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Yhknn, located in Phoenix, AZ, has a  Vegan diet Yhknn
37 year old, Christian / other, Hispanic / Latino male
Phoenix, Arizona,
For Serious relationship/marriage
Vegan diet,

Christian vegan.

Shiv, located in Chicago, IL, has a  Vegan diet Shiv
29 year old, spiritual, Indian male
Chicago, Illinois,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

Take a chance, say hi!

I'm vegan primarily for ethical reasons; environmental and health reasons are a bonus. I'd say I am really easy going. I consider myself a 'type B' personality as life if short, but doing pretty well professionally and work for a tech company as a Product Manager.

People describe me as someone who is calm, witty, considerate and independent. I believe I am an extroverted introvert, if that makes sense. Looking for someone who can match my energy. Open to meeting in person or virtually to see if there is a vibe-match. Ciao.

Lifelong Learner, located in White River Junction, VT, has a  Vegetarian diet Lifelong Learner
46 year old, Agnostic / not religious, Caucasian / White female
White River Junction, Vermont,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegetarian diet,

I work in a creative field, and I am currently in graduate school (enrolled part time) to become a mental health professional. 

I am busy and fulfilled in my life, but I am looking for a mature person to connect with, if possible. 

Dancingbuddhist, located in Brisbane,  , has a  Veggie/vegan diet Dancingbuddhist
66 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White male
Brisbane, Australia
For Activity partner
Veggie/vegan diet,

 I'm a fairly quiet guy who loves hiking, rock climbing, meditation, reading a lot (fact more than fiction)and being outdoors. Don't watch much TV. I don't play football or cricket (or watch them) but like individual activities, or those with just a few others....such as Latin dance, which I have done for many years. Brazilian styles are my favourite.....Zouk Lambada and Samba De Gafieira. I never listen to Rock music or Pop, but prefer World music, Smooth Latin Jazz or Brazilian, some New Age, or light Classical (the lighter pieces of Ravel and Debussy are my favourites, though I also have a taste for Borodin and some Rimsky-Korsakov). I'm environmentally and ethically minded, believe alternative medicine complements mainstream medicine and that they both have their place, and love deep, far reaching conversation. I have strong leanings towards Buddhism, and have been vegetarian (almost vegan) for many years.

LUV4ALL, located in White Rock, BC, has a  Vegan diet LUV4ALL
71 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White female
White Rock, British-Columbia, Canada
For Serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

I became veggie for the animals over fifty years ago. Before Covid, I was a peaceful warrior for the animals, on the street, and essentially my life purpose is as a dedicated animal liberation activist, and to inspire Universal Oneness for all beings. Please be vegan, (including

Raw Vegan

) only--unless you have a powerful intent to become vegan. Vegetarian is not the same as vegan. It's a journey, I understand that, but no exploitation of animals of any kind is desirable to me. I'm the Publisher/Founder of a vegan online e-magazine and the Founder/Host of a radio show that interviews vegans, and features a vegan musician as well. I'm also an Author/Screenwriter. Spirituality, but not religion, (I do celebrate Jewish holidays) is very important to me, as is physical exercise. I like to be young, fit, and attractive, do not look my age, and desire that in a future romantic relationship. I am visually impaired, but do not wear glasses, except to do my computer work (and l love audio books).  I'm an empath and very sensitive. A like-minded soul would be a gift. Thank you so much. I wish you all pure love in your lives. That's what I'm seeking!

Shareef, located in Columbus, OH, has a  Vegan diet Shareef
29 year old, other / not disclosed, Mixed male
Columbus, Ohio,
For Serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

looking for somthing new to try.

Elizabeth, located in Thorndale, TX, has a  Vegan diet Elizabeth
59 year old, Agnostic / not religious, Caucasian / White female
Thorndale, Texas,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

Vegan for 20 years for the Animals.  

Interested in Natural Health, Nature's Laws, Permaculture, Gardening, Homesteading, Piano Playing, Classical Music.

As a lover of Freedom & Truth, I am unmasked, unvaxed, untested, and unbrainwashed by the insane mainstream narrative.  I am a constitutional conservative.

I have a strong sense of justice, truth, morality, and wholesomeness.

MY MOTTO: ALL beings deserve to live wild & free without interference.  THE GOLDEN RULE: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Veganks, located in Jalandhar,  , has a  Vegan diet Veganks
32 year old, Hindu, Indian female
Jalandhar, India
For Serious relationship/marriage
Vegan diet,

Ethical Vegan, childfree, minimalist  

Jon, located in New Haven, CT, has a  Vegan diet Jon
49 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White gay male
New Haven, Connecticut,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

Outside the box thinker. I am aware of the Matrix that most people live in and am an ethical vegan.

Hanh, located in Ho Chi Minh,  , has a  Vegan diet Hanh
39 year old, Buddhist, Asian female
Ho Chi Minh,
For Serious relationship/marriage
Vegan diet,

Hi my soulmate! I am finding you again because we have already met in the previous lives. Where are you right now? I am here, in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam, waiting for you. 

I am a Buddhist and I am a vegan since 2014. 



Coriander, located in Fairview, NC, has a  Vegan diet Coriander
28 year old, Atheist, Caucasian / White lesbian
Fairview, North-Carolina,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage
Vegan diet,


The Golden Rule put a question to me. Veganism was my answer.

