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John, a  Veggie/vegan in Grand Forks John
is a 40 year old, spiritual male.
Living in Grand Forks, North-Dakota
Veggie/vegan diet.


I am now in a budding relationship with a woman and am no longer looking for someone to date. New friends are welcome!


I like to socialize in small groups, ideally a group of two to five. I find it keeps the conversation more personal and more interesting. I'm a U.S. citizen, and living several years in Taiwan, China, Syria, and Poland shaped my interests and views.

Nature walks, rock climbing, and spiritual inquiry all recharge me when I'm away from work. Going to the gym most days of the week is very important to my overall well-being and has been my habit for more than 20 years.

I moved to Grand Forks and started as a new doctor in the Altru Family Medicine Residency Program in June 2015. I like my job.

I find gazing at the moon calming. The evolution of consciousness amazes me. The Bourne movies are fun and The Office is funny. I like the book Illusions by Richard Bach so much it might be my favorite, although nearly all books I read are nonfiction. Cooking without a recipe is a mini-adventure: sometimes it ends quite nicely, and sometimes it ends as a meal with a lot of hot sauce!

Faith, a  Vegan in Fargo Faith
is a 45 year old, female.
Living in Fargo, North-Dakota
Vegan diet.

I am uncertain as to what I should write, so I'm hoping you don't mind if I wait awhile to add info onto this section.

PrairieVegan, a  Vegan in Fargo PrairieVegan
is a 54 year old, Atheist female.
Living in Fargo, North-Dakota
Vegan diet.

I am a teacher, artist, and writer. Although I am an introvert, I have a passionate commitment to writing about and engaging in the community around a number of issues, including feminist, anti-war, animal rights, and am increasingly interested in environmental justice. I have been a committed vegan for over 19 years (a vegetarian for 10 years before that).

I greatly enjoy just about anything outdoors and connected to the earth. I am an enthusiastic gardener of heirloom and native vegetables and fruits, with native medicinal plants an area of growing interest for me. Hiking boots, sandals, and "tenny runners" are my preferred footwear (I don't own a single pair of "heels"). I don't wear makeup and don't know how to wield a curling iron.

Three cats live with me, two sweethearts and a grumpy one. They are all rescue cats.

I am an avid reader, mostly of non-fiction and creative non-fiction across a range of subjects. I do enjoy movies, but am not interested in mainstream TV for the most part. My interests include documentaries, mockumentaries, comedies, and independent films--keenly not interested in gore and mayhem.

I have a secure job, but am currently investigating employment opportunities in other areas of the country. My goal is to work in animal or environmental justice, veganic farming, or a native plant nursery...or other work in the sun, with dirt, and/or in a related field of justice work. I would love to partner with someone such a venture. I am also investigating the possibilities of "homesteading."


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