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Bill, a  Vegan in College Station Bill
is a 66 year old, Atheist male.
Living in College Station, Texas
Vegan diet.

I'm a long-time animal-rights vegan -- since 1984! I'm really into conversation and love getting to know people. Fun for me is going to a favorite restaurant, going canoeing or hiking, traveling to a new place I've never been, or just sitting around talking with friends. I love to joke and think the funniest things in life are the truest things. Or is it the other way around?

I'm into exercise and the outdoors, but also love what big cities have to offer. I'm an avid swimmer in pools and lakes -- and the ocean, though rarely get to the sea.

My jobs since college have been (in chronological order! what a nerd!): pastry chef (right before becoming a vegan -- and it was one of the things that motivated me to become a vegan), acquisitions editor for an academic publishing company, nonprofit activist, statistical software developer, statistical genetist, survey statistician, policy work for the State of California on inequities in mental health care, math and physics for a small high-tech company, and now a statistical software developer again. In 2017, I moved to Texas from Vermont, and am working at the same job I had 20 years ago!

I've had 3 goes at grad school: physics, math, and biostatistics, nearly getting my PhD the last time -- and might have if I wasn't spending so much time teaching vegan cooking classes and writing a monthly vegan cooking column for the Raleigh, NC newspaper. I love to cook. I wish I were a chef at my own vegan restaurant. My cooking is nothing like most vegan cooking.

I'm an INFJ on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator -- and according to that I should be a monk or a therapist -- not this science guy. I do love talking about feelings, relationships, things that really matter.

I eat cooked food! I don't think I could ever go more than 50% raw. And I do drink wine with dinner 2 or 3 times a week. I love wine!

Last thing about me: Despite being raised in Canada and the Northeast, I love hot weather. I hate A/C and love fresh air. My ideal temperature range is 80-90F!


Tim, a  Vegan in Sugar Land Tim
is a 53 year old, Atheist male.
Living in Sugar Land, Texas
Vegan diet.

I'm a gluten-free, vegan and have been veggie for 30+ years. I'm a divorced dad of 3 (b29, b22, g21).  I'm a generally nice guy who lives up to the Piscean prototype. I don't crave fortune, fame, or any of the nonsense that comes with them. I just want enough to get by on comfortably. A nice garden and a kick-ass entertainment system would be nice too.  I love games...chess, pinnochle, board/card/video, sports, etc. I enjoy sci-fi, fantasy, and crude and lewd comedy. I love music (mostly the good kind).  Journey is my favorite, but I listen to just about everything from Mozart/Holst to Beatles/Doors to Slayer/Lamb of God.  I love to learn about all that I come into contact with. I'm a CA transplant who is fluent in Dude, but I can also carry on an intelligent conversation if I must.  I love Thai and Indian food, wine, fruit, and Ouzo. I hate litterers and liars.

Kenton, a  Veggie/vegan in Austin Kenton
is a 57 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Austin, Texas
Veggie/vegan diet.

 I wanna be the man that makes you say, 'My life is better since he came into it.' Each day is a new life: Friends would tell you my greatest outer attributes are my enthusiasm, my smile and a generally easygoing nature, with perhaps the sporadic burst of light sarcasm. I've always been pretty comfortable around people. I've found myself a conformist in one breath and a rebel in the next - I guess it depends on who I'm hanging out with. My mom would tell you I'm the one who always finds the funny side of life (actually I think I'm pretty hilarious, but I'll let you be the final judge). On the inside you'll find compassion, sincerity, intelligence and a drive to succeed. I meditate and aim daily to bring about good.

I’ve traveled Europe extensively; unfortunately it was the first two years of my life and the memories are dim. I read a LOT, particularly topics around health, science (as a patent attorney), sci-fi, people, nature, philosophy, and managing nest eggs.  Most recent read was The Creed of Passionate and Persistent Mind, by Peter Diamandis. I’m a voracious consumer of knowledge and media. You may find me at some sort of educational workshop or lecture, or tuned into NPR / PBS. Living as organic a lifestyle as I can (often plant based; look up Greengate Farms) - is a passion.