I am a passionate visionary. I am besotted with our world and am resolved to do my utmost to improve its condition with my life. That being the case, I have loads of ideas for possible businesses/organizations and I'm pretty ambitious. Together with those business ideas, my written/illustrated/filmed stories are my dreams. I'm highly intellectual and relish a good debate--I feel that true discussion is a dying art in the United States. I have an INFJ personality and supposedly will do quite well with folks who possess either ENTP or ENFP personalities, though neither is a requirementWink

I love to spend time in nature (hiking, white-water rafting, mindful strolls, etc.), sing (karaoke, anyone?), act, write, take care of animals, debate, travel, draw, paint, converse with deep thinkers, learn about almost anything, contemplate astronomy, play sports (though I can't claim to be skilled), watch good television/films, and try new things. I'd love to learn martial arts, how to play a musical instrument, how to surf, you name it--I'm probably down to try it.


Poppie, located in Bristol,  , has a  Vegan diet Poppie
48 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White female
Bristol, United-Kingdom
For Serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

Some people would call me eccenfric, but I prefer to think that I am just me. I was born and raised  southern Africa and have been living in the UK for the last 25 or so years.  I have a wide range of interests, including history, ancient civilisations and their cultures and religions; I also enjoy travelling and visiting new places - nott always the obvious ones!  I also love gardening, experimenting with different ways of growing both food and flowers, as well as creating wildlife habitats for all sorts of creatures. 

I live with an insanely adorable cat and my young teenage son who has a sensory disability but who has and continues to make incredible progress.  I have been vegetarian - for compassionate.reasons since childhood and vegan for most of the last 25plus years.  It has taken me on many adventures along the way!  

Ready for the next adventure now... I won't pretend I am uncomplicated, but I am honest and up for SENSIBLE fun and friendships.  Romance?  Of course, but for the right person ??

Belinda, located in Santa Cruz, CA, has a  Vegan diet Belinda
58 year old, Agnostic / not religious, Caucasian / White female
Santa Cruz, California,
For Activity partner
Vegan diet,

I've been vegetarian since I was 15, vegan for the last 5 years. I like to read-- favorite contemporary authors include Hilary Mantel, Marilynne Robinson, Susanna Clarke, and for fun, Michael Connelly. I'm a Democratic Socialist (Bernie's party) and donate to human rights and environmental causes. I work full time as a library assistant.

DesertFarmer, located in Alpine, TX, has a  Raw food diet DesertFarmer
54 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White male
Alpine, Texas,
For Serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Raw food diet,

I am a down to earth, loyal, caring guy. I believe there is a higher power, but I don't believe organized religion is the answer unless the question happens to be "what has caused more suffering than any other thing in history?" I prefer rural life over the city and also recognize the need for community. I like the idea of growing one's own food and am still working toward making that a reality. Currently living in the Chihuahuan desert which is a great place for viewing the milky way and other stars but not the easiest place to grow stuff. I'm so far having the most success with figs. I haven't tried growing watermelon and cantelope but a neighbor does quite successfully.

I am starting to learn to play tenor saxophone. I love to sing also. I used to eat a standard American diet but have transitioned to being a raw frugivore, eating mostly raw ripe fruit and some raw vegetables and small amounts of raw nuts and seeds.

I have 10 siblings so I know what a blessing children are. I would welcome yours and/or we can have our own.

gevan, located in Brooklyn, NY, has a  Veggie/vegan diet gevan
50 year old, Jewish, Caucasian / White male
Brooklyn, New-York,
For Serious relationship/marriage
Veggie/vegan diet,

Liberal, artistic and looking for an affectionate woman in the NYC area who appreciates the arts, music, photography, film etc. I love to travel, enjoy art museums, drawing, trying new restaurants and live jazz. I do internet marketing to pay the bills, but work/life balance is very important to me (emphasis on life not work). I enjoy spending time in nature, gardening and like to stay grounded with yoga and/or meditation. I follow a whole foods plant-based diet and like to eat well. Mostly vegan. Love to cook. 

Stephanie, located in Dayton, OH, has a  Vegan diet Stephanie
28 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White female
Dayton, Ohio,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,
  • Vegan for the animals, but the health benefits are a fabulous plus
  • Runner, volleyball player, and aspiring weight lifter
  • I love to draw portraits
  • Graphic designer for the Air Force by day
  • MBA

Ria, located in Seattle, WA, has a  Vegan diet Ria
57 year old, Atheist, Caucasian / White bi-female
Seattle, Washington,
For Serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

While a main passion in my life is restoring wildlife habitat, my primary passion is sharing life with whole compassion, wild love and pure fun. I'm really feeling this void now, unexpectedly losing my husband last year. People are enamoured when I share stories of him and how we were together. But I thought here, I might share an excerpt of a poem my ex-wife wrote for me a couple years after we parted and I married my husband:

...I am who I am because of loving you

Because of being loved by you

Because of how you taught me to be authentic in all my actions

Because of times we laughed so loud and so hard it hurt

Because of pain we felt so deep we cried

Our paths crossed - intersected - momentously intertwined were we - joyous and magnificent

Thank you for the life altering journey - I only wish I had cherished our union and our time more...


Ok, pretty deep. I'll lighten up a bit with a list of things I do or love: Lead forest & wetland work parties. Restoration ecology. Self-published a vegan themed radical anthropology book "EcoPatriarchy: The Origins and Nature of Hunting." Distribute vegan food to hungry people. Fan of Pearl Jam and 'grunge'. Chocolate. Learning and practicing wilderness awareness indigenous ways. Sun worship. Play a little basketball. Dystopian apocalyptic films. Anarcho-primitivist books of all genres. My smoothie bar. And my favorite quote:


"We are dreaming of a time when the land might give thanks for the people." 

