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Phil, a  Raw food in Pahoa Phil
is a 69 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Pahoa, Hawaii
Raw food diet.

I am a good and decent Raw Vegan man. 

I am a long term ethical Vegan that is fit, active, athletic, fun, funny, playful, warm, adventurous and sane.

Cycling, hiking, camping, kayaking, and sailing are my favorite outdoor activities (no, I do not own my own  boat). My usual bike ride is 20 miles. My last hike was about 7 miles.

I am on a spiritual journey, participating in Kirtan, singing bowl meditations, Hatha Yoga, and sweat lodges. I'm also having fun, taking Latin dance classes in Salsa and Rueda de Casino (Spanish square dancing in a circle)

I am responsible, respectful, kind, compassionate, loyal, giving, honest, monogamous, affectionate and passionate. I am a Licensed Massage Therapist who is kind, caring, and effective.

I am grateful to be living on this sacred land. It is truly a magical place with incredible beauty around every corner (almost). We are tropical beings and I am living in our natural environment, eating our natural diet: fresh ripe fruit, right off the tree when I am lucky. 

I am looking for a like minded Vegan woman. Ideally she would be a best friend who is intellectually stimulating, emotionally available, and sexually compatible. Aliveness, playfulness, imagination, curiosity, passion, and adventurousness are attributes we delight in and share.

I hope to hear from you. :)

This is an afterthought and it saddens me, but I feel I have to state this right up front and get it out of the way:
What has been sadly going on in the world for the past three years now is a monstrous lie and a crime against humanity that was planned decades ago. This is an act of unprecedented evil.
I am a Raw Vegan who believes in health. I have a immune system, a healthy immune system.
I am not vacinated. I do not consent.
I am factcinated with the facts. I have immunity to fear.

John, a  Vegetarian in Haleiwa John
is a 52 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Haleiwa, Hawaii
Vegetarian diet.

I'm a nice guy. I don't drink and hate smoke, but I like to dance so have a love/hate relationship with nightclubs. My worst vice is chocolate. I'm addicted to surfing & also like to windsurf, fly gliders, mountain bike & I run 6 miles every other day. I love music & science. I play keyboards, fly and design R/C aircraft & am very mechanically inclined. My small house on Oahu's N Shore is a workshop with many unfinished projects, but I will be building a larger house on Maui soon & that will change. I run on Hawaiian time & am very laid back. I like my house clean & organized, but could use some help with the organized part.^^

La Luce, a  Raw food in Keaau La Luce
is a 50 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Keaau, Hawaii
Raw food diet.

My dating intention is to find the right man – my life partner. I’m interested in having a committed long-term relationship that leads to marriage.

I love Hawaii and the new world, resp. parallel society, we are creating here.

Besides enjoying the stillness of meditation and taking care of my beautiful off grid homestead, I am a dedicated mother on a very healthy and conscious lifestyle. I am organized and disciplined and love good food.

I believe in old fashioned values like integrity, honesty, reliability, loyalty, courage, strength, respect, humility, endurance, compassion, authenticity and (self-) responsibility. In additon I can think for myself, so I often come to different conclusions than those that are following the masses. I am known for my clarity.

Touch is important to me and my kids need a relief from all my cuddling by now! ;-). Also, I hope, chivalry is not dead and you are no stranger to it. Although I am a strong and capable woman, I appreciate your presence, reassurance and support.

Through my natural and active lifestyle I am healthy and fit. My diet is organic vegan, raw, gluten- and sugar-free, with lots of dark leafy greens. I am vegan for primarily ethical reasons. I eat raw because I want to enjoy my time on earth the best I can. I raised both of my kids like this from pregnancy on, also no vaccines, meds, antibiotics ... etc.

I like to surround myself with beauty and, since it is the place where I recharge, I prefer to keep my home clean and tidy (no worries, I don’t have OCD, I am just German ;-)).