Kal, a  Veggie/vegan in Houston Kal
is a 87 year old, Sikh male.
Living in Houston, Texas
Veggie/vegan diet.

I am fit, do yoga and play tennis.  Believe in health, happines & integrity.  Enjoy travelling.

Neal, a  Vegan in Dallas Neal
is a 72 year old, Jewish male.
Living in Dallas, Texas
Vegan diet.

Hello, I want to thank you for reading my profile. I have been vegan for a number of years now, and it works for me. I like participating in NOT harming animals. I also love to write; I teach writing at a local community college, and I'm also an academic advisor there. I think I tend to be somewhat intellectual in that I love ideas, but I also enjoy having fun. I realize we have a precious opportunity to enjoy our lives and make a difference in the world while we're here, and I want to do both. How about you?

anand, a  Raw food in Johnson City anand
is a 60 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Johnson City, Texas
Raw food diet.

published author, artist, activist, alchemist, angel, designer and architect, musical composer, D.A.R., Ordained Essene Minister (Judeo-Gnostic Christian-Taoist approach), educator, entertainer, gardener, metaphysician, poet, sculptor, sober.

Lover of the Cosmic Christ. Explorer of Consciousness. Happy. Joyous. Divine. Sovereign. Free.

Conspiracy realist. Fiscal Conservative Objectivist. Terrain Theory all the way. Contagion is a myth. Not jibby jabbed. Veg*n 30+ years. Eat seasonally... mostly raw vegan-ish frugivore fruitarian, however I will sometimes indulge in local raw honey or more rarely, raw Swiss cheese from the alps. (I have met the cows at Desalpe and they are treated like royalty.)

I travel in 5 star style AND have also van camped across the US twice and also from southern border to Vancouver BC and back. Places you might find me at: hot springs, cold drinking springs. historic architecture, formal gardens, small quaint towns.

Entertainment tastes: Anything from country to Christian to classical to classic musicals. Desert island picks might include Bach, Sons of Pioneers, chillout dance tracks, score to High Society and Steely Dan. I like old movies with happy endings, funny slapstick movies. Other than "They Live!" not a fan of violent entertainment... but that ransmitter definitely needs to be taken out!

Retired from corporate communications ages back... Now a writer and Ordained Essene Minister helping to build an international vegetarian community of peace called Seed of Life.

I know WHO he is, but... 'Where' is John Galt?

Bharti, a  Vegetarian in Northlake Bharti
is a 47 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Northlake, Texas
Vegetarian diet.

Ok so some random facts about me :) I was raised a vegetarian And I am vegetarian. I have a puppy. His name is Casper. By profession I am a nurse and I live in Texas. I am not a smoker and do not drink alcohol. I love gardening, started growing veggies last year and had some success. I enjoy being outdoors, long walks, going to the gym.I am on here to find that person who is supportive, empathetic and kind. I look for these qualities as that's how I would describe myself. Some one who likes to travel, cook, enjoy a movie at home or go out. If that's you we should talk. I am not very good at writing about myself so this is my basic intro.

scienceprof, a  Almost veg in Houston scienceprof
is a 84 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Houston, Texas
Almost veg diet.


 A few words about me. Like many men who have seen the decades fly by, I have a range of interests like traveling, enjoying good food (whether prepared by me or others), walking the countryside, going to the theater, listening to music (I am rather fond of jazz and a wide range of classical music and not so fond of heavy metal), reading a good book, and so forth. I’m looking for a partner who will enjoy doing some of these activities with me as well as introducing me to activities that bring joy, happiness and fulfillment to her life. I also hope that she will enjoy cuddling and just listening to my stories, listening to music and watching our favorite and new movies as I will enjoy listening to and just being with her. I love strolling hand-in-hand “through meadows and along streams” to paraphrase a famous poet. I currently live in Houston Texas more for convenience to the part-time electronics engineering consulting work that I do (I have an active mind) than for any other reason (I have previously lived in NJ, NY, CA, WA, WY, Canada (where I was born), England and India). I expect at some point to relocate to someplace on this planet but for the moment Houston is my base.