-Robin Wall Kimmerer

John, located in Hazlet, NJ, has a  Vegan diet John
68 year old, Catholic, Caucasian / White male
Hazlet, New-Jersey,
For Serious relationship/marriage
Vegan diet,

Vegetarian since middle school, vegan since college, started out moral veg and got convinced of health benefits. Very environmental and progressive politics. Financially comfortable and active in hiking, biking,kayaking and other recreation. Have read a ton of books and love to talk. Love travel but got tied down with job and raising a life long veg. Lost my wife a few years ago and life is missing someone to laugh with and tell me when I am wrong. I love plants, birds and seeing wildlife everywhere. It is so important how we treat each other and not what religion we were raised in. I am very monogamous and find the right woman is enough to keep me amazed for a lifetime. I have been rescued by a few animals and have learned so much about life from them. It has been a long time in this lifestyle and I have never left it or let anyone lure me form it. Tolstoy said "A man is rich in proportion to what he can leave alone".


Earthen_Child, located in Orlando, FL, has a  Vegan diet Earthen_Child
36 year old, spiritual, non-specified bi-female
Orlando, Florida,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

I just moved to the area and I am looking to meet chilled relaxed people to make new friendships. If something relationship worthy blossoms then that will be a plus but such things tend to take time. About me, I am definitely an easy going introverted extrovert. I love socializing and public excitements but in smaller doses so I can re-energize to properly enjoy more. I enjoy all the regular things like the outdoors, urban exploring, dancing, cooking, movies, family-fun games, gardening, reading, learning, creating, and music. These days, I spend most of my free time exploring, working on an art project, or studying for my yoga teaching certificate. I am pretty strict with my lifestyle, meaning that I don't bring junk food or sugary drinks into my home. I try to meal prep during the weekdays. I say no to plastic bags at the grocery store. I don't buy paper towels and I use washable cloth towels instead. I don't like to buy one-use items and try my best to bring my own to-go containers when eating out.I would like to grow my life to do more homesteading.

Cookiecat, located in Hermosa Beach, CA, has a  Vegan diet Cookiecat
60 year old, Agnostic / not religious, Caucasian / White female
Hermosa Beach, California,
For Serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

About me...hmmm, well, I prefer the ocean to the mountains (to live near) but a cabin getaway weekend is always lovely. I like sunsets better than sunrises, wine better than beer, movies better than television, a good book on a warm, lazy afternoon, traveling to places I've never been and returning to those that I love. I have a very active and busy life but I want to find someone to grow old with, someone who loves animals as much as I do and appreciates philanthropy. Bike rides, yoga and nature photography are a few of my pasttimes, I'm on the board of two animal organizations and do wildlife rehab/animal rescue when needed. I'm loyal, loving and believe that laughter is key to staying youthful and happy. 




Bret, located in Lynnwood, WA, has a  Vegan diet Bret
33 year old, Atheist, Caucasian / White male
Lynnwood, Washington,
For Serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

Hola! Vegan, antitheist, intersectional anarchist, guitaring, dog father, evidence based, etc..

Fear of heights, easily excited, sometimes cryptic, never bored. 

Looking to build that healthy connection with someone who is down for spontaneous pnw shit and bs'ing about life.

AMI0802, located in Ho Chi Minh,  , has a  Vegetarian diet AMI0802
31 year old, Buddhist, Asian female
Ho Chi Minh,
For Serious relationship/marriage
Vegetarian diet,

I am an Aquarius. I was born in February. My hobbies are reading books, doing charity, studying languages, teaching, cooking, gardening, playing guitar, stitching.I'm passionate about learning new knowledge(science,geography,biology,cosmography,history,psychology,palmistry,etc).I haven't been a vegan yet. Sometimes, I drink milk, honey, eat eggs (just once a month, depends on the situation) but I am going to be a vegan in the future. I hope to find a soul mate who is enthusiastic about learning and doing charity :))


Mathieu, located in Chatenoy le royal,  , has a  Raw food diet Mathieu
26 year old, spiritual, Mixed male
Chatenoy le royal, France
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Raw food diet,

I am mathieu, 25 living in burgundy france, a young men sensitive to life, open minded and hearted, curious, adventurous, quite calm and relaxed person.

  i am on a self development and spiritual path as well as a

Raw food

detoxification path since some years now ...

i really love nature, music, dance, theatre, naturopathy, yoga, spiritual and detox retreats, permaculture, having profoind, deep and meaningfull discussions about life in general with like minded people, and many other things including travelling, especially to tropical places, discovering and tasting amazing fruits, growing and planting trees, in particular fruit trees, discovering, connecting to, and learniñg new cultures and languages, connecting with new peoole as well as animals ...

Aouie, located in Los Angeles, CA, has a  Vegan diet Aouie
51 year old, Agnostic / not religious, non-specified male
Los Angeles, California,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

Friendly. Unusual. Compassionate. Outspoken. Soft-spoken. Thoughtful. Sweet. Different. Serene. Philosophical. Nature loving naturist (being naked is tied into my personal sense of freedom).

I help local vegetarians keep in touch. I value (and promote) free thought and compassion. Active in other things too (You could say I am an activist). I enjoy excursions into (interesting) thoughts / concepts / discussions.

Since Nov 2002, I state my religion as Veganism (been vegan since 1993). I selected "not religious" instead of "other" or "atheist" since I am an atypical atheist who (amongst other factors) religiously adheres to vegan principles.

If commitment / romance / sex is the only thing that you seek from me, then be aware that I am rather unconventional (nothing scary, it is just that I don't follow any dating protocols, I resist casual body fluid exchanges, I am uncomfortable with serial monogamy, etc.). Also, if it has to be one or the other, then I would prefer friendship (even if it is simply acquaintanceship) to casual sexual fun. I would recommend most people view any plans we make (or suggest) as a non-date (say an outing, or meeting a friend, or meeting a friendly neighborhood vegan).

I still fancy finding a lifemate (again), but am not prioritizing it as much for now.

You can email me directly from "Aouie.net".

