman beside her in black. She is my sister, much better at getting her picture taken, but not single, and she does eat other animals :)

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