Within the next 1 to 3 years, I would like to begin a “program” that involves a lot of travel and the associated adventures. One plan that has passed through my mind is to rent a flat in several different locations that I believe may be interesting, staying at these locations for periods ranging from two weeks to perhaps even two months, using these as bases for exploration and enjoying what each region has to offer. Clearly, activities like this are much more enjoyable and fulfilling when shared. To give you an example, I have visited Portugal and spent perhaps a couple of days exploring several different places. I would like to return to a couple of these regions to enjoy them at a leisurely pace and get to know them better with a possible objective of finding a future part-time or full-time home. There are also regions of the US and Canada that I would like to get to know better; again, preferably with a travel partner whose company I enjoy and who enjoys my company.

Now that it is reasonably safe to travel within the US (and soon very likely most places), we could discuss places that we both might like to visit. We can start with short adventures and expand from there. Perhaps we might rent a car and explore Smoky Mountain National Park or Yellowstone National Park or almost any of the other beautiful natural areas in this country and abroad. But before any of this can happen you need to contact me. I guarantee you a wink will get a response.





Micahel, a  Vegan in Houston Micahel
is a 63 year old, Atheist male.
Living in Houston, Texas
Vegan diet.

I'm a vegan activist in Houston. I also have a large veganic garden in my back yard. I cook pretty often, especially when my garden is producing a lot. I also share a lot of my produce with friends and neighbors. I like to take walks, ride my bike, do yoga, work out in the gym.I have given many presentatons about the environmental problems caused by animal ag. I'm pretty casual but can dress up if needed. I never watch sports or sitcoms on TV. I enjoy cooking when I get around to it. My cat is very friendly with people and possums but very mean to other male cats. I worked at a software company for 20 years, and for the moment I support myself financially by trading stocks. After graduating from UT, I lived in Paris for 3 years, then moved to West Berlin (pre-unification) for half a year. After returning to Texas for a while, I taught English in Japan for three years, then spent half a year in Brazil, which was one of the craziest times in my life! I have been stateside since 1993, except for overseas vacations and business trips. I still speak French okay and can dredge up bits of German, Japanese, and Portuguese. I wrote and produced some plays and performance art in the mid 90s. When I moved to my current house, I immediately started pulling up the grass in the back yard and putting in garden beds. Now most of the yard is filled with beds. My latest obsessions are exercise, riding my bike, and yoga. I normally go to the gym almost every day but have temporarily lightened up on doing weights because of an abdominal injury.



SinewySteve, a  Vegan in Houston SinewySteve
is a 64 year old, Christian male.
Living in Houston, Texas
Vegan diet.

I am intensely into fitness and nutrition.; it defines me. Also, I enjoy information reading , computers (my livelihood). Concerning events, I am open minded to all kinds of events; movies, theater, art, museums etc. (except restaurants).

Sweet Anticipation, a  Veggie/vegan in San Antonio Sweet Anticipation
is a 50 year old, spiritual female.
Living in San Antonio, Texas
Veggie/vegan diet.

Hi! If you’re interested in finding something real, and are ready to allow things to unfold naturally… keep reading; We might be a nice fit.