VeganMangoQueen, located in Columbus, OH, has a  Vegan diet VeganMangoQueen
42 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White female
Columbus, Ohio,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,


Raw Vegan

, I love cycling, gardening, I'm into zero waste and make most of my household products.  I consider myself a minimalist and have a 10 year or less goal to live off grid.  I have a 2 year old European doberman named Venus ruler of Libra and she's my life.  I got her after I lost my 6yr old Dobie Mango the Red Queen suddenly 2 years ago so I need someone in my life who loves dogs because I could never see myself without one. I'm an artist and love to paint and make diy crafty stuff. 

Roman, located in Miami, FL, has a  Vegan diet Roman
38 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White male
Miami, Florida,
For Serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

I'm a

Raw Vegan

fruitarian since 6 years. I only eat fruits and drink fruit smoothies. I almost don't sleep, I have too lots of energy and I'm always in a positive smiling mood. This life is too amazing not to smile every single minute.

I'm a sporty fruitarian. I run 6 miles at 4 am every day and go to gym just for fun. I'm an adventurous type of person, I love risk in every sense of the word.

I've just came to Florida and I would love to meet vegans, vegetarians and other healthy females, thinking about their health beforehand. I'm single and I'm here for new friendships and serious long-term relationships.

Lily, located in Hanoi,  , has a  Vegan diet Lily
38 year old, Agnostic / not religious, Asian female
For Serious relationship/marriage
Vegan diet,

Hello, i am from Hanoi, Vietnam. I am new to vegan, yet i think this is something i want to stick it for long time. I hope to find an interesting guy to share life, to laugh with. I am a funny and friendly person. 

wildfox, located in Calgary, AB, has a  Vegan diet wildfox
34 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White bi-female
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

Hi! I'm an animal lover, vegan, world traveller and artist. New to online dating, would love to meet someone who shares my passion for animals and ethics. I am non-binary, but that option wasn't available for gender. 

By day I'm a web developer and in my free time I'm an artist, illustrator and crafter. 

I love learning. I've been to post-secondary twice and would consider going again if time and finances allowed.

I adore nature, and feel most at peace there. I love hiking and camping, and have hiked all over the world, sometimes trekking for up to 8 days.

I've travelled to every continent, spent a year in Australia, and still have the itch to see more.

I'm a bit of a nerd and attend furry conventions. I love D&D and Disney (or any animation really). I play video games occasionally, but I'm not much good and wouldn't consider myself a gamer. I have too many hobbies to commit myself to that.

I generally prefer audiobooks and podcasts to TV, but there are a few gems I enjoy. I love documentaries and independant film.

My dog is the world to me. I have a great passion for animals that some might consider obsession.

I love music, particularly electronic, folk, and experimental, but I can enjoy just about any genre. I enjoy attending shows and festivals from time to time, especially camping festivals.

Spiritually I am pagan, druid specifically. Nature is deeply important to my spirituality.

My politics tend to lean progressive left. I believe strongly in animal and human rights, and have hopes for this world to become a better place.

I am an introvert and need my solitary time to think and create, but I am also a very loving and caring partner. I do my best to balance between my solitude and spending time with my partner and friends. I love cuddling.

I cook often and love eating wonderful food! I've been vegetarian 15 years and vegan the past 3.

Double vaccinated :) 

Artemis, located in New York, NY, has a  Vegan diet Artemis
64 year old, Agnostic / not religious, Caucasian / White female
New York, New-York,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

Who doesn’t like a good old-fashioned fairy tale? I’ve always liked Goldilocks and the Three Bears (even though I’m clearly raven-locked). To paraphrase (mangle might be a more appropriate word) an oft-quoted verse from that familiar story:


If I tell you too much about me, the mystery is gone.

If I tell you too little about me, there’s might be mystery but also mistrust.

So, I’ll attempt to tell you just the right amount about me to maintain mystery and avoid mistrust

Matthew, located in Minneapolis, MN, has a  Veggie/vegan diet Matthew
71 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White male
Minneapolis, Minnesota,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Veggie/vegan diet,

ONE-OF-A-KIND! Father of 3 Wonderful Daughters. My youngest, who lives with me, is 11 years old and in Middle School.

I am Healthy, Happy, Positive, Passionate, Caring, Compassionate,Loving,Light-Hearted,Sensitive and Sincere, Purposeful and Playful! :)!

I follow a Natural, Organic Foods, Naturopath/Homeopathic, and Vegan (90%) Lifestyle.

I am non-violent in all aspects of my life, and believe in a Loving GOD (Creator ).

I accept all Faiths which Teach Love, Non-Violence, Compassion, and a Healthy Loving Relationship between a Man and Woman. I am a Great DAD, and family man, and would love to enjoy the companionship and life with a wonderful woman, who is a great Mom :)

Please feel free to reach out to me were you interested in possibly connectly sometime to explore the Possibilities.



el_tigre, located in North Hempstead, NY, has a  Veggie/vegan diet el_tigre
53 year old, Humanist, non-specified male
North Hempstead, New-York,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Veggie/vegan diet,

I am vegan for ethical, environmental and nutritional reasons. I am not militant however I do love animals. Nature is where I look for all my answers so I tend to do what is natural ! I do take stands: social justice and human rights, animal and human suffering, environmental sustainability, democratic principles, among others. Communing with Nature is of course my favorite activity: hiking, swimming, biking, meditating and even just napping in a bright spot in a meadow. I am passionate about music (I play/sing), culture, good food, and good conversation whether it is in a hut of a small village or in a café in Manhattan (prefer the village). I am an internationalist to some degree but like to strive for a balance between the local and the global or universal. I have traveled to India my home country, Brazil, Europe, Mexico, Canada and look forward to seeing more of the world.

