Christian Science singles

Christian Science singles for Rick, a  Almost vegetarian Rick

Christian Scientist

, 69 year old Caucasian / White male, 5' 10 /178cm with Athletic/Fit build.
Living in Riverton, Wyoming, United States
with children Not home, seeking Serious relationship/marriage.
Almost veg diet, Never drinks alcohol   and never smokes.

Will fill out later

Christian Science singles for Gill, a  Almost vegetarian Gill

Christian Scientist

, 51 year old Caucasian / White female, 5' 2 /157cm with Average build.
Living in Victoria, NON-US, Australia
with children Not home, seeking Activity partner.
Almost veg diet, Never drinks alcohol   and never smokes.

Health and well-being, alternative therapies , nature and animals. I keep it simple as I do not trust easy. 

Looking to connect with like minded gentlemen, who live clean, in body and mind.



Christian Science singles for Ramon, a Vegetarian at home Ramon

Christian Scientist

, 42 year old Hispanic / Latino male, 5' 7 /170cm with Average build.
Living in San Diego, California, United States
with children None, seeking Casual dates OR activity partner.
Veg at home diet, drinks alcohol Socially   and never smokes.

I am easygoing, active, meat eaters are everywhere but when I see them cook and eat it makes me nauseous. I am really just looking for a girl to share time with make dinner and go out for coffee if anything else develops well I consider it a blessing.

Christian Science singles for nshruti, a  Vegetarian nshruti

Christian Scientist

, 66 year old Asian female, 4' 8 /142cm with Average build.
Living in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
with children None, seeking Activity partner.
Vegetarian diet, Never drinks alcohol   and occasionally smokes.

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