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Cedar Creek, texas vegetarians, vegans and raw foodist events and singles dating

Susan, a  Raw food in Cedar Creek Susan
is a 67 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Cedar Creek, texas
Raw food diet.

Hi Im an Earth Angel, Starseed,RHO Negative blood type,Empath,Sag. North Node,Venus Scorpio,Saturn Scorpio  passsionately(duh)truthseeking monogamous,into the metaphysical,alternative solutions etc,activist spirited,fam oriented,wholesome mother, female,who knows her worth,her value.(all verifiably so)seeking her also same kind as described bout me except he's Pisces Sun,Venus Mars and some orher specs.he too lives from his heart of gold.hes a raw vegan sincere for real,Alladdin type and he too seeks his destined timeless true love he's been seeing in his dreams and still maybe seeks his Starseed tribe too.we're both sensitives,emotional,telepathic romantics into music learning bout  love heart bothbased mushyspiritual stuff,singing dancing to high vibe,exhiliarating,impacting,catalytically transforming amazing love songs,living life,enjoying it to the max and helping fam,harmless allies,all life to as well.both compassionate,honorable rare old souls.he needs me as much as the air he breathes and vice versa.we both already have lived thru karmic relationships so know what love is NOT.both seek a loving timeless astronumero harmonious, same blood type also truly  both Starseeds(the physical anomolies verified) forever monogamous relationship.both already studied these things I have conveyed.we get each other.on same page.Im not interested in teaching a horny or golddigging pretender who lives at low vibe.Im not into explaining,have no need to impress anybody or ppl  plz.I dont look for validation from others.he and I will love each other even if  either lose limbs,get yuck scars or whatever.We're  both verified same caliber types,highly intelligent,trustworthy verified by what we've lived, referrals and alot more.Both are awake,aware, knowledgeable about the Narcis and other online etc predators tech.Knowing those types and other pretenders will contact our types (hunters like human traffickers,etc.)but neither can be fooled cuz verify verify verify.No reason to settle for anybody less than verifiably same caliber,sane,harmless,destined cuz harmonious with my waterheart Starseed souls essence,energy signature.Im seeking my kind to brainstorm with too who see need of creating a self sustaining raw vegan,Essene like healing,empowering,regenerating,harmonious,creative,wholesome,fam oriented community on properties in Kauai supported by half the income of some earth and life friendly bizzes I'll develop.if you're one of my kind,rare,wanna make great stuff happen,msg pertinent specs about you that are verifiable.I will respond to ppl who start there.Namaste. 

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