Alannah, located in Sudbury, ON, has a  Vegan diet Alannah
25 year old, Agnostic / not religious, Caucasian / White female
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

Hi there! I'm Alannah:) Not sure what to put here so I guess I'll just list a bunch of things about me!

- Francophone ??
- Family-oriented??‍??‍??
- Very introverted??
- INFP-T personality type ??
- Night owl ??
- I live a vegan lifestyle???? I've been vegan for 6 years, I do it for the animals and for the planet. I'd prefer to date someone fully vegan (or at least heading towards veganism) because it aligns more with my values and I find they understand me better.
- Hopeless romantic???? ?? But more importantly I'm looking for a nice healthy relationship with great communication, effort, and understanding.
- Tiny House lover?? One of my dreams is to travel across Canada and the US in a tiny house on wheels!
- Love to go out on the lake with my paddleboard????
- Artsy ??
- Piano player (very rusty though) ??
- I enjoy scary movies/stories?? But only while hiding under a blanket... ??
- HUGE Harry Potter fan????? ?????? Another big dream is to travel to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios!!??
- Fan of ASMR ??
- I'm not very spiritual, I sort of believe in a "God" but don't enjoy following any religion. I'm more of a girl of facts and science but am still open to many things:)

K, located in Sarasota, FL, has a  Vegan diet K
55 year old, other / not disclosed, Caucasian / White female
Sarasota, Florida,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage
Vegan diet,

Ideally, I hope to meet a great vegan guy that evolves into a lifelong relationship. Let's see what common interests we share and if our personalities click. 

I've been vegan for over 17 years. I went vegan because of my love and compassion for animals, but I am also health conscious and live a healthy lifestyle. 
I value kindness, communication, intelligence, honesty, compassion, friendship, health, directness, people who can think outside the box, science, environment, and those who at least have a basic knowledge of current events. 

Gij, located in San Antonio, TX, has a  Vegan diet Gij
55 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White female
San Antonio, Texas,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage
Vegan diet,

I was one of Veggie Date's first members years ago. I'm back to see who's new. I am still a vegan AR activist with rescued foundling dogs and a deep love of animals, music, theater, movies, laughter and kindness. I'm not from around these parts and I am asked daily where I am from? Instead of who I am, ha! Will tell you more when I find you, by the way, where are you, dammit? Hee hee. I am a high profile vegan in San Antonio, very outgoing and social and my life's devotion is dog rescue. Tell me about YOU! 

Veggiewoman, located in Albuquerque, NM, has a  Vegan diet Veggiewoman
69 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White female
Albuquerque, New-Mexico,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

Hi! How are you doing in this extraordinary time? I am very worried about the earth and my fellow human beings because of Covid 19, climate change, and the threat to democracy to name a few. I became a vegetarian for ethical and health reasons but over time learned that it is also greatly needed for ecological reasons. 

I believe honesty and respect are essential for any relationship. I have been a vegetarian for 48 years and a vegan for 12 years. I enjoy being with friends, being in nature, exploring new areas, cooking, reading, hiking, horseback riding, swimming, soaking in hot springs, playing guitar and singing, and dancing. I moved to New Mexico in 1997 from Minnesota. I miss going to the beautiful wilderness of the Boundry Waters Canoe Area.

I am open to a long distance friendship with the possibility of a long term relationship. 

Tina, located in Bandon, OR, has a  Vegan diet Tina
45 year old, Christian / other, Caucasian / White female
Bandon, Oregon,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

I've not been in this site for a long time, but am checking in more often.

i'm an open-minded Christian and an ethical vegan , and into green living.

I enjoy going on lots of walks &  hiking, and being out in nature exercising and soaking up the natural beauty around me.  Going bicycling is also fun, but I don't currantly do so.

I play piano, sing(although shy), paint, draw/write, I enjoy meaningful, funny and romantic movies;especially time period and touching dramas, and love horseback riding and would love a country-type lifestyle someday...but not too far from town.  I love children, but have found that I am open to either having some of my own with my husband to be, or just me and my someday hubby, and animals.

I'm against vulgar language, dark humor, and against gory content in movies, & in books and video games.  I'm also against factory farming, animals in circuses, rodeos , etc.

I'm working towards being a published children's book author.

I have one cat. My parents have passed on, and I miss them very much.  But, I know that they are watching over me.  I can't wait to meet my mr. right and know that it will bring more healing, joy and family into my life.  And to that right man; I miss you, think of you and have you in my heart until we meet at last.



Terry, located in Gresham, OR, has a  Vegan diet Terry
88 year old, Agnostic / not religious, Caucasian / White male
Gresham, Oregon,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

I'm a vegetarian for both ethical and health reasons I'm semi-retired after working for many years as a radio and television newswriter-editor-producer. I'm now writing freelance newsletter articles. I enjoy canoeing, swimming, nature-watching, reading, dogs, cats, most other animals, some movies, classical music, jazz, the blues, some folk music, NPR, lakes, rivers, oceans, mountains and valleys. I'm a liberal who opposed the invasion and occupation of Iraq and Afganistan

Dee, located in Tampa, FL, has a  Vegan diet Dee
54 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White female
Tampa, Florida,
For Serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

Hi! I'm Dee. I feel my most radiant femininity with a polarized masculine leader. Hope to feel in alignment with a partner... mutual attraction and affection, mutual admiration and appreciation, plus mutual emotional intelligence and maturity.  Contrast allows us to grow and focus on each other’s positive aspects.

