Scientologist for Alex , a Vegetarian at home Alex


, 26 year old Caucasian / White bi-male, 6' 1 /185cm with Few extra lbs build.
Living in Jacksonville, Florida, United States
with children At home, seeking Serious relationship/marriage.
Veg at home diet, drinks alcohol With dinner   and occasionally smokes.

Being a successful liberal Lawyer in Jacksonville, Florida, I feel totally misplaced in our racist and vegan hating community. As the days pass, I notice how the afro american community is largely oppressed and mishandled by the law enforcement. Serious changes must be made. 
I take this battle upon myself, as the Ukrainian folk has done against the imperialistic evil Russians. Personally I believe that Russians are dangerous aliens that have intruded this lovely gay planet in order to infuse us with evil racist and homophobic world views. 
I am confdent that with the right partner I can exercice my wild sexual fantasies (BDSM ??, meat thrubbing...etc.) and improve the world !
This is how my average day looks like: I please myself with 1-2hrs of excessive masturbation then I proceed to donate to my favorite Vegan ?? shops. Later I tend to work in my office for a few hours plotting my next shop looting. I prefer to work with black activists and support the black folks whenever i can! Thereafter I love to go for walks, play soccer and talk with my cats.

All in all, I am searching for an intimate relationship with a human being! I hope the reader likes Nachos coz I sure do!?? 


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