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La Luce, a  Raw food in Keaau La Luce
is a 50 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Keaau, hawaii
Raw food diet.

My dating intention is to find the right man – my life partner. I’m interested in having a committed long-term relationship that leads to marriage.

I love Hawaii and the new world, resp. parallel society, we are creating here.

Besides enjoying the stillness of meditation and taking care of my beautiful off grid homestead, I am a dedicated mother on a very healthy and conscious lifestyle. I am organized and disciplined and love good food.

I believe in old fashioned values like integrity, honesty, reliability, loyalty, courage, strength, respect, humility, endurance, compassion, authenticity and (self-) responsibility. In additon I can think for myself, so I often come to different conclusions than those that are following the masses. I am known for my clarity.

Touch is important to me and my kids need a relief from all my cuddling by now! ;-). Also, I hope, chivalry is not dead and you are no stranger to it. Although I am a strong and capable woman, I appreciate your presence, reassurance and support.

Through my natural and active lifestyle I am healthy and fit. My diet is organic vegan, raw, gluten- and sugar-free, with lots of dark leafy greens. I am vegan for primarily ethical reasons. I eat raw because I want to enjoy my time on earth the best I can. I raised both of my kids like this from pregnancy on, also no vaccines, meds, antibiotics ... etc.

I like to surround myself with beauty and, since it is the place where I recharge, I prefer to keep my home clean and tidy (no worries, I don’t have OCD, I am just German ;-)).

Living a conscious and ethical life, being kind, self-aware and improving myself constantly is important to me. I think a committed relationship is a great help in further growing and blooming into what we are here for.

I have an educational background in Computer Science, Business Administration, Psychology and Writing and always have been interested in Philosophy, Psychology, Spirituality and those things from early youth on. I have been a Buddhist nun in the Himalayas, a race car driver, a project manager, a waitress and everything in between. Currently I am a stay-home mom and homemaker.

The only thing still missing is a respectful, loving and harmonious relationship.

Even though I am so grateful to be able to live on this sacred rock, enoy it's climate, abundance, beauty and Aloha and the lifestyle, that comes with it, I am ready to follow my future partner to his estate - whereever that might be -, should this be the more sensible solution.

Let’s do stuff together like travelling, weekend trips, dining out, hiking, going to a concert or play, learn something new, being silly, or staying home to cuddle, watch a movie, read a good book and meditate. Further exploring ourselves together, working on becoming a better version of ourselves, enjoying each other and having fun.


INFJ-A, Empath and HSP (so, I need my space)
intelligent and wide awake.
Very health conscious and committed to the truth.
Therefore if you still believe vaccines, masks and social distancing is good for you i don't think we would be a good fit
Russians welcome

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