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Croquignol, a  Vegan in Gatineau Croquignol
is a 54 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Gatineau, Quebec
Vegan diet.

Bonjour beautiful, 

mec au cœur libre, au cœur qui bat devant les beautés de la vie!! Les beautés comme : la connexion avec un autre être humain, un lien fort, les étoiles filantes, la sensation That I Got Your back, le désir to make me happy, l'ambition commune de devenir tous les deux de meilleures personnes.. 

Notre temps sur Terre est magique, qu'en penses-tu? Ce temps je veux le partager avec quelqu'un de trop nice.

 J'aime me coucher dans l'herbe. 

J'estime qu'il n'est pas nécessaire d'avoir les mêmes loisirs pour s'entendre et être heureux ensemble. 

Il faut les mêmes valeurs, comme le respect de l'environnement, être conscient des conséquences de ses gestes.  La compassion est importante pour moi, ce que nous enseignent les moines bouddhistes  (je ne suis pas bouddhiste), comme vouloir le bien de l'autre. Lorsqu'un automobiliste ne fait pas mon affaire, j'ai parfois envie de lui faire «dans le cul», mais je tente plutôt de lui envoyer de l'amour et de la lumière. Pas facile!!

Alors si tu es bienveillant, ça m'allume. 

J'aime dessiner et écrire pour le plaisir. J'aime les mandalas.

 Tu es chaleureux et souriant et tu es capable d'aimer. 

 J'essaye de mener une vie simple.

 Je suis plus du style à observer et réfléchir que m'éjarrer et m'épivarder. 

J'aime ma job, je pense que c'est une bonne job. Dans ma tête, je suis riche. La caisse pop n'est pas au courant.  

 Je cherche une relation amoureuse à long terme. 

Joseph, a  Vegan in gatineau Joseph
is a 44 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in gatineau, Quebec
Vegan diet.

hi, i like doing kungfu??,

i ride my velo (bmx)??,

i passionate with history and art??,

i do cooking alot of plant based food??,

i like rock, punk, metal music?? ,

i like animal and nature??.

I am fidel, generous and a little bit shy??!!! 


ps: je parle français, english and un po'di italiano!

marcel, a  Almost veg in Montreal marcel
is a 64 year old, Catholic male.
Living in Montreal, Quebec
Almost veg diet.

Looking for someone with similar interests. I enjoy nature, country, cycling, cross country and downhill skiing, walking, reading, yoga, would like to take dancing lessons (classic or salsa), writing, swimming, theater, comedy stand up or sitcoms (big bang theory, modern family) which I watch from the dvd. I seldom watch tv.I am retired from the IT field.

I am bilingual (french and english) I live a healthy lifestyle.

I like to travel. I am more a tree hugger than a foodie. I am thinking about moving to the country.

I like "live theater", yoga, meditation, bicycle, swimming, reading, travelling, comedy shows and humor shows, movies (mostly comedies and love movies). I am an advocate against electromagnetic fields that are hazardous to the health. . I am very conscious about my health. I have been a raw foodist, a vegan, a vegetarian. I am now semi vegetarian. I like to be in the nature. I like popular music, french and english from the 80's. I  have never kept up to date with the latest music trends. Basically, I am looking for a female friend who can resonate with my personality. I am an optimist. I do not enjoy or watch TV team sports  such as hockey, football etc. I like to do sports to keepin shape. I do not practice religion however I am somewhat spiritual. Je suis francophone alors je me débrouille très bien en français.

Alex, a  Vegan in Montreal Alex
is a 51 year old, Atheist male.
Living in Montreal, Quebec
Vegan diet.

I'm an educated man who went vegan a few years back. I volunteer with organisations spreading the idea that a vegan lifestyle is desirable for a number of reasons. Even though I meet alot of ladies through volunteering lots of them aren't single and available. So, that's why I have an online dating profile. I listen to alot of music in my spare time and I also enjoy going out to movies / restaurants /bars. I like being active and enjoy the good things in life.

Félix, a  Vegan in Ste-Adèle Félix
is a 34 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Ste-Adèle, Quebec
Vegan diet.

(English below)

Salut, je suis francophone, alors je vais m'exprimer en français.

Je suis qulqu'un de très actif. J'adore le plein air et les sports d'endurance, du genre vélo, course, ski de fond, ... Je suis du genre à me lever aux aurores pour rouler 100 kilomètres à vélo, ou encore partir courir une belle trotte, et faire autres choses l'après-midi, ou l'inverse.  

À part le sport, j'aime lire : infos, livres, fictions, essais... J'aime aussi écrire parfois, c'est mon métier. 

Depuis environ 1 an, je ne consomme plus de viande, ni poisson, ni volaille, ni oeufs, ni produits laitiers. Bref, j'ai adopté une alimentation végétalienne, et jusqu'à présent ça me réussit à merveille. D'abord, c'était pour des raisons éthiques et écologiques, puis de santé, parce que je ne me suis jamais aussi bien senti.

Un brin idéaliste, j'aime le sport, la nature, les mots, les discussions passionnées, et déjouer les écureils autour des arbres. Je n'aime pas la superficialité, les excuses et l'à-plat-ventrisme.


Hey there, I am kind of active and I'm really into outdoor sports. Especially bicycle, running, cross country skiing, ... I like to wake up when the sun rises, and go for a 100 kilometers bike ride, or for a nice run, and then do something else in the afternoon. 

Otherwise, I really enjoy reading : infos, books, fictions, essays...I also like writting, it's my job.

Since almost a year, I stoped eathing all kind of meat, fish, dairy and eggs. Well, I switched to a vegan lifestyle, and I never felt that good as now. First, I adopt that kind of lifestyle for ethical and environmental reasons, but I have to say that I never been that much in shape than today.

Idealist, I enjoy sports, nature, words, passionated discussions and sometimes try to catch squirrels around trees. I don't like superficiality, excuses and submission.

Mango Tango, a  Vegetarian in Montreal Mango Tango
is a 64 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Montreal, Quebec
Vegetarian diet.

At least 15 words!? That's a challenge. Kind. Smart. Loyal friend. Fit. Active. Progressive politics. Not spacey.

There, that was 16. Whew.  

James, a  Veggie/vegan in Quebec James
is a 39 year old, male.
Living in Quebec, Quebec
Veggie/vegan diet.

It's kind of hard to describe yourself in only 1050 chars. So if I sound a little weird, let's just say I ran out of space. I'm a 3d Animator, currently working in the Video Game industry. Love Hockey, The Oilers are the greatest team ever. Been a veggie/veganish type for, well not sure how many years now... Lost count. I love to cook, even though I don't really know how. And the same thing with dancing. There aren't too many things I'm affraid of in life, except large pools of water (lakes, pools, that kinda thing) and touching my eyes. I can watch any movie or listen to any music, and if you try to ask me what I like the most, I could probably never give you an answer. Well that's not true, the answer is always Bon Jovi. My goal in life is to work hard enough doing what I do so that I can retire at a decent age, get season tickets to the Oilers and live out the rest of my days.

Irina, a  Vegan in Montreal Irina
is a 45 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Montreal, Quebec
Vegan diet.

Free thinking, independent, and fun loving vegan. Sometimes moody and in a shell but worth the effort. I am passionate about animals and life in general so I try to tread lightly. I am sensitive but aware and working on it. I love to cook and am always trying new things in the kitchen. 

bob, a  Vegan in fuck bob
is a 31 year old, female.
Living in fuck, Quebec
Vegan diet.

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