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is a 60 year old, Agnostic / not religious male.
Living in Zanesville, ohio
Almost veg diet.

Unique thinking individual. After scrupulously researching nutrition and food, inspired by failing heath, I restored 85-90% of my health by reverting to a baseline vegan diet. Constantly working hard to break out of the template/box of conditional programming that is what I believe to be today's normal hindrance to human success and well-being. Love all kinds music, and I continually work to hone musical skills; music remains a big part of my life. I know my way around a computer. Plan to rekindle a writing career cut short by the pursuit of financial freedom. Interested in diverse array subjects, with emphasis on the human condition. Love animals. Love the outdoors, although health issues until recently have proven a hindrance. Love sports--yep, it's a cliche--a man who likes sports, but there it is. Always learning, always seeking to grow stronger and wiser. Passion for life. Frank to a fault sometimes, but know the value of loyalty, integrity, honesty.