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WendyHeart, a  Vegan in Atlanta WendyHeart
is a 72 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Atlanta, georgia
Vegan diet.

Simple uncomplicated living speaks to me. No bells and whistles. The less that has to be dusted, the more I am able to do the real work in this world. I am in the non invasive health field with eight degrees that help to provide a "broad tapestry" of information and the ability to help anyone heal most any imbalance.  Vegan to the core. I have compiled a vegan website with a dear close friend. It is educational and entertaining and most of all, inspiring. I am young at heart; recognize truth, which also allows me to recognize that which isn't. Viruses are in everyone's bodies and stress can cause them to "kick up." We cannot breathe anything onto another being; in order to "catch" something from someone, we have to exchange body fluids. We can wreak havoc in the world and produce a lot of fear; unfounded fear and convince weak and vulnerable others to believe things that really do not exist. Ever heard the word "pox?" That means the same as "hex." When we spread poxes/hexes, we spread fear throughout communities until most everyone believes the nonsense and reacts physically to the information that is now "downloaded" into people's minds. Unfortunately, future births will be affected by noxious invasive vaccines and other drugs, tobacco, alcohol, caffeine, chemicals, and other foreign substances. The good news is that when it gets as bad as it can get, then it will start to get better. P.S. I know how to help anyone detox from all of these poisons.

In the meanwhile, we can become artists; enjoy cooking organic vegan food; talk with like minds; get lots of rest; take walks, read some good stuff; learn patience; meet new healthy hearts; and know that this is all for the eventual good. That once we get a handle on the nonsense, it will cease without return. 

Oh yeah, Motown is my fave and a really good funny, deeply intelligent and profound, or just good ole entertaining movie can feed the soul; love to read spiritual stuff, addicted to taking care of my son's incredibly delicious BullyPe four legged furry grandbaby; and when I love, it is deeply and forever! Even through wars and disagreements, I keep on lovin' and carin'!

bruthafree, a  Vegan in Atlanta bruthafree
is a 48 year old, other / not disclosed male.
Living in Atlanta, georgia
Vegan diet.

I am:
Vipassana Meditater
Poet & Philosopher
Left Handed
Motorcycle rider
Old fashion
& Concise!

I like more things then I'm in love with.  I joke a lot. I believe in compatibility more then being obsessed with preferences. 

cherlarobert9, a  Vegetarian in Atlanta cherlarobert9
is a 58 year old, Christian / other male.
Living in Atlanta, georgia
Vegetarian diet.

I am nature loving person which heals me. I like spiritual reading or listening to preachers.  I am currently permanent resident, working as post doc scientist. I am life long vegetarian or lacto vegetarian I am cool, like to watch movies or hiking if I am free. I am straight forward and responsible. 

Josh, a Veg at home in Atlanta Josh
is a 42 year old, Christian / other male.
Living in Atlanta, georgia
Veg at home diet.

skiddish kitty, a  Vegan in Atlanta skiddish kitty
is a 49 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Atlanta, georgia
Vegan diet.

I'm delicate yet resilient and utterly without guile.

I'm passionate about truth and I wish more people were more comfortable with it.  I feel the truth is a gift because it empowers the one to whom it is given and it's even more precious because of it's rarity.  The truth needn't be brutal.  I feel I've mastered the art of sharing painful truths gently.

I'm a combination of harmoniously balanced contradictions.  Sweet, kind and gentle, yet fiery when provoked.  I can be shy but also outgoing and funny.  My Aquarian traits of being analytical and intellectual somehow blend seamlessly with my warm loving heart and affectionate temperment.

I seek love with the right person and I know myself enough not to be willing to compromise. 


Tom_Soy-er, a  Vegan in Atlanta Tom_Soy-er
is a 54 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Atlanta, georgia
Vegan diet.

I am an entrepreneur working fulltime as a manager for an iconic Atlanta company that is probably the most culturally diverse company in the Southeast and beyond. I love my job! It allows me the flexibility to be available for my family and friends. Every day I have the pleasure of interacting with countless multinationals. As a value-added benefit, I have literally been able to help thousands of people transition to a vegan diet and to better enjoy and sustain their existing plant-based diet.