Living a conscious and ethical life, being kind, self-aware and improving myself constantly is important to me. I think a committed relationship is a great help in further growing and blooming into what we are here for.

I have an educational background in Computer Science, Business Administration, Psychology and Writing and always have been interested in Philosophy, Psychology, Spirituality and those things from early youth on. I have been a Buddhist nun in the Himalayas, a race car driver, a project manager, a waitress and everything in between. Currently I am a stay-home mom and homemaker.

The only thing still missing is a respectful, loving and harmonious relationship.

Even though I am so grateful to be able to live on this sacred rock, enoy it's climate, abundance, beauty and Aloha and the lifestyle, that comes with it, I am ready to follow my future partner to his estate - whereever that might be -, should this be the more sensible solution.

Let’s do stuff together like travelling, weekend trips, dining out, hiking, going to a concert or play, learn something new, being silly, or staying home to cuddle, watch a movie, read a good book and meditate. Further exploring ourselves together, working on becoming a better version of ourselves, enjoying each other and having fun.


INFJ-A, Empath and HSP (so, I need my space)
intelligent and wide awake.
Very health conscious and committed to the truth.
Therefore if you still believe vaccines, masks and social distancing is good for you i don't think we would be a good fit
Russians welcome

Vegapocalypse, a  Veggie/vegan in Kapaa Vegapocalypse
is a 44 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Kapaa, Hawaii
Veggie/vegan diet.

 Born 'n bred in rural Alabama.  *Blech!*

Moved around a lot--Georgia, NY/NJ, West Indies, Oregon, and now Hawaii.

Have a restless wanderlust spirit and suspect I'll be moving again 'fore long, possibly Tazmania?  

We shall see what Universe deigns...

Doctor Jack, a  Vegan in Kona Doctor Jack
is a 74 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Kona, Hawaii
Vegan diet.

Well, I'm just looking for what everybody else is looking for, love and acceptance by someone who's looking for this basic human need of a healthy life. Have been looking closer to home but I live in a sparsely populated area and see the same faces year over time and it seems to be mostly people who could be taken off 'active status' but for whatever reason(s) aren't. Maybe it's just getting offers that satisfies some I honestly don't know but by going with more broad based dating apps, it's my desire to find someone who has the same desire - to be with soneone who treats them with kindness, love and respect and likes to have fun fun fun!!!


Laurie, a  Vegetarian in Hilo Laurie
is a 58 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Hilo, Hawaii
Vegetarian diet.

Aloha! I'm a health nut, an animal activist, committed to help end the torturous dog slaughters, love to dance & sing karaoke, enjoy billiards, and love to travel. I vaporize cannabis to get a good night's sleep.  I dislike mean and deceitful people. I avoid stress and drama. I eliminate toxic people from my life. Currently transitioning to a somewhat minimalist lifestyle but struggling lol. I'm at peace being single but having a committed companion also appeals to me if the right person comes along. If you do porn or you're a masturbation addict, pls stay away!

Rohini, a  Vegetarian in Kahului Rohini
is a 44 year old, male.
Living in Kahului, Hawaii
Vegetarian diet.

I am an energetic active man. I build and remodel houses for a living. I love children and would be glad to have them in my life again but I’m not attached to making more. I am a monogamous lover and prefer to mate for life. I’ve been divorced twice, have two young adult children with the first wife. I see my daughter from time to time. We are best buddies when together and like to go on fun adventures. I believe in natural medicine and I don’t trust conventional medicine. I definitely don’t want to take any creepy vaccine. I don’t judge others for their choices, and am open to meeting people who are completely different than me. I would love to settle down and plant trees and gardens and start a life with someone special. I like doing yoga, giving and receiving massage, hiking, swimming, kayaking, surfing (I tried it once), volleyball, skydiving (haven’t tried it yet), and a long list of other things. I am an aspiring devotee of Krsna, although at this point in my life, I am mostly focused on earning money to eliminate debt and start a new life. I look forward to meeting you. Let’s be happy and have a fun life!