Let’s start with the basics, shall we? I’m looking for a monogamous, long-term relationship, where we evolve and grow as individuals & together. I believe that the foundation of a healthy relationship requires honesty, trust, communication & compassion; and that chemistry and aligned values are key to sustainability. I am ready, willing and able to invest in a meaningful relationship built on friendship & mutual respect, and would love to connect with a (soon to be) best friend to share in life’s adventures & lazy days. We will laugh often, sometimes until our faces and bellies ache; have deep conversations about things that are meaningful to us; tackle obstacles, sometimes individually and from within, and sometimes in tandem as a real life power couple. In my relationships, partnership and communication are important, but so is physical touch and affection. Passion and sensuality are integral to my satisfaction. While I am an animal lover & nearly vegan, I still maintain that mosquitoes, fleas and ticks all must die if they enter my space. I meditate at least once a day and set a corner of my master bedroom as my meditation space, though I don’t always do a formal ‘sit’. I’ve never found a home in religion, but my spiritual journey is important to me. My mindfulness and meditation practices have been incredibly valuable, and if that’s something you’re interested in, I’d consider it a real bonus. Those who know me would describe me as: - An overall optimist with a bit of dark and twisty thrown in - A strong woman with a kind heart - A goofy dork that often amuses herself (and some others, of course) - An extrovert with some solitary tendencies A little more... I lost a leg in an accident 17 years ago, but it hasn't stopped me from renovating homes, kayaking, endurance swimming, skydiving and more! Some of the best things in life include passionate kisses, laughter, snuggles, soul-level connection, the feeling of alignment and true love. I enjoy good meals in great company, comedy shows, music, performing arts (I used to be a competitive ballroom dancer), beautiful landscapes, driving with the windows open, and spending time in, on or near the water. I also love good conversation, so feel free to reach out if you want to learn more.

David, a  Almost veg in houston David
is a 43 year old, male.
Living in houston, Texas
Almost veg diet.

I enjoy and am interested in many things whether it's spending time with friends, reading, working out, business, swing, Jiu-Jitsu, piano, teaching, languages, science & technology, the mind, traveling, cooking, and more. I have big plans for my life and I'm working hard toward my goals.

Kat_8157, a  Vegan in Wichita Falls Kat_8157
is a 50 year old, Christian female.
Living in Wichita Falls, Texas
Vegan diet.

Hello! looking to meet like-minded people...

I stay pretty busy with work and volunteering.

It would be nice to meet up and hang out.

I like camping and golf although I’m not very good at the later anymore. I love hanging out in nature.

Karen, a  Veggie/vegan in Irving Karen
is a 63 year old, Christian female.
Living in Irving, Texas
Veggie/vegan diet.

Hi I would call myself an eclectic empathic explorer. adventurer-nature child. I’m really a super introvert so love to experience things more than talk too much.  I love to be outdoors-ocean,mountains,rivers,desert,forests,everything in between. I really enjoy road trips even short ones. I drove to Enchanted Rock/Fredericksburg Texas for the day and drove home. I can just sail enought a get a boat out, on the water and back in the slip but i prefer to crew for someone else. I’ve tandem hanglided twice off the mountain in Telluride. Crewed for a hot air balloon team. 

I started rock climbing about a year ago and climbed in Yosemite so working on that for present and future. It has been a great help to me so far physically, emotionally and mentally. I still deal with grief in my life. But I want to be climbing when I'm 90.

I studied art and art history so i also can spend time in museums, listening to music, at a festival, listening to lectures, rumaging flea markets. I enjoy pohotography, videographs and sketching. i still have many books and love to read-mostly non-fiction. i love science history and health topics. Enjoy dancing-best at Argentine Tango can get by with basics of most ballroom.

I tend toward participation or doing than watching. So i'm still working on guitar, percussion and playing some ukelele. 

My spiritual journey is in quite a transition of sorts I suppose. Evengelical Christian who questions everything i think or thought I knew. The last few years looking into the brain mind body connections, consciousness and practicing mindfulness. I spent 2 years in Bible School and worked in Haiti years ago. Now i'm reading the Bible through and along with the Bagavad Gita. Trying to understand. 

Have been converting my lot into a native plant certified butterfly garden and certified wildlife habitat. I really am a super health freak as well as 31/2 yr. vegan. Mostly vegetarian before that.  I do not have a television. I have 9 cats- by accident and rescue. i'm probablly a bit eccentric by most standards.


Holton, a  Vegetarian in Austin Holton
is a 60 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Austin, Texas
Vegetarian diet.

