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Adriana , a  Vegan in Richmond Adriana
is a 25 year old, Christian / other female.
Living in Richmond , virginia
Vegan diet.

Helloooo. I'm trying something new here. My name is Adriana I'm 24 and I live In Central Virginia. I'm Vegan and I've been vegan for 1 year, I love it and it's very important to me. However you dont have to be vegan to message me. 

Christian, a  Vegan in Richmond Christian
is a 21 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Richmond, virginia
Vegan diet.

Hey suppose it was some kinda of quantum entanglement that you ended up here, so let me describe myself honestly and humbly so you can get the picture. 

I'm a young 20 year old gypsy type, thats gone through a few construction jobs and luckily the opposite spectrum of culutre that I would like to be in at a young age so now at 20 I'm able to dream and visualize the person and future I'd like to embody, which I'll get into in a second. At 16 I got my GED after years of struggling in an enviorment that just wasnt made to compliment my persona. After recieving the degree and going through an intense spiritual lesson I traveled to Ireland and saw the majority of the island working on farms through WWOOF in a healing journey for myself, this was the first time I was introduced into a vegetarian diet towards the end of that trip and I have to say I was in great health. At 19 I traveled to Costa Rica after a significant car crash I came out unscathed from with the idea of working on multiple farms again and begining a new life, this was the life changer and the universe guided me into raw veganism and living the dream completely without me knowing the direction. There were times with no money and no direction and the path continuously was laid before me and the help I recieved was always in perfect timing. In Nicuragua, I had a desire to return home to my family in Virginia and luckily my intuition was guiding me in the path of my highest learning and things are coming together for those purposes in my enviorment which I'll get into soon. Right now I'm going to be honing these skills for the next upcoming months to be able to supportmyself not through construction! 

Phew life story over, heres what I like to do.

All forms of yoga, I know Surya Namaskar and a few other poses that have been taught to me, and am familiar with pranayama. I'm really connected with my body so I tend to just flow into breathing deeply into all my tension through intuitive movement based of the little yoga I know and the stretches I am familar with. I'm very connected with my aura and vibration, so everything i do is expanding and stretching tissues through breathe and the stretch combined with my intuitive movement to achieve plently of pops and cracks and pleasurable vibrational releases. My goal is to bring my body into the upmost energy conducting capacity by raising the kundalini. During these personal sessions I tend to throw in so martial arts kicks, because it feels pleasureable to me to perform them. 

I'm into thai massage and need some practice. I'm deeply connected with all my energy meridians and they speak to me. I'm very familiar with pressure point work. 

I love the all of nature deeply. Walking barefoot through the jungle and meeting a panther is not outside of my experiences, nor is meeting monkeys. When I have a dog compainion I've gone on long nature running adventures. Childeren and Animals tend to love me. 

Hmm...that about sums most of it up...I'm also very musically inclinded and have taught myself to play guitar and piano, I love to sing and vibrate my body with my voice. 


Rose, a  Vegetarian in Richmond Rose
is a 24 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Richmond, virginia
Vegetarian diet.

Hello! I am a lover of nature, running, reading, and trying new & unique foods. Quite a bit of my time is spent studing the science & art of pharmacy,  but on the weekends I love to explore new places, especially hiking trails and museums.

Patrick, a  Vegetarian in Richmond Patrick
is a 29 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Richmond, virginia
Vegetarian diet.

I am alot of fun. I usually bristle in the morning to get up and get going. I love staying bizzy i love nature i try and follow a semi native american belief system. I really enjoy meditating out in the woods listening to the forrest. I also like music alot must like rock for me all types of rock from indie to heavy metal. Right now ive been listenimg to the lumineers along with some other stuff. Right know im working on a degree to make a better living i know im already strange. But i really love cars and enjoy working on them i love the thrill of going fast. My ideal nigjt is taking a shower after work cooking dinner with my partner together discussing how our day was while we cook and enjoying our meal while we watch dinner. I try and be vegan as much as possible but i still eat things with egg and chesse in it occassionaly. One thing i like to do is hitt the farmers market on saturday morning and speak with the farmers. I do go to the gym and workout so i am in good shape, and i have a good irish face from my grandfather i work hard at living a life in the way i think we were supposed to live. Not only that i try and show people you can be happy why you do it. People think being a began means you have to eat gross food so i like proving them wrong by cooking wonderful things that are vegan and then telling them afterwards hahhhahaha. Other then that i try and be good to all of the earths children. I love comedy but who doesnt.

twirlyskirts, a  Vegan in Richmond twirlyskirts
is a 37 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Richmond, virginia
Vegan diet.