Stella, a  Vegan in Kula Stella
is a 57 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Kula, Hawaii
Vegan diet.

Aloha world!

My current live-in home care job is very all consuming so I don't really have time

for anything but my client & the beach on my breaks these days.  I've lived

here on Maui for 9 months now & am very grateful to be here.  I haven't had a 

chance to explore the island yet since I've been working so much since I landed

 so am hoping to cross paths with a light hearted spirit here

to plan future adventures with on Maui!!  


Angel, a  Vegan in Haiku Angel
is a 70 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Haiku, Hawaii
Vegan diet.

Beautiful, Loving, Sensual Angel Waterfall Goddess, Yoga Instructor, Speaker, Author, Loves Nature Adventures, Dedicated to Lovingkindness, Self Realization, Peace, Joy, Balance, Service, & Grace!


Paloma, a  Veggie/vegan in Kona Paloma
is a 66 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Kona, Hawaii
Veggie/vegan diet.

I love life and have fun staying fit and healthy for myself and my partner and appreciate the same. Hiking, yoga, swimming, walking, biking are on daily rotation, sometimes overlapping. My diet is primarily vegan and love eating healthily yet can appreciate the occasional lapse. Started the vegetarian journey in 1970 and am thrilled to have seen health consciousness become mainstream.                                              

Creative expression is central to my life, be it music, art, photography, writing, gardening and especially the art of living
It's so importantl to focus on the positive rather than emphasizing what's not working, though that's a great jumping off point for creating fresh experience. I thrive on open, non-blaming communication, taking responsibility for our own choices/feelings. It's great to laugh together, de-stress and stay aligned. I practice relating in a supportive way and finding reasons to be joyful and appreciative with my partner, creative solutions to the contrast of life. Individual time is important for recharging and allowing for that goes both ways.

Some of the qualities I most value in a partner and strive to offer myself: generosity of spirit, creativity, passion, resourcefulness, gratitude/graciousness, focus, kindness, security (emotional, financial, social), playfulness, resiliency. Plus, I love nice surprises, both giving and receiving!

I want to co-create the best relationship of our lives, filled with fun, laughter, adventure, passion, creativity and well-being. You/We are generous of spirit, always learning and ready for the company of a true love.

Art, Beauty, and Nature provide a true compass for me. I have a patient, passionate nature and a keen intuitive sense coupled with intellectual curiousity and live my life accordingly.



Books: Walden, Autobiography of a Yogi, David Sedaris, Power of Receiving, Signature of All Things
Movies: Braveheart, Last of the Mohicans, Midnight Run, Dolores Claiborne
Shows: HGTV: One of a kind houses, places to live
Music: Bruce Cockburn, Bowie, Lennon, Deva Premal, Lee Morgan, 9" Nails, Ravel, Al Kooper, Joni
Food: Fresh Thai, Raw and/or Vegan or Vegetarian. It's been more than 40 years since I became vegetarian and I've covered tha gamut of interpreting that. Nowadays, I'm easy about it, non-judgemental and try to stay attuned and flexible, within gluten-free guidelines.

Anna, a  Raw food in Maui Anna
is a 56 year old, female.
Living in Maui, Hawaii
Raw food diet.

I am a single mother of a beautiful teenager, interested in positive parenting and compassionate communication and co-parenting-networking.

- am currently holiding a part time positition as personal chef & health care assistant 

-askilled bodyworker in private practice (trained in The Feldenkrais Method, lomi lomi and others). specialized in healing from trauma and other "negative" conditions..:), nutrition and soul-food:)

I am a passionate dancer,  athletic,  VERY gentle & caring, who loves to draw and play with paint, rhythms and emotional expressions. Going for depth with truth and the light of JOY.


Flyer, a  Veggie/vegan in Honolulu Flyer
is a 51 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Honolulu, Hawaii
Veggie/vegan diet.