I grew up in Boston, and have lived in Arizona and California. I'm a singer and actor by desire but work the 9-5 desk job to pay the bills. I foster for Animal trustees of Austin, so at any given time, my house is a zoo. Literally. I love going to the movies, or concerts/live music, the occasional dive-bar, or just spending quiet time with someone I care for. Looking for someone that shares similar interests in the arts, music, sight-seeing/adventure, a love of cooking or just hanging out around the house. I enjoy the outdoors, but can be just as content with bumming around on a Sun. afternoon.

divadolce, a  Raw food in Austin divadolce
is a 46 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Austin, Texas
Raw food diet.

Aloha! I enjoy the natural process of getting to know someone in a conversation instead of a resume or endless texting. I believe that in love and in life, there is always a solution, you just have to find it.

 I work with kids of all ages, I'm a singer, a songwriter, and I teach music, bellydance, yoga, and theater arts.  I can sing in more languages than I can speak including French, Italian, German, Gaelic, and Portuguese.   

I am also a full-figured busty woman with a Venus Goddess body. Aside from the occasional indulgence, I eat healthy mostly raw foods and exercise every day, which is making me less full-figured by the day. Apples, nori, and zucchini noodles are saving my life!!! I graduated with my BA degree and completed my yoga teacher certification earlier this year. There's a flower in my hair most days, otherwise I feel kind of naked.  

Doug, a  Vegan in Houston Doug
is a 65 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Houston, Texas
Vegan diet.

       I have been dietarily vegan since March 2017. Starting in 2021 I remain 100% vegan at home, which is where I consume or prepare most of my food, but I have had some vegetarian meals while out in social settings with family and friends. If there's any good vegan option I choose that. I primarily follow a whole foods based diet and consume lots of fruit and veggies and a few grains and not much processed food. I avoid acquiring any more leather or other non-dietary animal products but I still own and use a few leather shoes and belts. I sold natural and organic food for a living from January 2001 until November 2019. I think the vegan diet aspect of my lifestyle is an important factor when considering relationships. It's challenging to be in an intimate relationship with people and not have a similar diet.

    My main hobby is playing music. I currently play banjo in the Clear Lake area band "Southern Style". We play bluegrass, country and other genres. I also occasionally play at other bluegrass picks around the greater Houston area. I also play rock, folk, blues etc...on a variety of instruments

       I am fairly easygoing. I believe being open and honest is the best thing for relationships. I am an optimist. I am fairly liberal to middle of the road politically, but I do care about and pay attention to politics.


Sandy, a  Vegan in Houston Sandy
is a 43 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Houston, Texas
Vegan diet.

Hi! I'm someone who loves being physically active. I enjoy running, going to the gym, riding my bike and generally being outdoors. I've been vegan for a little over 3 years and vegetarian (occasionally pescatarian) for 8 years before that. I enjoy being of service and feeling like a part of the community so I try to spend time volunteering. I enjoy listening to podcasts, audiobooks, and going to the occasional movie. I don't watch television and I don't own one but I have a strange addiction to watching random YouTube videos.

txveg9, a  Vegetarian in Frisco txveg9
is a 54 year old, Hindu male.
Living in Frisco, Texas
Vegetarian diet.

I'm an easy-going, caring, positive individual who enjoys going out, travel, exploring places while also comfortable at home. I believe in keeping fit and eathing healthy.

LurCabajBlongs2mi, a  Vegan in Houston LurCabajBlongs2mi
is a 37 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Houston, Texas
Vegan diet.


I live my core values:  

.)follow a vegan diet in endeavoring towards the abolition of animal suffering

.)live free from recreational drugs (alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana...)

.) no facade

.) responsible

.) independent

.) fair -- go Dutch (pay for what I use not expect one to bear all burdens)

.) considerate of my impact as a consumer on Earth more than desires to consume/convenience (simple life with basic amenities

The above are most important with harmonizing with my truth.

I strive for

.)eating pure healthier foods (more raw, whole food preferably organic foraged instead of cultivated, less added sugar/salt/oil, no microwave, no artificial OR synthetic ingredients(preservatives/stabilizers/colorings/flavorings...)

