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KaceyDea, a  Vegan in Rosebud KaceyDea
is a 44 year old, spiritual bi-female.
Living in Rosebud, missouri
Vegan diet.

I earned a B.S. in Human Services minoring in Public Administration with an A.A. in Accounting late in life.  I still have not had the right opportunity to put those degrees to work in my community, but I have big dreams.  Ask me about them.  I currently spend most of my time raising my two children.  They are my number one priority.  Do not expect to meet them; as I am of the ideology that children should not be subjected to the confusion that accompanies the life of adult dating.

Honesty is important to me.  Lies, including lies by omission, are unacceptable to me.  It takes courage to be honest; especially if that honesty may negatively impact a desired outcome.  However, I have found that honesty will always bring the highest good to any situation.  If someone can't handle the truth, giving or receiving, they can't handle me.  Trust is important to me; and it must be earned.  Honesty is the best way of achieving trust in my world.  The only time a lie is acceptable is with regard to planning a surprise; birthday, holiday, etc.  That being said, if someone plans a surprise for me, it would be best to be sure they have paid very close attention to the things I like.  If a person plans a surprise with the wrong elements, I may think you weren't paying close enough attention to really know me.

My most passionate life-long pursuit has been spiritual evolution.  I am not, nor will I ever be, religious; but I will always be exploring that inner world of consciousness.  I hunger for the study of world religions; and cannot be satiated by one dogma.  I love to learn about the songs, dances, rituals, attire, beliefs, foundations; all aspects of each new religion I come across.  I enjoy looking for the things each has in common; rather than what divides.  I also love to appreciate the beauty of each culture's perspective of the inner workings of the energy that unites all living beings.  I know the Divine lives in all life and Love is the most consciously evolved way to navigate Earth.  My 2 major life mottos are: "Create A Great Day" and "It's All About The Love".


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