*Veggie, tech entrepreneur, independent, open-minded, global traveler seeks his mate*


I am a tech entrepreneur who recently moved to this beautiful city. I grew up in India, went to school in Hawaii, and worked in Japan for several years. I have been fortunate to live in Vancouver, San Francisco and Stockholm! I love traveling, languages, swimming, flying, meditating, reading and adventure. I also like eating well, and I am looking to meet nice people and new friends. Do you know any cool veggie places to eat around here? Lets talk :) I can speak Japanese, Hindi and beginner's Swedish.


garrett024, a  Raw food in kailua kona garrett024
is a 41 year old, spiritual male.
Living in kailua kona, Hawaii
Raw food diet.

BluVenus, a  Vegan in Kailua BluVenus
is a 56 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Kailua, Hawaii
Vegan diet.

I am a free spirited, artistic, earthy, compassionate, bohemian "hippie-chick".  I have explored many interests; gaining more insight into myself through each experience.  I am an artist, photographer, singer, musician, spiritual healer, activist, and explorer of Life.  I am currently attending college full-time, pursuing my BA in Zoology/Film Production/Journalism, with a minor in Art.

I have been vegetarian 20 yrs and vegan 7 yrs.  I am also a former model and have maintained my model figure.  I love travel and adventures of all kinds!!  Love sailing & islands!  Love dancing in the rain and playing in water! Music is a major foundation of my life, and I enjoy listening to & singing a wide variety of styles.  I also am passionate about art (painting, drawing, sculpture). 

I have a positive outlook on life - Not to simply exist, but to Exist with Passion!  I have a MAJOR love of animals & nature.  I strive to end the torture of animals and make a difference in the future of our planet!  I am creative, compassionate, fun-loving ... with a sweet exterior and a warm, soft soul.  =^..^= purr 

Allan, a  Raw food in Ocean  View/ MarkTwain/Naalehu Allan
is a 76 year old, Pantheist male.
Living in Ocean View/ MarkTwain/Naalehu, Hawaii
Raw food diet.


Healthy, body/mind/ spirit, “biologically” fifty years old. My current focus is a ten-to- twenty year plan to create an integrated orchard, garden, art project, home, and visitor's center for people to learn about live foods, organic gardening, and more. I am a green libertarian, or sometimes I say “spiritual anarchist,” but not an activist; a practical idealist and artist. In my down-time, I like to read (study) and watch sci-fi movies. I want to explore life extension/immortality through diet, life energy and relationship. I think/feel real love is a choice rather than a "fall" with no control [as in “falling in love”]. I would like profound intimacy with a partner where we have a lot in common and both open our hearts and minds to each other. I am slightly alternative and have lived off-the-grid on solar power since 1990. I like to dance, have fun, feel good and aim for bliss and happiness every day. It would be nice to find more friends who can see the vision of an integrated place that also includes, the EFGP, the Immortality cult :) solar neighborhood, socializing with purpose, The Psycho Social Frontier and more.  Curious? Ask me questions!

I tend to be a futurist, so I do things in the NOW to make things easier later. I think of myself as a man on a mission who is a grain of sand on the beach of the evolutionary transformation.

Just to let you know, I have come to the realization that I am "somewhat" of an Intellectual in that I like to talk and go for a higher action. This also relates to buying and selling better ideas.

Also I have taken a vow of levity .  

I have noticed that I get quite a few views but very few contacts, so I'm wondering about that.   So if any woman that is viewing me would like to comment or give me feed back about anything I've said , I would  love it !

Update: It's been six years now that I started the ten to twenty year plan and the fruit trees are really coming on now. Had our first  visiters/work traders and they helped with the mulch and weeding for a month and half.  The center is coming along and won't be that long till we have a space for all kinds of activities while the world goes mad.    

Yes my photos   are recent.  

Watermelon Sushi, a  Vegan in Honolulu Watermelon Sushi
is a 112 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Honolulu, Hawaii
Vegan diet.

