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verschlimmbesserung, a  Vegan in Telkwa verschlimmbesserung
is a 47 year old, Atheist male.
Living in Telkwa, british_columbia
Vegan diet.

A while back, just pre-pandemic, I had occasion to attend a vegan festival.  Whatever I had expected, what I found was a group of people who spoke my language.  It made me realize that I was actually part of a diaspora, of sorts.  I'd had a similar experience, once before, living far from home, and hearing someone from my home area on the radio.  I was shocked somehow to realize that I had a way of speaking that was different from that of my new friends.  

In any event, I am a vegan, an ethical vegan.  I'm not in it for my health, but to stand up against the suffering of animals - and the planet - at our hands.  Beyond that, my interests tend to be variations around different intellectual themes, often strange ones.  I'm fit, read a lot and enjoy intense exercise.  

I'd like to reconnect a little more with the rest of the diaspora, and I'm currently very far from it.  I'd like to do better for those without a language at all, or perhaps with a language we refuse to hear and respect.

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