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La Luce, a  Raw food in Kailua-Kona La Luce
is a 49 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Kailua-Kona, hawaii
Raw food diet.

My dating intention is to find the right man – my life partner. I’m interested in having a committed long-term relationship that leads to marriage.

My boys are age 8 and 17. They are quite different, but both are kind, intelligent and sweet.

Besides enjoying the stillness of meditation and my beautiful home, I like to be on the water these days. Someday, I would love to sail around the world with my future partner.

I believe in self-responsibility and thinking for myself, so I often come to different conclusions than those that are following the masses.

Touch is important to me and my kids need a relief from all my cuddling by now! ;-). Also, I hope, chivalry is not dead and you are no stranger to it. Although I am a strong and capable woman, I appreciate your presence, reassurance and support.

Through my natural and active lifestyle I am healthy and fit. My diet is organic vegan, mostly raw, gluten- and sugar-free, with lots of dark leafy greens. I am vegan for primarily ethical reasons. I eat raw because I want to enjoy my time on earth the best I can. I raised both of my kids like this from pregnancy on, also no vaccines, meds, antibiotics ... etc.

I like to surround myself with beauty and, since it is the place where I recharge, I prefer to keep my home clean and tidy (no worries, I don’t have OCD, I am just German ;-)). I am organized, reliable, loyal, honest and authentic.

Living a conscious and ethical life, being kind, self-aware and improving myself constantly is important to me. I think a committed relationship is a great help in further growing and blooming into what we are here for.

I have an educational background in Computer Science, Business Administration, Psychology and Writing and always have been interested in Philosophy, Psychology, Spirituality and those things from early youth on. I have been a Buddhist nun in the Himalayas, a race car driver, a project manager, a waitress and everything in between. Currently I am a stay-home mom.

I am so grateful to be able to live on this sacred rock and am looking forward to share the beauty, abundance and Aloha of Hawaii with you. Even after all these years, every day I am more in awe with the indescribable beauty and love of this island. The only thing still missing is a respectful, loving and harmonious relationship.

I dream of running a holistic healing business and retreat center together with my future partner that allows us to give back and be of service.

Let’s do stuff together like travelling, weekend trips, dining out, hiking, going to a concert or play, learn something new, being silly, or staying home to cuddle, watch a movie or read a good book. Further exploring ourselves together, working on becoming a better version of ourselves, enjoying each other and having fun.

BTW: I am an INFJ-A and HSP

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