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Bharat, a  Vegetarian in Kitchener-Waterloo Bharat
is a 36 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Kitchener-Waterloo, ontario
Vegetarian diet.

While self-development and discovery is a life-long process, I have found a few Key-Values that I have found myself believing in and acting out on consistently over many years. Therefore, I am reasonably sure that they are a part of my core personality:

Life Values:

1.Learning- I enjoy learning through many modes – reading books, talking to others, hands-on, workshops. I aspire to stay a life-long learner.

2.Minimalism – I have seen that I consciously make choices to keep my needs to the bare minimum. This not only helps me to keep my expenditure and environmental footprint down, but also to enjoy the peace of mind that I feel when I realize that I need very little to get by. For example, I have not owned a TV for the past 16 years, have gotten by without owning a car or motorbike for 7 years, do not have a bed (just a comfortable mattress) etc.

3.Adventure – I see myself as an explorer who is curious to explore the external and the internal world. Yoga, Vipassana Meditation, Adventure sports andRunning are examples that come to my mind.

4. Family- I a family oriented man. I love my parents, brother, relatives and want to have a vibrant family life with a wife and kid(s) :)

5.Health- I value being physically, mentally and emotionally fit. I therefore engage in activities like healthy eating, fasting, running, yoga, meditation and gym.

6.Openness- I speak my mind rather than bottling up my feelings as I find that this helps me and the people around me to solve interpersonal problems constructively.

Diet -

I've always been a vegetarian and am largely vegan, except a cup of coffe with mik once in a bluemoon, eat largely organic food ( wherever I have a choice ), always been a non-smoker; do not drink (perhaps a glass of Pinot Noir once an year or two).


I've been a Marathon Runner for several years; have done many fulls, halves, 10Ks and 5Ks. Nowadays, I am not running for races but more moderately to just keep myself fit and I have realised the importance of moderation in everything including running.

Hatha Yoga practitioner and gymer.

Like to do adventure sports once in a while.


INTP type personality - I do not read too much into it but take it as an indicator of my natural tendencies.

Religio-Philosophical Beliefs-

Buddhism comes pretty close to the life philosophy I feel appealing. I practice Buddhist Meditation but am not a religious Buddhist.

Philosophical Leaning: I have a strong affinity to Stoicism and find it to be a really practical way to approach life and its challenges.

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