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Kelly, located in Caledon, ON, has a  Vegan diet Kelly
24 year old, Agnostic / not religious, Caucasian / White female
Caledon, Ontario, Canada
For Casual dates OR serious relationship/marriage OR activity partner
Vegan diet,

The Short Version:
I'm 23 (going on 27...), graduated College in 2012. I love my industry (film/TV), and I hope to work in LA at some point in the future. But will always stay grounded in Canada. I love animals (obviously), and being outdoors... I'm very handy, and plan to build my own (off-the-grid tiny) house in the next year to two years. I work in Toronto in Television production, but I live in Caledon and love the country. I don't think I'll ever live in the city, but I do love working downtown. I have a major travel bug but my new job is holding me back at the moment. I went to Australia by myself last year, for 5 months and loved every second. I'm a vegan, but not raw. I don't wear leather or animal based materials either. There's a lot more that I'm happy to share, in my "long version", if you're interested. Thanks for stopping by! 

rapunzell, located in Springfield, MA, has a  Veggie/vegan diet rapunzell
37 year old, Agnostic / not religious, Caucasian / White female
Springfield, Massachusetts,
For Activity partner
Veggie/vegan diet,

I was born and raised in Alaska, moved here in 2004 and love it! My family was all about hunting and eating meat and potatoes. I was always the odd one, I must've eaten a lot of potatoes Growing up. i think I'd really enjoy meeting and talking with People who don't think it's super weird that I Empathize with animals the way I do. Mostly vegan not perfect so no vegan police please. I love healthy clean food but that is not all I eat. Exercise just to exercise is not my gig unless it is disguised as fun (ie volleyball, hiking, swimming, walking my dogs, rollerblading, etc) I love to explore, travel, try new things, learn new things, and DANCE. Love love love to dance. I am artsy, can draw and paint but haven't in way too long. I try to be kind always and am learning I have to take care of myself also. I like peace and Calm But I can be a little crazy too. I like to be spontaneous. I am seperated which is hard and weird and has made me realize I dont have much of a social life. which leads me to where we are :) Not looking to date right now but would love to broaden my social horizons thank you for taking the time to read, hope it makes sense as I'm kind of writing it on the fly on my itty bitty cell phone screen.