Snapshot: I'm 5'8", weigh 105lbs, in great health, tattoo-free, plus free to travel (or relocate). I love outdoor activities sunsets, beaches, walking, bicycling, tennis, hiking, starry night skies, snorkeling, and value a mostly clean and well-organized home. I enjoy road trips, yoga, meditation, massages. I enjoy watching psychological thrillers, documentaries, nature shows, movies based on true stories, etc. A vegan playmate who loves warm weather travel and stopping at fruit markets would light me up! Quality time and physical touch are my primary love languages although a balance between them all feels healthy and happy, to me.

I feel a sense of adventurous, am sensual, and go with the flow. I've lived in Florida for 24 years. I'm fun-loving, curious, practical, and creative. I lean toward introversion although most peg me for an extrovert. My Myers-Briggs test says I'm istp. My score was 51 for introversion and 49 for extroversion. I feel best if you are the more extroverted one.

I take no pharmaceuticals, just a few supplements. I have friends on all sides of the vaccine and mask debate. I had covid, no vaccine. I’m not anti-vax nor anti-science. I’m pro Do what you feel is best and Don’t exaggerate the science.

The middle way. I'm a financially conservative registered Independent who votes my pocketbook and is socially liberal. I accept others and their personal choices. I minimize exposure to divisive political drama and most news. I rarely watch tv by myself… ok with someone else. Tv in the bedroom can interfere with intimacy.

Occupation: I manage my own rental properties. (Debt free except mortgages.)

Education: University of Florida. Business degree in my 40s. I'm a lifelong learner.

VacationWarm, sunny/tropical destinations excite me! Travel goals: Australia, New Zealand, Bali, Melanesia, Maldives, Belize, etc. plus Long and short US road trips. I feel quite adventureous, up for almost any travel!

Off-season travel is great, too, when it’s cooler and less crowded. I no longer enjoy snow ski trips (at the expense of warmer travel) however, if you love skiing, go and have a great time or I can come along and happily hang by the fire and take my laptop or a book. My idea of camping is a Holiday Inn! or glamping on an African Safari. Tents aren’t my thing. Why? Hmmm.. bugs, bears, and bigfoot! 

Plant station: I’m vegan/plant-based. I can easily eat low fat raw or cooked vegan and can enjoy vegan processed junk food. I'm content as a simple eater... fresh fruits and salads, steamed veggies and yummy sauces. Health is important to me, so I choose mostly organic produce. I eat at home a lot and enjoy eating out also. If you're a happy eater, we’ll get along well. I took a few vegan culinary courses… spent a month in Miami and 6 weeks in Spain. Fiji water and fruit smoothies are generally my beverage of choice. 

I was pet-free for 10+ years. Now I care for a sweet adult kitty whose owner died suddenly at 41, what a story! Can keep her or find a good forever home.

Personal growth & development: I have a growth mindset and hope you do, too. Many authors influenced me over the years: Zig Ziglar was popular when I was an impressionable teen, trying to cultivate a happy can-do attitude. Can’t remember them all. Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsh, Eckhart Tolle, T. Harv Eker, Abraham Hicks to name a few. 

VeganRoot, located in Media, PA, has a  Vegan diet VeganRoot
47 year old, Agnostic / not religious, Mixed male
Media, Pennsylvania,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

Vegan for a while. Veganism is very important to me. I went vegetarian many moons ago for the purpose of social change, and eventually became vegan as I learned more.

I live a vegan lifestyle, and a big part of that is cooking. I love to cook. Desserts aren't really my thing, but preparing a nice, healthy, vegan meal is how I find much joy.

My children are my primary focus, both teenage girls.



VeganinDC, located in phoenix, AZ, has a  Vegan diet VeganinDC
48 year old, spiritual, Indian female
phoenix, Arizona,
For Serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,
Those close to me would tell you that I am kind, passionate, smart, and caring. I believe in making a difference in this world and am an idealist at heart. I am drawn to folks who are non-conventional and challenge the staus quo. I have been a vegetarian since birth and became vegan over twenty years ago because of moral and ethical reasons. I am very lucky to be in a career that lets me tackle issues I am passionate about. Injustice of any kind bothers me - and drives me to work to make a positive difference. I am originally from California and that is where my parents and siblings currently live.

I love to hang out and chat with friends at cafes/restaurants/home, watch movies, go hiking or just stay at home and read a good book. Travel is something I cannot live without! I have been lucky enough to travel to many different countries and plan to continue doing so the rest of my life!

I have never been married and don’t have kids. I am proud of my Indian heritage and would want a partner who also respects India, its culture, etc.

Terry, located in Calgary, AB, has a  Vegan diet Terry
53 year old, Catholic, Caucasian / White female
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
For Serious relationship/marriage
Vegan diet,

I'm passionate about being healthy in the way I live my life... keeping active, eating well, being positive, exercising my mind, and exposing myself to new ideas & activities. I enjoy nature and getting outside, I appreciate all forms of Arts/culture, and I love exploring new places.  I love to learn and have eight years post-secondary education.  I've been VEGAN since I was 9 years old... that's 40 years! :)

I believe in doing my part to make life better for those who struggle, and I have sponsored and supported numerous children in poor or war-torn countries for the last 15 years.

In the pursuit of leisure, I love: walking, hiking, delicious food, reading, theatre, woodworking, cooking, recipe creation, bird watching, and nature. I also enjoy museums, history, politics and cultural events.  I enjoy calm, tranquil, beautiful places.