Recently finished my masters in painting and drawing. I've been vegan since 1998. I'm the best cook I know. I don't like scary movies. I like playing games with pens or boards or cards, or even croquet or mini golf, though I never win.

bigphish, a  Vegetarian in Richmond bigphish
is a 46 year old, 7th Day Adventist male.
Living in Richmond, virginia
Vegetarian diet.

A little about me... Hey, please don't judge a book by its cover or lack thereof. I am interesting, funny, and handsome, oh, and I am employed LOL! I do have photos but we'll get 2 that...I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs of any kind. I'm not a thug or a bad boy so if that's what you're looking for I'm not for you. But I do know how to protect and defend the ones I love very well :) oh, I'm also a vegetarian but I don't mind if you're not if you don't mind that I am. And last but not least I do love God and I'm trying to get to know Him better everyday! :)

Eternal Sunshine, a  Vegan in Richmond Eternal Sunshine
is a 38 year old, Buddhist male.
Living in Richmond, virginia
Vegan diet.

I like to take things apart, improve on them, and put them back together. I like to stand in awe of you. My favorite music is the beat of your heart. I'm caring, laid back, curious about everything, and have a heart of gold. I've been vegan for 12+ years and though I don't try to identify with it as a definition of me I'd like friendship / relationship with someone who is at least veg friendly. I try to live with self sufficiency in mind and am in the process of buying land in the mountains to grow, build, live, love, and cry on. Looking for my partner in non-crime that believes our basic world system is based upon violence, destined to fail, and ready to start that new world. Keywords: diy, architecture, green building, renewable energy, gardening and cooking, activism, being outdoors, camping, mycology, music, EDM, spirituality, martial arts, hiking, yoga, bbc radio1, annie mac's mashup, traveling, logic, compassion, consciousness, indigenous rights/issues, natural rights

Kali , a  Vegan in Richmond Kali
is a 24 year old, other / not disclosed female.
Living in Richmond , virginia
Vegan diet.

Friendly Freak, a  Almost veg in Richmond Friendly Freak
is a 48 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Richmond, virginia
Almost veg diet.

Short version: I love God, making music, writing, practicing kung fu and Tantra, giving massage, making love with my soul mate, spending time together doing whatever we like, talking and sharing our selves and lives.

Long version: Hi there, beautiful soul – who are you? I'm in the middle of a life-long quest to know and love, ever more deeply, the source of this amazing, brutal and beautiful living universe – God. I'm looking to meet others to love, learn from and share the journey with, as friends or more.

I'm a massage therapist, because it's a decent living and I enjoy helping people feel good, relax and relieve pain/stress. I practice Ving Tsun kung fu, and plan to begin teaching the system by Summer 2016. I can work most anywhere, and would relocate for love. 

Sometimes I make and record psychedaelic industrial punk roots rock music, and I also like to express myself through writing and speaking; I'm nearing completion of an album and blog project that I'll release and promote independently. 

I pray and meditate, and recently began practicing Tantra for spiritual growth and to be a better lover. I also enjoy running, yoga, hiking, swimming and exercise in general.

I love to laugh and make others laugh. If I find you attractive and/or I like you – and if you like my attention –  I'll listen to, flirt with, tease and compliment you. I love eye-gazing, I'd like to see the universe through those windows to your soul.

I like to research and discuss: reality, truth, justice, this universe, technological evolution, the future, nature, life, love, sex, health, fitness, exercise, nutrition, God, religion, history, deep state politics/actors/events, society and non-violent ways to create a more just and sustainable society. 

I strive to base my beliefs, words and actions on credible evidence, logical argument and/or humane values, and I appreciate having my views and character tested for integrity, the way a good woman tests a man. 

I've been a veggie-loving omnivore and sometimes vegetarian for most of my adult life. Since 2011 I've been mostly vegan, to reduce animal suffering and environmental degradation, boycott animal-exploitation industry, and improve my health and karma. I admire and respect those who devote their time and energy to creating a more just and sustainable society, and I support various causes in various ways.

I won't lie to you. I've never cheated and monogamy is fine, if it's what you want and we love and want to be with each other. However, I'm an open-minded freak, and I find those qualities interesting in others. 

I have tattoos, including one on my hand, and some ugly scars on my torso; for art, and from getting stabbed and then operated on.


dawn , a Veg at home in richmond dawn
is a 63 year old, spiritual female.
Living in richmond, virginia
Veg at home diet.

I am an attractive, fun loving and spiritual being. I love to travel  rollerskate, ho to the movies study n enjoy life. 

Kelly, a  Vegan in Richmond Kelly
is a 34 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Richmond, virginia
Vegan diet.

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