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sj, a  Almost veg in walla walla sj
is a 69 year old, spiritual female.
Living in walla walla, washington
Almost veg diet.

UPDATED 4/2019

gosh, I've never done anything like this, so where to start? From Colorado originally, with 13 years in Texas and 20 in Calif, going on 18 in WA. Family of 6 kids, I'm in the middle. First career was accounting with a major hotel chain; second was with a worldwide natural foods market, more the real me-- I'm very holistic health minded. I'm a giver in many ways, and trusting, sometimes too much in both areas, but I'm learning. Moving from a condo in the Bay Area to a 1921 Craftsman home, I've learned what it takes to keep it up. I unexpectedly became a caregiver for my father for 15 years, a time that had incredible challenges. I'm involved, volunteering for varied entities that interest me, such as renewable energy, hospice, art venues, historic homes, public transportation, Friends (like a big sister/brother), WWBlues Society, progressive issues of the day, and more. I managed a wine shuttle business for 3 years before Covid hit.  I love photography and music of many types, (not country or rap), work at staying physically fit, and though very serious, am equally happy and silly.  My heart yearns for intimacy, mental and physical. Someone who loves our planet and takes measures to care for it in everyday life. Someone who doesn't blindly follow what mainstream doctors dictate. Someone who wants to share the simple things in life, looking forward together. Someone who won't smother me, nor ignore me for too long. Someone who knows how to talk problems out, instead of yelling or sweeping under the rug. Real men DO talk!  We're all growing and learning on some path.....I'm looking for someone to walk with in the path of life, and all that it entails.....but there has to be love!  (Other than that, a good friend is always nice to have, if there isn't love or intimacy.)

UPDATE 2/3/22:  A chiropractor broke 6 vertebrae 2 years ago. It has altered my body, my life, my hope. I should probably take this "ad" off of here, I forgot I was on it!   David, thank you for the wink today. You seem like a great guy.