PassTheBroccoli, located in Atlanta, GA, has a  Vegan diet PassTheBroccoli
41 year old, spiritual, non-specified male
Atlanta, Georgia,
For Serious relationship/marriage
Vegan diet,
Level 41, childfree, eternal optimist, staunch vegan (for ethical and health reasons) and a hetero-romantic that leans demisexual/ace. Like to tread softly and leave the world in a better place. Physically, I am 6’2 and athletic. Emotionally, I espouse a lot of the Stoic / Buddhist philosophies into my daily life - i.e. being an observer, staying calm under all situations, and focusing my energies on what I can control.
Having grown up in different countries, I speak several languages. I am very outdoorsy, fit and healthy. Work in tech, and been remote since 2014. Currently based in Atlanta.
I get along well with women who are intelligent, physically active, kind and affectionate. While physical attraction has its place, I place a greater emphasis on 'meeting of like minds'. While I am keen on doing all the fun stuff together, like traveling, eating, exploring unique places etc., I am just as keen to do all the mundane simple stuff together, like cuddling on the couch, while reading or watching a movie, and really not doing anything fancy.
I am NOT into: processed food, gossiping, smoking (of any kind), drinking, drugs, politics, FWBs/casual relationships
I am very much into: long-term thinking with almost every facet of my life, FIRE, self-improvement, minimalism, plant-based diet, meditation/spiritual growth..... and most importantly, saying hello to every pupper I meet.
I am very happy with and grateful for my current life. But my door is always open to a LTR with someone that will challenge, support and inspire me. I am more than keen on doing the same (and more) for her. And.....it is always great to have a partner who will point out the humongous 'Pull' sign on a door that I have been pushing for last 11 seconds :)
If what you have read so far sounds interesting, lets chat.


SmartHandsomeValues, located in New York, NY, has a  Vegan diet SmartHandsomeValues
65 year old, spiritual, Indian male
New York, New-York,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

Compassionate, principled and a vegan. Handsome, significantly young looking, pleasant and witty. Highly educated professional. Enjoy reading. Keep quite fit by eating healthy vegan food and walking.

shoulderdevil, located in sandusky, OH, has a  Vegan diet shoulderdevil
69 year old, Atheist, Caucasian / White male
sandusky, Ohio,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

I like to have fun in life. I am a busy person, being in business, so I do my best to make time for recreation and also down time. While life is full in many ways, I find companionship missing. I love good conversation. I'm easy going and hopefully you are too. I'm a long-time vegan.

My radio is usually tuned to NPR, especially on the weekends. I like jazz, motown, Jimmy Buffett, classical,world music, Nellie McKay, and more; not big on bluegrass or country. I like being outdoors but am not really a campground kind of guy. I love the ocean and warm climates. If you think it might be fun to communicate or meet, take a chance. get in touch. It's life, not a rehearsal


Bmaj9, located in New York, NY, has a  Vegan diet Bmaj9
52 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White male
New York, New-York,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

As a vegan chef I'm a creative optimist with a sense of humor who sees life as an opportunity to learn, reach out to connect and share. So much to grow, experience and keep on moving to higher ground beyond the limits set by yesterdays. Drawn to detail but not at the expense of loosing sight of the bigger picture. Think and live outside the box with feet on the ground. Into music, yoga, photography and reconnecting with nature.

Natalya, located in Ottawa, ON, has a  Raw food diet Natalya
60 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White female
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Raw food diet,

Pure-hearted, unpretentious and youthful woman who is passionate about health and a vegan lifestyle..  A

Raw Vegan

of 25 years, I am deeply committed to a fresh, whole plant based lifestyle.  I am also an entrepreneur and published author.

I enjoy fresh air, nature, hiking, running, climbing,  spontaneous moments, traveling, foreign culture, languages.

Looking for healthy and athletic (unvaxxed) friends  to explore the outdoors with.



Lady Stardust, located in London,  , has a  Raw food diet Lady Stardust
109 year old, other / not disclosed, non-specified female
London, United-Kingdom
For Serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Raw food diet,

Abolitionist, anti-speciesist, vegan since 1990 (life being my eventual goal). Living a raw lifestyle year-round since 2006, after several years of being seasonally raw. Vegan for ethical reasons, raw/local/wildcrafter for environmental, health & amazing vitality. I prefer to eat seasonally, organically, and as locally as possible at all times.

I am an avid homesteader, DIYer, and culinarian (chef/developer/instructor), as well as a musician, photographer, and veganic artisan. I am also a holistic plantbased nutrition consultant, wellness coach, writer/copy editor, mystic, ascetic, ordained spiritual counsellor, Ahimsa lifestyle mentor, physical fitness/flexibility/rehabilitation/regeneration adept (twice certified to train others), and promoter of conscious living.

I have always been active for fellow Earthlings in some way or another, even throughout various intermittent states of relative solitude/hermitage from the rest of the world. After having mostly retired from professional activity in the entertainment industry (music/arts/media presentation), I spent a great deal of time focusing upon various charitable endeavours and related projects whilst studying theology, philosophy, ethics, and herbalism/detoxification (amongst other things) whilst dwelling in monastic settings.

Always learning, forever exploring, committed to experiencing each life event as if it were my first & last day on Earth.


I'm somewhat conservative, but also a free spirit.


My personality type is INFP-T and I regularly enjoy a great deal of solitide and isolation in my daily life. Although I may not outwardly appear to others as a stereotypical introvert, I have always been remarkably empathic and generally require lengthy intervals of time to restore my energy between social situations. I spent quite a long period of time on my own whilst self-healing and rehabbing from a cycling accident, which has considerably amplified this characteristic.

With that having been said, lockdowns have recently led to some interesting thought patterns & internal/philosohphical conflicts...

What a long, strange trip this truly has been.