.)refinement through learning & practice (yoga, tai chi, science, art, teaching)

.) enjoyable healthy sexuality for both the man and woman


 I am on a dating site to spell out my preferences.  I am not here to just meet people or just make friends.  I am direct, to the point about what I want.  If you are interested in playing games, go elsewhere.


nigel012, a  Vegan in Houston nigel012
is a 44 year old, Atheist male.
Living in Houston, Texas
Vegan diet.

*I am very curious about the world. I love asking 'why' and trying to find the answer. 

*I love reading-mostly non-fiction. If I'm listening to a book on tape while driving, I sometimes have to pull over to the side of the road to write down a quote or just close my eyes and absorb what I've just heard. 

*I am deeply affected by all the suffering and unfairness in this world. I know I can't solve all problems but I hope to make "...one life breathe a little easier because I have lived"

*I enjoy being physically active. I exercise regularly.

*I love laughing. I can't help it. When I laugh, my whole body gets involved-eyes, feet, hair, hands, toenails etc.. 

* I love eating vegan food, but I don't like cooking. I've been hoping one day I'll wake up and enjoy the 'cooking' act.  I'm still hoping. 


Lance, a  Vegan in Austin Lance
is a 72 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Austin, Texas
Vegan diet.

I am funny, charming, committed to veganism, liberal, outgoing, physically fit and I do not bruise easily. I like shopping at Barney's and Pangea. Favorites include Yosemite, Grateful Dead, Topanga, the beach, running, eating out, Sopranos, Oz, basketball, orchids, soy dream, etc...

dawn832, a  Vegetarian in Houston dawn832
is a 54 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Houston, Texas
Vegetarian diet.

politemonkey, a  Vegetarian in Houston politemonkey
is a 60 year old, Agnostic / not religious female.
Living in Houston, Texas
Vegetarian diet.

I have an upbeat personality and love to laugh. I have been a vegetarian for 19 years. I enjoy: snow skiing; lindy hop; static trapeze (performed 3x); any activity on, in, under or near the water; spending time with my nieces and nephews; equally happy in nature as I am dashing about an interesting new city; LOVE to travel; MUSIC - besides listening I enjoy going to see live gigs (I play guitar, bass and am learning drums - can still write a song if inspired); Love cinema (French New Wave, British Mod and 60's spy genre); I still use my old 35mm camera - with good old fashioned film (use digital too); going to dinner with my good friends; learning new things

Desi, a  Veggie/vegan in Austin Desi
is a 50 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Austin, Texas
Veggie/vegan diet.

I'm a professor at two community colleges, and I'm branching out, going into business for non-profit organizations. I am passionate about what I do, and I follow my dreams. My work is encouraging young adults (and sometimes older ones) to follow their dreams, so the courage to follow dreams is something that defines me. Only recently, I'm learning to be more practical about it. I've done the online dating thing before, so this is nothing new to me. Typical first dates are a bit uncomfortable, a bit interviewy in nature. I'd prefer a first date that is not so typical, something where we can be engaged in some sort of activity, and get a feel for who we are together, saving the interview for a second or third date. Anyway, a lot of our questions should already be answered here. So any fun first date ideas? 

justju, a  Vegetarian in Arlington justju
is a 57 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Arlington, Texas
Vegetarian diet.

I recognize that most of what I think of myself is just a projection. Someone other than me would be in a much better position to describe me. Instead of describing myself, let me talk about what fuels my desire to wake up in the morning to live another day and go through life which at times seems magical but on some occasions seems completely pointless. In my work and outside it I am driven by sheer curiosity to understand our physical and meta-physical existence in all its manifest forms that we can perceive with our senses. Besides my work /hobby I am passionate about dancing and cooking.Dancing is the only activity in which I can truly let go, loose myself. Although a moody cook, I thoroughly enjoy cooking. The colors of the vegetables, feel of the dough while kneading, aroma of the spices as they mix with vegetables and the sound of the crackling mustard seeds in hot oil, is therapeutically blissful. I strongly believe in the equality of all creatures and am deeply disturbed by the injustices and cruelty self obsessed species.

