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Megan, a  Vegan in Burnaby, Vancouver Megan
is a 39 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Burnaby, Vancouver, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

I won a $3500 entrance scholarship to SFU ("Summit") because in high school I studied 7 days a week, 7 hours per day, XMAS, Thanksgiving, etc., but in university that changed unfortunately. I'm not exactly sure why I've become lazy, but some of the hypotheses I've come up with include: 1. having to go to the same school as my high school classmates who give me a pitying look every time I pass by them in the hallway, which I find severely irritating 2. I never know what marks other students in the class are getting, so my competitive drive isn't triggered. That's why you need to brag to me about how good your grades are! That will motivate me to beat you! More too...

Mensan_Scorpio, a  Vegetarian in Vancouver Mensan_Scorpio
is a 46 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Vancouver, British-Columbia
Vegetarian diet.

I am a smart, successful, and well-traveled professional who is ready for a lifetime of fun-filled adventure.

I’ve led an interesting life: I have lived or worked in 12 cities. I have been to seven countries. I have visited more than half of the 50 states in the USA. I speak four languages and have coded in seven more. I work in as leader in innovation and entrepreneurship.

As someone new to metro Vancouver, I'd like to make new friends to begin with, and perhaps it could lead to something long term. 

I am an outdoory person who likes to explore, travel, and engage in intelligent conversation. I care about inclusion, education, and sustainability.


Dan, a  Vegan in Vancouver Dan
is a 39 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Vancouver, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

I wondered whether there existed a dating website dedicated to my fellow vegetarians ... sure enough!

Jason, a  Veggie/vegan in Victoria Jason
is a 74 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Victoria, British-Columbia
Veggie/vegan diet.

"I feel that the simple things bring the most sustainable joy. When we chase down only the extraordinary, we miss out on those everyday moments that are building blocks to a good life."

I borrowed this with permission from a beautiful profile on POF - it says all that is important. 

I'm vegetarian, tall, active and fit. I'm comfortably well off with a good income, hard working, and passionate in all things. I'm interested in integrity and substance, not flash or show. I have a 5 acre hobby farm near Island View Beach near Victoria, BC, looking south to the Olympic Mountains and some other property. 

I'm looking for a loving, drama free, long term relationship. And when I find it, I'll commit to do every thing I can to maintain it, and keep it fun and secure. I'll listen and support - and I do feet rubs too!

I have an inquiring intuitive mind, I conceptualise, I dream, I feel the wonder of life - and I sing in the shower! I march to my own drummer but I'm not weighed down with ego and welcome a friendly dig in the ribs. 

My name is Jason 

John, a  Vegan in Vancouver John
is a 53 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Vancouver, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

I enjoy travelling,the outdoors and being physically active including running, biking and swimming. I also like getting together with friends, watching movies, having refreshments on a patio, reading. I like a variety. I am a bit introverted by nature but I do like to have a good time and to be adventurous. I like all animals, especially the non-human ones, and that's why I don't eat them! ;) Well that's only one very basic reason of course! Family is very important to me also. I may not see them often but they mean the world to me. :)))

Jessicavonvegan, a  Vegan in gulf island Jessicavonvegan
is a 44 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in gulf island, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

Vegan since 2002. Abolitionist. Mother to an amazing child. Days are full with caring for my little love, and going on adventures. I'm open to someone that can complement an already fulfilling life. 

Oncall, a  Vegan in Victoria Oncall
is a 51 year old, 7th Day Adventist female.
Living in Victoria, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

Fun, sincere, health minded, Adventist seeking her soul mate.  Enjoy the outdoors--beach or walk in the woods.  Gardening and canning or cross country skiing too.  Enjoy piano, cooking and time with family.