Julie, located in topanga, CA, has a  Vegan diet Julie
55 year old, Christian / other, Caucasian / White female
topanga, California,
For Serious relationship/marriage
Vegan diet,

I am a Christian vegan woman looking for that romantic vegan man that is brave, truthful, and unselfish. I love photography and  traveling.  I am a vegan for ethical reasons, not health reasons.I participate in demos and protests whenever possible. Please send me a message if you are interested with an email address.

phonecians, located in Sacramento, CA, has a  Vegan diet phonecians
51 year old, Agnostic / not religious, African Descent / Black male
Sacramento, California,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

Hi, just hoping to meet some cool vegans and vegetarians and see where it goes from there... thanks for reading my profile, If you are interested drop me a line. thanks, Cory

Joyce, located in Sacramento, CA, has a  Vegan diet Joyce
66 year old, spiritual, Caucasian / White female
Sacramento, California,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

I'm a happy vegan yoghi who enjoys yoga, teaching, traveling and reading, going to and giving spiritual workshops and conferences, hiking, vegan cooking and

Raw food

s. I love to learn and study...especially books about nutrition, yoga, astrology, history, science, world cultures and religions, Deepok Chopra and New Age subjects. I study all the religions and see the unity in the diversity. I am very affectionate and earthy and like to have fun.

I'm writing a book about yoga and a childrens book. I teach yoga and lead meditations on zoom.

I love my family and friends and the fun we have together. I also enjoy my seclusion, quiet time...and being out in nature.

So that's some things about me.

W, located in Toronto, ON, has a  Vegan diet W
52 year old, Agnostic / not religious, Caucasian / White male
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
For Activity partner
Vegan diet,

 I wrote this in detail to save us time.

 What I'm not: Spiritual, charming, self-assured, romantic, artistic, cool, mysterious, tall, gorgeous, progressive, PC, post-modernist, perfect, trendy, fashionable, rich, telepathic, extroverted, controlling, a white knight, an alpha male, a popular sports fan, a macho guy.

 What I am: Secular, financially independent, life-loving, mentally active, physically active. Imaginative & nerdy. Low-income & frugal. Living alone in a small co-op apartment. Drug-free. No cell phone, car, tattoos, nor body-piercings. Working in IT and education.

 What I value: Loyalty, keeping agreements, personal responsibility and accountability, clarity, maturity, stability, moments of privacy (in both personal space and personal time), respect, kindness, individualism, freedom of speech, humour, family, friends, compatibility, sentient animals (vertebrates, cephalopods), non-harmful invertebrates (e.g. centipedes, spiders, bees, butterflies, snails, earthworms, pill-bugs, beetles, leeches).

 My interests include: Health, nutrition, herbs, science (ecology, biology, physics, astronomy, cryonics), politics (e.g. Classical Liberalism, current events, political systems, equality of opportunity, negative rights, proportional representation), western philosophy, world history, comparative religion, languages (fluent in English & Spanish; studying French, German & Latin through Duolingo), punny & absurdist humour (e.g. Python, Black Adder, RD, R&M, BJH, SP, YS, StudioC, WWITS), reading, some board games, films/videos & ideas/values in nonfiction & fiction (SFF like DW/S01-10, JRRT, GoT, Dark, Orville, The Expanse, HDM, and murder mysteries like Murdoch, Cardinal & Endeavour), news/talk/info radio, music (early, eclectic, some rock), open-source software, old houses/buildings/ruins, walking/hiking/running (in parks, fields, trails, woods and forests), exercise, volunteering (specially with local groups like RRFM, TVA, and 'Some Toronto Activities' & 'Some Brighton Activities' calendars), ecologically & socially responsible savings & buying, free markets (RRFM, G&T), some thrift stores, Repair Cafes, VS*.

 Short term goals: To be a computer science or math teacher, and to keep volunteering.
 Long term goals: To live in a neighbourhood/city/region/country with four seasons (but not very hot summers), and with relatively high number of veg*n eateries, safety, ecology, green-space, and health insurance (e.g. Parts of Toronto Ontario). To live in a home that is, as much as possible, food-growing (fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts, sprouts), animal-loving (one or two adopted or fostered dogs/cats, and garden/roof/walls that welcome or shelter native wildlife), drug-free, healthy, ecological (resource-efficient, hopefully solar), veganic VS*. With little or no: Junk TV, hydrocarbon fuels, garbage, junk food. To do volunteer work for animals, veg*nism and the environment. Cycling, gardening, sprouting. Learning French, German, Latin, bushcraft.

 *Voluntary Simplicity (health, frugality, ecology, family & community).

BarrymoreStudy, located in San Francisco, CA, has a  Vegan diet BarrymoreStudy
53 year old, Agnostic / not religious, Caucasian / White male
San Francisco, California,
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

I'm a Californian. My heart is here.  However, I have done my share of travelling.

I do what I can to contribute to the welfare and protection of all animals and the preservation of our planet. 

I'm single and professionally employed in San Francisco.  I became a vegetarian in the late 1990s, but about 3 years ago I became vegan. 

The pictures I have attached are fairly recent. One of them is at one of my favourite places in the world: Mission San Juan Bautista.  That cat you see is mine.  I love her dearly.  She was previously my landlady's cat when I lived on the East Coast.  She sat next to me when we drove across the U.S.A. back to California.  She brings lots of joy to my life, and I give so much love to her.

Eric, located in San Francisco Bay Area, CA, has a  Vegan diet Eric
58 year old, Agnostic / not religious, Caucasian / White male
San Francisco Bay Area, California,
For Serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

I'm intelligent, compassionate, feminist, self-reflective, romantic, serious at some times, quite playful at others. I'm deeply committed to my principles (I've been vegan since 1980, for example), but tend to be very accepting of other people's differences. I possess an atypical mix of characteristics, having a well-developed analytical side and an almost as well-developed intuitive nature, and I enjoy challenges that call on both of these strengths as well as others. Working to make a significant difference (to humans, non-humans, society, etc.) is very important to me, and my career provides me the freedom to do so.

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