Glen, a  Almost veg in Dallas Glen
is a 72 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Dallas, Texas
Almost veg diet.

I love sprint cycling, Animals, wrestling with my Dog, even if I lose, "Coast To Coast AM", Pacifica & NPR radio, Movies, Theater, reading, lifting weights, Yoga, jazz, classical, or the music of my mind. Made my living as an Actor. Environmental Writer/Producer now. Gentle, Passionate (is that a contradiction?), Humorous (unless people are just being kind), Mercury Fillings free, Very Strong Imagination, Creative, 165 lbs., 10% body fat.

AtmaBliss, a  Veggie/vegan in Austin AtmaBliss
is a 47 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Austin, Texas
Veggie/vegan diet.

i am honest, conscientious, and try to live in harmony. i have an open heart and open mind...i meditate and do yoga daily. i feel when we walk the path of life consciously, every moment, every breath is an invitation to awaken to our true self - spirit. i am easy going, grounded and spontaneous. i love the earth - love mountains, forests, oceans, swimming, hotsprings. enjoy playing music, especially chanting. love to travel - have been to india, nepal, guatemala, belize, and lived in jamaica, and most importantly am traveling the inner path towards Light...i like to eat and cook good, healthy, organic food. enjoy music, reading, and new experiences. Have been studying Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine. always love to connect with good souls!

Enrique, a  Vegan in Killeen Enrique
is a 69 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Killeen, Texas
Vegan diet.

Hi! Thank you for reading my profile. I’m vegan for ethical reasons, and I'm trying to eat mostly raw, but not easy. I'm very health conscious and do my best not to eat or drink any junk foods or beverages (no sodas, no coffee, etc.). I'm very passionate about all animals (all sentient beings, actually) and how we humans treat them (or mistreat them in many cases). If I could I would do nothing but help animals live a long, happy life full of love and human compassion. I've rescued several abused dogs (6) and cats (13) and found them homes; I wish I could do more for others. I have 1 dog (Lab) and 2 cats, who love each other.

I'm very romantic, affectionate, considerate, kind, sweet, loving, honest, funny, chivalrous, passionate, compassionate, energetic, intelligent, spiritual, faithful, spontaneous,  and open-minded. I have a great sense of humor a love to laugh. I love 70s/80s, Disco and Latin music; dancing is a huge passion. I usually exercise almost every day (need to lose weight!), although some weeks it’s very hard to find the time (jogging, weight lifting, martial arts, racquetball, yoga); lately I've been doing 3 to 5 miles almost every day, very slowly. I love a good long hike. However, I’m still overweight (genes!), and would love to workout with my partner. I meditate daily (I try to meditate for at least an hour, but sometimes I don't have the time). I concentrate on Zen meditation. I'm a pretty good cook and love cooking and experimenting. I make delicious meals (cooked or not) and usually don't write the recipes down so I have a hard time reproducing them (would you help me organize this?). I love writing. I've been writing poetry since I was 15, published 2 poetry books (spiritual, romantic); working on third one. 



I'm an avid reader of spiritual books. I don’t watch TV; there's so much else to do in a beautiful day! I do love a good movie. I prefer romantic movies and comedies, or a good drama with no special effects. I enjoy playing chess. I'm usually reading several books at once, on various themes: poetry, enlightenment, higher levels of consciousness, life after death, spiritual development, near death experiences, Buddhism, comparative religion (even though I’m not religious at all), eastern philosophies, etc. Although I'm not a Buddhist, I do study (and used to teach) Zen philosophies. As far as politics, I'm very liberal and very democrat; statistically, I think I just scared away about 44% of the ladies reading my profile.. :-( 

I love the arts: going to museums, ballet, opera, Broadway plays, the symphony, live music of all types, etc. I go crazy for a good piano recital, as much as for a good oldies discotheque ;-). I love going to the beach, any time of year, even if I can't swim; would you teach me? I grew up 3 blocks from the ocean and still crave it. I enjoy going to nude beaches, and I hope you wouldn't mind going together - this is important to me. You see, I just don't have taboos about nudity, like most Americans do, because I grew up in a different culture (and now I probably just scared away about 90% of the remaining readers of my profile... ;-). I have 3 young adult children who mean the world to me. I grew up speaking Spanish and I love languages in general. I would like to continue learning French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Quechua (the Inca language).  

