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Nancy, a  Raw food in Wrightsville Beach Nancy
is a 59 year old, spiritual female.
Living in Wrightsville Beach, north_carolina
Raw food diet.

I am a very independent, Passionate, Honest and Sincere lady! I enjoy life and I always try to spread my Light & Love to everyone I meet while living life to the fullest. I’m very spiritual, Love the outdoors. I’m very much a nature girl. My soul and inner being share a deep connection with all living things of this earth - plants, animals, oceans, rivers, streams and mountains. I find profound moving beauty daily in this world all around us in the earth’s expressions through sunrises, sunsets, the moon to the stars! I try to eat  organic foods and raw when possible. I juice daily, celery juice in the morning and cucumber in the afternoon. Keeping my body healthy in Mind, Body and Spirit is very important to me! I believe strongly in the power of the” Law of Attraction and manifesting your own reality!!” I love to travel especially to exotic unknown locations where I can feel adventurous and have exciting new discoveries about the world and experience expansion within myself. I meditate and practice reiki on myself daily. I’m certified level II reiki. These daily practices keep me connected to my higher self and allow me to be the carrier of as much light and love to all I come I contact with daily. I am on a very exciting, committed spiritual journey of awakening myself into the highest level of enlightenment and connection to the divine I can achieve during this lifetime.  I love all music and dancing. I’m very affectionate. I basically Love Life and all the many lessons I can and have learned along the way that have and are awakening me to grow and become “ The Best I can Be” and to be a true shining example to others of “Light, Love, Compassion & Kindness!!”