LUV4ALL, a  Vegan in White Rock LUV4ALL
is a 71 year old, spiritual female.
Living in White Rock, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

I became veggie for the animals over fifty years ago. Before Covid, I was a peaceful warrior for the animals, on the street, and essentially my life purpose is as a dedicated animal liberation activist, and to inspire Universal Oneness for all beings. Please be vegan, (including raw vegan) only--unless you have a powerful intent to become vegan. Vegetarian is not the same as vegan. It's a journey, I understand that, but no exploitation of animals of any kind is desirable to me. I'm the Publisher/Founder of a vegan online e-magazine and the Founder/Host of a radio show that interviews vegans, and features a vegan musician as well. I'm also an Author/Screenwriter. Spirituality, but not religion, (I do celebrate Jewish holidays) is very important to me, as is physical exercise. I like to be young, fit, and attractive, do not look my age, and desire that in a future romantic relationship. I am visually impaired, but do not wear glasses, except to do my computer work (and l love audio books).  I'm an empath and very sensitive. A like-minded soul would be a gift. Thank you so much. I wish you all pure love in your lives. That's what I'm seeking!

AirieLynn, a  Vegan in Vancouver AirieLynn
is a 39 year old, spiritual bi-female.
Living in Vancouver, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

Claude, a  Vegan in Kelowna Claude
is a 58 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Kelowna, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

Hello, I see here that there are still a lot of people, men and women, involved in or drawn to spiritual, compassionate or healing practices (smile). Somehow, writing about myself here gives me the impression that I'm applying to be part of a community though my hopes are that the one with whom I have a true connection will happen to see it... : I like to learn new things and explore what might be behind that rare gift of having that human potential. Now I am studying natural healing spending time on essential oils, herbs, nutrition, thai massage, tai ji, Qi gong, Yoga, Buddhism, meditation, gardening, sprouting, making kombucha, hiking, cycling... I like meaningful conversations or guidance, arts, music, movies, writing, I also often get absorbed in physical projects, creating or repairing, recycling, making soaps and homemade toothpaste, putting my hands in the soil, preparing a meal to share... I'm a good vegan cook though I look forward to be more into raw food (I was once fruitarian for 9 months, been vegan for about 16 years, vegetarian for 35 years). It all started one day, simply by 'seeing'.

I feel more at 'home' being surrounded by few people, I prefer intimate time that is deep in meaning with one person than time that is more superficial with many, I can live in chaotic, disharmonious or busy surroundings for some time, though soon enough I'll find myself in a more quiet setting, alone or immersed with someone special, or getting reSourced in nature. So far OK? I appear to be a normal human being? :) But here I'm looking for someone quite opposite from what is considered"normal"! More like having a special ‘alien’ friend with whom we would share our daily findings about this planet's crazy inhabitants! I have been travelling mainly to see cultures that are different from the Western norms, to reconnect with the basics! Getting closer to being a Free Spirit seeing a Bigger Picture, connecting with Compassion/Love, Integrity/Sincerity, Simplicity, Alertness... Sharing, Healing, Keeping alive a strong Resolve...Connection, with Everything... sentient beings at all levels, you will even see me go out of my way to save the life of an insect. 
A 'journey' for me has more to do with empathy and feeling than a mission sent from above, it keeps getting clearer, it has to do with healing, but may unfold different ways. For society I'm not particularly looking for some glorious feats, maybe something more subtle yet transformative :) I am quite down to Earth. 
 I'm not too sure what the priorities should be at first but if you feel sad seeing the direction that humanity is taking and feel deeply that something must be done, or on the contrary if you feel amazed at how wonderful life while seeing what is happening, I would love to hear from you! Maybe I could help in your plans or you in mine or together in someone else's plans or maybe in a conscious community? It could be locally also, for a while, with no plans other than connecting and being a blessing part of our immediate surrounding, the time to learn and get more grounded, I mean it is possible to be based locally and still gradually reach out far and beyond! :) Maybe at first, settling down in a permaculture paradise or opening a holistic healing center would be nice, or to travel around the world to soak in magic and wisdom, to gradually, nothing less than saving the world!