...a hip hapa homee of Japanese/Afrikan ancestry, i'm an advocate for multi-ethnic and transracial adoptee communities... ...filmmaker, visual artist and writer--an author, biracial blogger, a&e journalist... ...born in tokyo, i've lived on 3 continents and several u.s. cities like anchorage, bay area, honolulu and santa monica, as well as st. thomas, u.s.v.i. with many travel spots in between... ...yogaholic with a degree in Astrology...

Chubbybunny, a  Vegetarian in Kailua Chubbybunny
is a 48 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Kailua, Hawaii
Vegetarian diet.

If you’re looking for a partner with personality, you’ve come to the right profile. I adore adventure and challenging myself. I love starting businesses but not running them. In fact, I'm sort of running from two right now.

Let's work our ways through our bucket lists. You can count me in for bungee jumping, hang gliding, and traveling virtually anywhere. I’ll join you for bachata or we can give the polka a whirl. WARNING: on a regular basis, I attempt to practice my bad Spanish.

I’m an advocate of sustainability and have tried to live a life reflecting these ideals. This translates into a cleaning cupboard of products you can bathe in and a vegetarian diet since I was a stubborn 8 year old. But there’s room for improvement (see vehicles below)…

Because along with sugar and spice, I’m full of contradictions. For example, I'm indulgent: I like to sleep in and not just on weekends. Yet I'm a hard worker: It's not unusual for me to be working at ten p.m. I'm on a diet but also a practitioner of having your cheesecake and eating it too. Lately I've been giving away possessions but accruing vehicles.

The recession kicked my butt. I’m attempting to make it up to myself with a new year’s resolution to have more fun. So if you've got something fun in mind, let me know. If not, I've heard the secret to a long and healthy relationship is compromise so I'll suffer through an action movie if you'll make it through a musical...ladies first;).

michelle, a  Vegan in Maui michelle
is a 55 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Maui, Hawaii
Vegan diet.

Considerate, confident, sensitive, aware, deeply compassionate, fun, loving, and loyal..I am deeply grounded in who I am...although at times a little off center. I am nurturing and passionate about life and things I believe strongly. I also find great strength in surrendering...for love peace and friendship. I am health conscious, and physically active, I like to dance. I feel most comfortable in quiet earthy settings..with intimate conversation. My life is about healing divided minds and nurturing the collective heart, one by one...we are one..with laughter, fun, and creative love; music, sharing, and artistic flow...fully living, moving freely...and all kinds of letting go. I am a progressive thinker, always ready to challenge limiting beliefs -including my own. I have been blessed to know love in my life and all the lessons learned from it..and so now...I'm willing to bare my soul for beautiful.

CHARLES, a  Veggie/vegan in Maunaloa, HI CHARLES
is a 76 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Maunaloa, HI, Hawaii
Veggie/vegan diet.

I am a young retired Firefighter,Pro-pilot(PHD,ATP, CFIIM), ex VN medic and Geographer (BSc with 4 minors,Math,Bus.& Mgmt & Hydraulic Engineer.).I also teach flying (PHD-ATP-level). I workout or run near-daily.I live in Hawaii & have for 9 yrs. With me, you will smile and laugh often. A very caring, compassionate, passionate, communication kind of guy.I am a very positive person thereby a logical, conservative, like the Chinese. Charles awaits further direction from you, he he Now I have four (4) grand-baby girls, yessss girls good, love those girls. A real Renaissance man..................... I have been a veggie since July 1975,near vegan since 1985, soooo there ya go girl. Great love of China as I have been 14 times and ready for more, please join me Inour self derected exploaration of thisgreatword. 'HNote where I live, Hawaii, Molokai but travel alot and return to family in CA. If all goes good, FWB, deal? My 3 oldest grand baby girls are ver fluent in Spanish, me Chinese only well English is my native tongue...

Plus everything works better than new, he he. Charles


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