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PAUL, a  Almost veg in Grsham PAUL
is a 67 year old, 7th Day Adventist male.
Living in Grsham, oregon
Almost veg diet.

First of all, alone. I had to scramble last August because what remained of my family decided to move out and the apartment was already reassigned.  I have three adult children and three grandchildren which I may never see again.  I am honest to a fault. I am much more resilient these days. I have three books, no furniture and presently no vehicle. Oh, and a computer with internet, of course. I am working my plan to restore use of my vehicle. 

I have been knocked down hard many times yet I am still here. I don't understand why I should be here. I should have died many times.

I have made much progress coping to be alone.  I have a full time job for now. I am ready to slow down and do the things I want to do. I also am so ready to leave Portland.  I would like to be somewhere else and forget my life here in Portland.  I feel as if Portland has stolen my life.

If I had my choice I would spend the rest of my life gardening, botany, and working for Christ.

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