I came to the US at 19, from Peru, on a full international scholarship to study piano and mathematics. I used to play classical piano, and hoped to become a concert pianist, until reality hit me. I really love classical music. I also love to play the accordion and the drums. I traveled extensively for over 20 years as an independent computer consultant. I'm a Computer Scientist (PhD). I'm also a professional martial artist. I used to own a martial arts academy, taught Kung-Fu, Tai-chi, Kickboxing, Meditation, Yoga, Eastern Philosophy. I believe compassion and love are the keys to solving the world's problems, besides a healthy dose of humility and no ego in the way. I really think that laughter is the key to having fun and feeling young, besides lots of exercise. BTW, I recycle everything I can. It's not unusual for me to carry back home in my backpack plastics or paper items I used or purchased while I was out so that I can recycle them properly. Mother Earth needs a hand.


Vegangal, a  Vegan in Houston Vegangal
is a 54 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Houston, Texas
Vegan diet.

I am very active and stay constantly in motion including working out at least 3 days a week. I enjoy spending time with friends and family, going to movies, adore fine dining, bars, bookstores you name it, love to be out. I can also appreciate relaxed evenings at home. I am fairly well travelled and look forward to future adventures abroad. I'm funny and appreciate a good sense of humor. My ambitious nature combined with my desire for genuine compatibility make me unwilling to settle for a less than ideal situation.

GetBackLoretta, a  Veggie/vegan in Austin GetBackLoretta
is a 65 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Austin, Texas
Veggie/vegan diet.

Hi-first of all, let me start with this thought:  How can this planet have so many people and we're all single. This should not be happening!

I am a strong-willed, independent, extroverted, loving, considerate of others, and say-it-like-I-mean-it type attitude. I love funny humor, to really laugh or giggle but not about or at people, just at the simple things in or around life. I do enjoy listening, learning, and loving...I also enjoy walks, world music, cook ethnic foods, road travel, zoos, Art, sew, design, talk, and prefer the beach-than the woods.

I am simply fashion forward, creative minded, picky about certain things or situations. I am a Dog in the East, Scoprio in the West.

I have visited 25 of 50 states and 2 countries, I have a passport, ready to go!! Novels are cookbooks; last concert attended was Sir Paul McCarthy two years ago at Minute Maid Houston (a brithday gift given to me by brother) , and now just working way too much!!  I am looking to have FUN with Mister Beautiful!

I was a psychoVegan for 11+years, but now I am more relaxed about life and food by adding other natural items to my meals.  I can not and do not eat many animals or parts thereof.




Betty, a  Vegetarian in Houston Betty
is a 70 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Houston, Texas
Vegetarian diet.

Outgoing, cheerful, energetic, attractive, independent lady 52 yrs young, looking for kindred spirits to share fun, adventure, activities. 5'4", 108, w/ short-to-med. length dk. blonde hair, brown eyes. I'm often told that I have a beautiful, warm smile (I smile a lot), a sweet disposition and "killer" legs. A vegetarian since 16 for health, spiritual, environmental and other reasons, I raised my 2 children as vegetarians, w/out immunizations. Both were breastfed until they weaned themselves; my youngest was born at home. They're now grown, my oldest living in NYC, my youngest, an artist, travelling abroad with a backpack. After yrs. of being a dedicated but struggling single mom, I now have more freedom/time for my own interests, activities & dreams. I'm active, curious, watch no TV, and have always loved nature, the outdoors & hiking. I've recently found my calling as a massage therapist, & would ultimately like to move to Kauai or another tropical place.

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