Mother Earth is sick now and I feel an urgency. I feel an urge to contribute to some projects that could generate enough power to change globally the ways of our world. I am now writing a book in the hope it will have some impact. I feel that worldwide the space allowed for greed to grow and the tools we give it to take gigantic and devastating proportions have to be narrowed down, and space for Awareness, Justice, Freedom and Love widened. Education is key. Humans have destructive ways and effective solutions for our global mess would involve a complete redrawing of our society where those who are above would not get the means and especially the incentives anymore to get so much above. Almost all the solutions we hear about simply aim at delaying an unavoidable end. Our sacred infinite potential in a messed-up world governed by greed! :) things get incredibly complex and confusing, but there are solutions and as long as we can create space for happiness, peace, and creative fun, the drive to make things better will remain and with time something positively meaningful will be achieved.

Keith, a  Vegan in Vancouver Keith
is a 28 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Vancouver, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

Waiting for the right one. I'm a bit of a cute romantic. I have a little too much fun sometimes. Curious about everything. Just living my best life ??


Short-term goals:

Do well in school ??‍??

Hike after the semester ???

Traveling holiday in 2021 ??

visartist, a  Vegan in Vancouver visartist
is a 48 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Vancouver, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

I'll put more here later

Edward, a  Vegetarian in Prince George Edward
is a 67 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Prince George, British-Columbia
Vegetarian diet.

hopeless romantic .... I dont smoke or drink or have any bad habits not into the social scene

Anthony, a  Vegan in Norh Vancouver Anthony
is a 64 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Norh Vancouver, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

I'm passionate about life. I've a positive attitude and enjoy the company of people who accept what life has to offer and look to make it worthwhile. I take good care of my health and I am physically fit; after all, if life is full of opportunities to grow and learn I want to be in shape to fully appreciate it. I've a good sense of humour and smile alot. I'm self-employed in the holistic life/health field. Interests include photography, personal growth, movies, theatre, and outdoor activities such as hiking, smelling flowers, and greeting cats. I play soccer, squash, badminton. I believe compassion is among the highest virtues. Every day brings opportunities to be young.

Paul, a  Vegan in Vancouver Paul
is a 54 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Vancouver, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

I'm a vegan dude, you're a vegan chick... let's get together and see if we click!

Maga, a  Vegan in Vancouver Maga
is a 46 year old, Agnostic / not religious bi-female.
Living in Vancouver, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

I'm a "sporty type" - although I had a number of knee surgeries in recent years so I no longer do some of the stuff I used to love (e.g. rock climbing, snowboarding). But fitness is still very important to me and I'd love to find someone who also enjoys a variety of sports and cares about staying fit. Having said all that, I also enjoy some quiet evenings cuddling on the sofa with a bowl of popcorn and a beer...

I'm always happy to try new things, learn new skills and discover new places. I'm relatively self-reliant and independent, but with a sensitive, sensual, affectionate and romantic side that likes to be pampered from time to time.

I'm the kind of a woman who is comfortable in jeans&t-shirt as well as a business suit. (I do like to "dress up" when going out!)

I love animals and used to have a pet rat (and hoping to get another one soon!).

I know I'm not perfect but I also know that nobody is so I'm ready to compromise and accept your "flaws" if you accept mine...

Bernice, a  Vegan in Maple Ridge Bernice
is a 74 year old, Atheist female.
Living in Maple Ridge, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

I enjoy living in the country, gardening, walking with my dog, reading and living a healthy lifestyle.  I grow a lot of my own produce and share it with others. I became vegetarian for my health and vegan for the animals.  I have a peaceful and serene lifestyle and looking to share some of my time with a like minded man. I'm not into sports.  I keep fit by gardening, walking and yoga. I am interested in someone who also enjoys gardening, reading, preparing food together, laughing a lot. I have travelled extensively to over 30 countries and now enjoy one trip a year. 

Raymond, a  Vegetarian in White Rock Raymond
is a 64 year old, spiritual male.
Living in White Rock, British-Columbia
Vegetarian diet.

Hello to all out there, I have a career, and getting ready to retire.  I am willing to relocate for the right person.  

I would call myself conservative, reliable, compassionate, spiritual, healthy, active.  I love the outdoors, photography,

travel, and ready to start a new chapter in my life.  I do astrology as a hobby, so please forward your birth data, 

and I can see if we have a good match for compatibility.  I hope we can communicate and get to know each other

for real.  That will be the true test. 

goatgirl, a  Vegan in Duncan goatgirl
is a 49 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Duncan, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

I am an introvert that finds inspiration in nature.