I have been vegan since 2014, but please don’t let that scare you away. I don’t expect you to change your diet just for me. I eat the same things as non-vegans and I simply change the protein. I am a Foodie who loves to taste and savor the flavors of the world. In my free time, enjoy making vegan versions of ethnic foods such as Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern, French, South American and more.


I play 2-3 competitive games of roller hockey every week. I like playing guitar, building beautiful and functional things out of wood such as benches, tables and planter boxes. I have a thing for landscaping and gardening and a passion for enjoying the outdoors.


I appreciate all forms of art as the result of having been a professional artist and art director for several decades. I like many forms of music such as jazz, classical music, rock-n-roll, blues, world music and more.


For me, there is nothing better than being outside on a cool Fall evening, looking up at the stars and wondering. Being fully present in the magic of that moment, is like chicken soup for the soul.


I raised two amazing kids, one who is a vegan and one who is a vegetarian. My kids are in high school and are becoming much more independent.I don’t need you to be their mother. I just need you to be polite.


I am looking for friendship, a long-term romantic relationship and everything in between with someone who is fun to be around, kind and honest.

PassTheBroccoli, a  Vegan in Atlanta PassTheBroccoli
is a 41 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Atlanta, georgia
Vegan diet.

Hard to describe oneself online. I do better face to face. Anyway, here goes:

Engineer by education, entrepreneur by profession, philosopher at heart, minimalist in living, vegan/vegetarian, aspiring jedi. Did stand-up comedy for a few years to overcome fear of public speaking and haven’t sat down since. Sense of humor like a dry martini.

Enjoy making friends. I don’t bite (as long as you don’t look like German choc. cake). Believe in live & let live.

Have the usual interests: music, food, entertainment etc. Like to meditate and be more self-aware. Interested in spirituality and tackling the complex questions of life. Travel a good bit (for work & fun), which I enjoy. Love to learn new things and ponder topics such as 'Shouldn't tug-of-war really be renamed to war-of-tug?!' Lead an active lifestyle with sports and other outdoor activities. Love spending time in nature.

surfbeagle, a  Vegan in Atlanta surfbeagle
is a 51 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Atlanta, georgia
Vegan diet.

vegan, animal rights activist. beagle lover and yoga addict. Love to help and educate others about veganism. Have traveled extensively and would like to continue my travels with a partner. 

GardenGirl, a  Vegan in Atlanta GardenGirl
is a 57 year old, Christian / Protestant female.
Living in Atlanta, georgia
Vegan diet.

Alexandria, a  Vegan in Atlanta Alexandria
is a 37 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Atlanta, georgia
Vegan diet.

I love life and meeting new people and experiences. love trees. love my mother...and her mother. love books, conversation, goofin around, the cinema, travel, cultural spaces, physical exercise, music, nature, animals, children, all people. see everyday as an opportunity to learn a lesson and grow. Being vegan is a fairly important part of my life... tolerant of others decisions,strive to be non-judgmental, but adore my veggie pals..I am simple...not concerned with labels more with love..working towards my dreams, and dedicated to doing my part on this wonderful planet. revolutionary spirit and love getting involved with activism and positive progression.

Ellen, a  Almost veg in Atlanta Ellen
is a 63 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Atlanta, georgia
Almost veg diet.

I am a very happy person,very open,very honest, loyal, loving, a great friend. I love to laugh, I love to have witty conversations. I am shy at first, tend to blush a lot too.. I love animals, I've been an "almost veggie" for 14 years now, I still eat fish occasionally. I am divorced,with a son-25. I am originally from Chicago, been in GA 19 years. I garden,love to take walks,go to concerts, goof around with astrology,read,travel, and nose around on the computer too :0) Picnics and summer are my two favorite things in life, spending the day in the country ,star "watching" bird watching,cemeteries,old houses,beachcombing, all favorites too!

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