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herosjourney, a  Veggie/vegan in Ashland herosjourney
is a 61 year old, Atheist male.
Living in Ashland, oregon
Veggie/vegan diet.

I am a professional male looking for the same, introverted, easygoing, health minded, creative, intelligent, emotionally available, sensitive, caring, nurturing, compassionate, understanding, a good listener, and romantic. 

I like to do most outdoor activities, including hiking, rafting, biking, running.  I also enjoy movies, a good meal, walk in the park, outdoor events like concerts and dance, I like contra dancing and west coast swing.  I am conscious about my diet but not a fanatic. 

One of my hobbies is listening to music and collecting vinyl, I also have vintage stereo gear at home.  I am a former singer-songwriter and guitarist but now actively pursuing a therapist license in the mental health field.  Laughing

Pamala, a  Veggie/vegan in Ashland Pamala
is a 64 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Ashland, oregon
Veggie/vegan diet.

I would descibre myself as genuine, open, friendly, healthy, playful, creative, active and spiritual.

As we all are, I am a blend.  Personality-wise, I range from moments of quiet shyness to radiant, vibrant wild woman.  Physically, I am small, energetic, attractive, strong and active, with brown hair, hazel eyes, clear skin and a healthy body.  Emotionally, I am empathetic, passionate, warm, balanced, affectionate, caring, a good listener and into huggng and touch.  I consider myself intelligent and read abundantly and can hold up my end of a deep conversation, yet I prefer to spend my time in my heart rather than my head, so the mental realm is my least favorite.  For me spirit is everywhere, so I am definitely tuning into the emerging spirituality, primarily through nature, beauty, and service.  

My life path has been two fold:  I have been a performer (mime and clowning, children's theatre) since my teens and still do singing telegrams as well as occasional mime shows.  I also have studied and been involved with alternative healing practices since my 20's, primarily energy healing, nutrition and body work.  My healing and performance work have taken me around the world to many places and I am grateful for the knowledge I have to share with others as well as my many international friends and the many opportunities to learn and grow from other cultures.

I like to live and eat as simply as possible, primarily organic, live foods.  This has kept me young and vital and strong.  My organic garden is one of my big passions, as are my spiritual and health practices.  Reading, music, theatre, films, dancing, bicycling, hiking, hugging and snuggling are all high up on my list of pleasures and I have managed to live this life without alcohol, smoking, addictions, or intricate technology to distract me.

Currently I run a small non-profit I started 18 years ago in southern Oregon which collects clothing and food (mostly raw and organic) to give to those in need.  My life has been full of blessings and adventures and i am looking for someone of like mind and spirit to share the next adventurous chapter with (or at least parts of it).  Over the past couple of decades, I have done a lot of work on myself and I am looking for someone who also feels he has reached a place of self-acceptance and self-worth through inner work.

Rick, a  Vegan in Ashland Rick
is a 57 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Ashland, oregon
Vegan diet.

I am a quiet person, who enjoys the outdoors; gardening, hiking, camping. Home-centered activities are important to me, although I enjoy traveling on vacations. Folk music, dancing, independent film are some recreational activities. Enjoy home improvement projects. Healthy, vegetarian lifestyle, experience in bodywork and alternative healthcare. Seeing the spirit in life, meeting life headon, with honesty commitment, perseverance -and a smile, is how I try to live my day.

postmodernmystic, a  Veggie/vegan in Ashland postmodernmystic
is a 44 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Ashland, oregon
Veggie/vegan diet.

i made a conscious decision to turn vegetarian as a teenager, so for the better part of my life, i've been veggie, and in the past few years have gotten more into raw foods, especially in the summertime... i am multi-faceted, diverse individual and ever evolving. i guess you could say i am a renaissance woman, and a mystic at heart. my path is grounded by practicing an Ayurvedic lifestyle, including practice of yoga and meditation, and taking herbs daily for health. i have taught yoga and worked for an Ayurvedic company. i am hairstylist and currently working for the Shakespeare Festival. i am an active person, and enjoy hiking up into the mountains, biking around town, do some rock climbing, skiing when i can, love the beach and swimming in the ocean, throwing the frisbee around, playing tennis... i am an artist and studied fine arts, and have done some paintings. also, play piano, and i would love to take lessons to learn blues/jazz/improv type stuff now. love all types of music and dancing.

Viriditas, a  Raw food in Ashland Viriditas
is a 45 year old, Atheist female.
Living in Ashland, oregon
Raw food diet.

On the rise, like a bat out of hell! A vegan fruit bat of course. I don't believe in "God" but I feel very spiritual. I love reading, I compose music, I choreograph, I dance.  I want to remind people of nature through art. I feel very in tune with my destiny and wonder if someone will share this path.

MC, a  Vegan in Ashland MC
is a 33 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Ashland, oregon
Vegan diet.

Alan, a  Vegan in Ashland Alan
is a 61 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Ashland, oregon
Vegan diet.


I am a single white male 61 yrs old 5'8" 145 pounds. good shape no health issues.

I have been an ethical vegan for over 20 years. Veganism is my spiritual practice.

I volunteer at a wonderful sanctuary.

I use no animal products,or attend any entertainment venues that include animals.

I Love being outdoors in nice weather, hiking or riding my mountain bike.

I have a daily yoga and meditation practice.

I also like to garden in my vegan garden.

I love all animals, I have a rescue pup that is part of my family.

I am a retired govornment employee,with my own stable income.

I have 2 grown sons,on their own and doing well.

I enjoy my friends. I like helping in my community.

I consider myself a fair and liberal minded person.

I enjoy small groups over big crowds. 

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