I am considered friendly, cooperative, independent, reliable and straightforward.

I enjoy rustic living.

I do not participate in group events nor am I on social media.

Besides my part time work -I enjoy gardening and spending a lot of time hiking with my pack goats in the wilderness.


Amanda, a  Vegan in Victoria Amanda
is a 44 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Victoria, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.


I would say my most prominant qualities are: kind, sensitive, loving, loyal, curious, passionate, down-to-earth, and  outdoorsy. I have been out of the dating scene for a bit, mainly because I have had little luck finding Vegan men. I have come to realize I could only be at peace with someone who has already made the connection about speciesism. So I am thrilled to find this site. I cannot imagine how amazing it would be to find a fellow Vegan I connect with. Some of my interests include: dogs, animal rights activism, human rights, ethics, gardening, hiking, and kayaking. I wish you luck on our collective search :)


Willem, a  Vegan in Vancouver Willem
is a 53 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Vancouver, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.







I am looking for a wife to love and cherish forever, and to have a child with me.


If you desire marriage and to start a family, I'd love to court you.


I'm a family man at heart and looking to make a lifelong commitment. I'm a devoted team player, mild in manner, completely loyal, supportive, and an up lifter. I'm open to continued growth so I'll be the best I can be for my future partner.


I'm located downtown, work as an engineer, and enjoy reading, hiking, road trips, healthy eating, picnics, and evenings out. I'm also a great handyman for around our home.


I look forward to meeting you.




- Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences, Mary Boas
- Visual Complex Analysis, Tristan Needham


- Pan's Labyrinth (2006)
- Bullitt (1968)
- The Mechanic (1972)


- Your favourites are fine.


- Vegetables, fruit, and nuts
- Frozen grapes
- Frozen bananas blended to make ice cream




- the Ventures, "Classical Gas" 

- Beck, "Don't Let It Go" 

- Magic Sword, "In The Face Of Evil" 




Starting a family in a marriage is my current goal. I want to better myself for them.


I want to travel to islands of the Atlantic (Tristan da Cunha, Saint Helena, Ascension, Cape Verde, Islas Malvinas, Ilhas Trindade e Martim Vaz, Iceland, and Orkney Islands), islands of the Pacific (New Zealand, Gulf Islands, Galapagos), South America (Tepui Mountains, Patagonian Andes), and Australia (epic road trip).


With my soon to be wife and baby, I'd like to build a cottage somewhere where we can grow garden vegetables, berries, and fruit trees. I'm a stone mason too.



S, a  Vegan in Duncan S
is a 40 year old, Atheist female.
Living in Duncan, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

I have a hard time meeting people because I’m usually a homebody but when I do get out and about I can be outgoing. I love to read, watch YouTube and Netflix and go for hikes.  I do like dogs but I have a cat because I work 12 hour shifts. 

I used to love to go out to eat, now that I’m vegan in an area where I have to travel a bit to get to a vegan restaurant it’s more of a rare treat.  I do love to cook though and I’m thoroughly enjoying veganising old favourites and discovering new favourites. 

James, a  Raw food in Nelson James
is a 40 year old, Rastafari male.
Living in Nelson, British-Columbia
Raw food diet.

Il like spending time with my daugther, makinging raw foods, snowboarding, art, mtbiking, fantasy novels, going to the beach, hiking and playing dominos with my friends. I did plant medicine and supplement.  So ya that’s me. Oh ya so I use to be a fan foodest 15 yrs ago, for seven years, I’m trying to get back into shape so I’m back on the diet.

Cricket, a  Vegan in Victoria Cricket
is a 58 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Victoria, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

I'm brand new here. I've skimmed a few profiles, and I must say, it is so encouraging and heartwarming to see all of the wonderful people on this site who care deeply about animal welfare, as I do.  I started on a vegetarian diet many years ago, when I was in high school, and then went vegan in my 20's.

I love spending time outdoors, hiking, paddling, going for really long walks. I'm not into extreme sports, but I do like to keep active and fit.

I volunteer with an animal rescue organization.

I appreciate people who are kind, respectful, have a positive outlook, and can also find the humour in situations when things go sideways.

I can seem a bit reserved when you first meet me, but once I get to know someone, they usually get to see my not-so-serious (aka goofy!) side. I'm a good listener, and a loyal friend.



Birder, a  Vegan in Victoria Birder
is a 74 year old, Atheist female.
Living in Victoria, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

I live on acreage where I can grab my birding binoculars and hike down to some lovely woods, a linear trail system, or to the ocean.   Hiking, cycling, and paddling opportunities are practically at my doorstep.  It is my kind of place to live.  Nonetheless before Covid-19, I would also seek out diverse landscapes, taking trips several times a year in BC, Canada, US, or abroad to explore mountains and terrain that were different from my coastal home.  My activities could best be described as wanderings in the outdoors for hours at a time but not in an athletic sense.  I don't worry about how fast or how far I go; am there to combine the enjoyment of being out in nature with regular exercise.  Though not an artist, I have dabbled in landscape painting and photography.

You won't usually find me spending much time in city environments except to enjoy the performing arts or to sing (as an amateur jazz vocalist), watch a movie with substance, and in the past go ballroom dancing.   My musical tastes include jazz, opera, classical, Latin and Celtic music, but I am not into rock, country, or rap.  

I have no need to hang about coffee shops, pubs, or parties...just not my kind of scene.   While I do enjoy the occasional meal in a restaurant, am quite content cooking.

Although I spend a considerable amount of time at home, there is no cable and I have no need for a TV monitor other than to display my photography or watch the occasional DVD or movie.  The radio is often on, tuned into local and world news or to the music I enjoy.  

In summary, this is one nature oriented lady, who loves her semi-country life, travel, and getting out for easy going hiking on a regular basis.



Nick, a  Vegan in Vancouver Nick
is a 53 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Vancouver, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

I'm from the UK and have lived on the west coast of Canada for a few years now, and have dual citizenship and one of those British accents! I gave up meat at age 15 and my lifestyle is vegan. I'm optimistic, chivalrous, thoughtful, tall, and I'll pull your hair. As a hobby,  I paint prolifically, and am a member of an art gallery here on Bowen Island. I also love hiking and all manner of healthy outdoor pursuits. I believe there are essentially 3 romantic phases in life: the teenage infatuation, the naive impulse to overlook narcissistic traits and fall in with the wrong person,..... And then there's the third: the extraordinary harmony and unconventional love of the lifelong partner. It is the last of these that I am looking for, from a place of high intuition and discernment. I have my life entirely together and I have young daughters, two of whom live with me on and off. They are also vegan/ veggie by conviction, and are as cute as buttons. 

Cvegan, a  Vegan in Pender Island Cvegan
is a 74 year old, Atheist male.
Living in Pender Island, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

I was raised as a vegetarian, and became vegan 30 years ago when I learned about the awful cruelty in the dairy industry. Newer reasons to be vegan include nutrition, climate change, ecology, etc.

Soon afterward, I played an active role in prosecuting animal cruelty charges against the medical lab at a major Canadian university. I worked for a period in the early days of PETA in Washington D.C. (where Ingrid Newkirk showed me how to get a cow to lick your face!)

My sense of humour is irreverent--something that not everyone appreciates! As an example, I like inverting common sayings that reflect violence to animals. E.g., the repulsive "Not enough room to swing a cat" becomes "Not enough room to swing a vivisector."

I'm now supporting my third rescued Alaskan Malamute, who is slowing down a lot at age 11--but is pretty happy. As a child I never had a dog, but I have a deep connection with Malamutes that I don't understand. It's such a strong connection that it almost feels as though it's genetic: Perhaps my early ancestors lived with Malamutes in the Arctic! 

Besides Malamutes, I'm interested in hiking, jazz, classical music (esp. Bruckner, Bach, Prokofiev, Shostakovich, Satie), Ian McEwan, harpsichords, climate change, NPR, and lots of other things.

I've never been interested in watching professional sports, or playing golf (except mini-golf, of course), and never understood how anyone could be interested. But people also do lots other things that make no sense to me, including hunting and fishing.

Recently moved to Pender Island, one of B.C.'s southern Gulf Islands. (Victoria, B.C.'s capital, is a short ferry ride away from most of the islands.) It may be a coincidence, but my dog's previously untreatable limp has nearly disappeared since we moved. It might have something to do with the 24-hour forest bathing, plus the sounds of ravens, woodpeckers, bald eagles and frogs. And at night, the only light is from the moon, stars and planets.

With the move, I resigned my government analyst job and now work as a researcher/writer.

Can send a better pic once we connect.

Jenny, a  Vegetarian in Vancouver Jenny
is a 41 year old, female.
Living in Vancouver, British-Columbia
Vegetarian diet.


In Vancouver for now but I see myself in a smaller town or countryside in BC soon.   Very much want a vegetarian eco-community/intentional community.   If you might want to be part of that please let me know.

Allan, a  Vegan in Victoria Allan
is a 47 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Victoria, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

(In a relationship. Cannot figure out how to delete this profile).  

Vegan for Vendetta, a  Vegan in Vancouver Vegan for Vendetta
is a 47 year old, Atheist female.
Living in Vancouver, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

Don’t know why the heck I’m doing this but I figure, “what the heck! I’ve done way stupider things!”

So in other words, I tend to dare myself a lot. 

Raman, a  Vegetarian in Vancouver Raman
is a 46 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Vancouver, British-Columbia
Vegetarian diet.

Hi, I'm an easygoing yet fun loving person who believes in living life to the fullest.  I can be a bit on the quiet side, but love to chat and meet new people.  I have a great love of learning, traveling, the arts, and nature, and am intrigued by different cultures, places, and the issues they face...

I'm also an animal lover (I have an adorable cat)...I feel very strongly about respecting all living creatures, and living with kindness and compassion.  Just trying my best to do my part, but have lots to improve on (believe me)...Looking for a sincere, open minded guy to share this journey :)

imarainbow2, a  Vegan in Vancouver imarainbow2
is a 47 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Vancouver, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

fun, funky, loving and working to make the world a better place :)


What I bring:

Open, honest, communicative
Highly self aware 
Full of ideas, unique perspectives, inspiration- a muse
Serious cooking skills - especially vegetarian, vegan, raw
Stylish and keep a lovely warm cozy clean home
Spiritual yet grounded
Dynamic, always learning, changing, growing
Zero drama - if something doesn't work, i fix it. if it can't be fixed, i walk away.
My vibe- in my 20s - snow/skate/surf and rave culture
In my 30's building my businesses, growing food, having a blast and deeply in love with an incredible man. 
My 40's - ??? Let's cocreate that.
What I envision for my future:
Living tropical and/or in the woods, on the water, growing food and working from home
One love. Growing old together with laughter, creating shared memories and celebrating our successes.
.... with you?

Gerald, a  Vegan in Nanaimo Gerald
is a 62 year old, Atheist male.
Living in Nanaimo, British-Columbia
Vegan diet.

Trailblazing a path,
No destination in mind,
Forever at home.

Princeps Persarum, a  Raw food in Vancouver Princeps Persarum
is a 48 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Vancouver, British-Columbia
Raw food diet.

I've been a raw vegan for almost 2 years for health & ethical reasons thogh have been vegan and vegetarian for a long time. I want to be a better person in every respect. I still know myself a newbie but I'm sure I'm on the right path although I've got a long way ahead. It's great to follow out my journey with a match. I also have a wild goal to reach which is my secret and only share it with the right partner Wink I love nature and animals, enjoy music, watching movies and physical activities and sports esp. playing soccer. I love fitness and when it's not posssible to go to the gym, I work out at home...

Diana, a  Vegetarian in Richmond Diana
is a 67 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Richmond, British-Columbia
Vegetarian diet.

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